"Goodbye Mr Farmouth." Jill smiled, seeing her last patient of morning surgery out of her consulting room, closing the door behind him. She returned to her desk, intent of finishing her patient notes, but no sooner did she pick up her pen then there was a knock on her door. "Come in!" She called, turning to see her visitor. Her professional smile widened into one of genuine happiness as Gordon Ormerod walked in. "Hello." She rose, walking towards him and placing her hands on his upper arms once the door was closed.

"Hi." He replied with a sigh, prompting a sarcastic response from her.

"Nice to see you too."

"Sorry." He sank into one of her patients' chairs with another sigh. "It's lovely to see you, as always. Just..."

"One of those mornings?" She provided to which he nodded. They both knew what 'one of those mornings' meant; they usually included the most awkward patients, the most talkative patients and the most grumpy children.

"I just wish there was more variation."

"How do you mean?" She frowned, sitting down in a chair opposite him.

"Well, it's just the place where I used to work was a cottage hospital, and as doctors we got to do a bit of everything. There was all this, but ward rounds aswell, and theatre and accidents to attend. Without wanting to sound morbid or sadistic, there's not much that holds more fear or excitement than the atmosphere of an operation or the tension of a particularly tricky immediate care case."

Jill smiled as she watched him, loving the fondness with which he spoke of his previous hospital. He'd told her many a story, and she had to admit, it did sound interesting. He fell silent, Jill presumed he was still thinking of his old job. She felt a twinge of guilt; sometimes she felt she was stopping him from taking a job at another cottage hospital.

"I can think of one thing that holds more excitement, and occasionally more fear."

His voice interrupted her thoughts. "Oh?"


She rolled her eyes at the corny statement, but grinned nevertheless; it served to rid her of the guilt. "Anyway." She said, changing the subject. "What have you got later?"

"About a hundred house calls and a million patients this evening."

She laughed at his exaggeration, complete with mock-anguished expression. In turn, she put on an over sympathetic tone. "How about a drink after work? Would that make it a little more bearable for you dear?"

"I'm sorry love." He expression of mock anguish turned to one of genuine disappointment. "I promised the kids I'd take them to the park tonight." Her expression mirrored his, though it brightened considerably at his next suggestion. "I am free for lunch though."

They strolled leisurely through the city, sticking close together, though being careful not to show inappropriate affection. They both knew without having to say where they were heading. It was a place they frequented when neither had brought lunch with them to work. Gordon held the door open for her when they arrived and she entered into the little café. It was situated near the market, a good walk from the hospital, but it was something they both enjoyed, especially after being stuck in stuffy offices with patients all morning.

They sat at the little table in the corner, beside the window, Jill with her back to the wall and Gordon at right angles to her, facing out of the window. His left knee was pressed with pleasing pressure against her right knee.

He opened the menu and laid it before them, moving closer to the other than was strictly necessary to read it, though more often than not their choices were predictable. This was one of those occasions, the waitress guessing their order before they uttered a word; cheese sandwich with a side salad for Jill and chicken sandwich for Gordon.

They ate in companionable silence, both content with the other sat beside them. A few patients and colleagues passed by the restaurant but none entered meaning they spent the whole hour together, uninterrupted. This included their return trip to the hospital to which they walked equally as leisurely as the outward trip but with some reluctance. Before too long, they would have to split up to their respective consulting rooms, and with no evening together to look forward to, it would be at least a day before they spent a considerable length time together.

"Come with me." Gordon said quietly as they entered the building.

Together they walked to Gordon's office. He closed the door behind them before turning and placing his hands on her waist, pulling her against him. Before she had chance to utter a word, his lips were gently on hers, to which she responded.

"I've been wanting to do that all day."

"Me too." She lowered her gaze, silent for a moment as she formulated her next words, wary of sounding needy. "Can you come to dinner one evening this week? It's been so long."

"I'd love to." His thumbs brushed her waist. "I'll let you know tomorrow."

She beamed, already looking forward to it. However, the smile faded a little as she glanced at her watch. "I'd better be getting on." She reluctantly extricated herself from his arms. With one last kiss, she stepped into the corridor, ready for work.