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Come monday, Denise still hadn't been able to speak to Carl because Dr. Cassabi was obsessed with getting Denise 'ready' for her assignment. Jane and Porter's date had gone great, and they had plans to go to the cinema on a date again on friday. They were now officially a couple, and Porter figured Jane didn't need to know he was an AIT just yet, and he was sure Carl could live withouthim for a few hours a night. Afterall, he has Denise, her assignment AND Dr. Cassabi to help him with whatever the problem was.

The assignment, Amy, had just arrived at Bennett High, and was being shown around by Dr. Cassabi and Denise. They had explained everything to do with being an AIT, and about themselves and their involvment, including Porter and Carl. They had found out that Amy was academically bright, but not very good at practical subjects, such as sports and music. She had recently moved to the area with her mother and younger sister after her parents had split up. It turned out her sister was the complete opposite of her when it came to school. Unlike Amy, she was excellent at sport and music, but not as good academically. The two sisters quarelled frequently and can never agree with each other.

As they walked into their first class, Denise could see that Jane and Porter had now moved so that they were next to each other on their left the two seats next to Carl free. As Amy walked to the front of the class, Denise took the opportunity to sit next to Carl. As she sat down, Carl looked up from whatever he was doing.
"Hey Carl"
" Hey Denise, does the new kid know everything yet?"
"yeah, it took forever this morning! Dr. Cassabi was obsessed telling her everything, in the 'correct' order, not missing ANYTHING out. And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING! "Oh dear! I'm glad i wasn't there!
"Thanks for the support and symapathy!" Denise replied in a sarcastic tone.
"You're welcome! So, did he mention me and Porter?"
"Yup, so you won't have to explain yourself when you know what i'm talking about, and by the looks of it, you will be spending alot of time with us, either that or on you're own!"
"Yeah, Porter has decided i don't need him there 24/7, so he has left me alone to spend more time with Jane. I mean its not as if I'm not happy for them, its just that I haven't seen two of my best friends all weekend, and now they have moved to the other side of the classroom."

Just as she was about to reply, Amy came over and sat down and class began. They didn't have time to speak of it again that lesson, but at the end, Denise asked Carl if he wanted to go for a pizza on friday to finish their conversation from Friday. He agreed but wanted to know what they would do with Amy, and so, they went to ask Dr. Cassabi if he could look after Amy for a few hours. He agreed on the condition that they did a favour for him when he needed one.

After that, they went to their next class together, and by this time, Porter had noticed Carl was ignoring him and spending an awful lot of time with Denise and Amy, especially Denise. He decided he would question Carl about Denise later, but for now he had to get to class with Jane.

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