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"WOW!" was all Denise could say after she saw fireworks all around her, when she and Carl had kissed. she was never one to believe angels could fall in love with humans, hell, she didn't even believe in soul mates between humans. Yet now, after kissing Carl, she had truly changed her views on romance all together.

Carl! was all she thought. Carl Montclaire!. Of a the people, in the world (including angels), it had to be Carl with the goofy smile she had to fall in love with didn't it?How was she going to explain this to anyone? she was an AIT for God's sake! they were never going to find her an assignment if she made her feelings towards Carl known! They would say: " oh no, you can't have an assignment, you would be too busy with to bother with your assignment."

Looking back, She realised that the first time she noticed her feelings for Carl was when they went on their date after she helped him rescue Porter from all of the trouble he was in. She was watching him from across the table, whilst eating pizza, and for the first time, she looked at him properly. She was mesmerised by how the sun reflected off his hair, and how goofy, but cute, his smile was. She could hear him rambling on in the background about how much trouble him and Porter really had caused, but she was too engrossed in her analysing of him. When she had asked him on this "date" she had never thought she would really want it, or enjoy it as much as she did, she just said it for fun to see his reaction and to laugh at how awkward around girls he really was. She had never dreamt Carl could be so charming, or fun to be around.

She never actually understood what those feelings were though, until today, when he decided he was finally going to tell Jane his feelings. she was jealous of Jane, and angry at her for taking HER man! WAIT! where did that come from? HER MAN? OK, now she really had gone mad! when had he become hers? she was Denise, the girl who had never believed in any of that love rubbish!
She didn't need anyone, and she certainly didn't LOVE anyone. But when the shared that short, but still sweet to her, kiss, she finally understood and accepted her feelings towards Carl. She loved him, but, she wondered, did he love her back, or did he kiss her to make them both feel better? she promised herself she would find out one day.

Little did she know, Carl had just realised his feelings towards her.

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