hi my name is paul i hope you like this story ever since i was little i had a dream of being a good writer i hope you love my story i am now 13. I love a good story don't we all now enjoy a tale about a boy and his great dream. spring 2000 it had been a long day paul and karter were tired of hearing about abused animals and couldn't take it any more hey krater said paul its been a long day hugh ya i would love to get that guy who shot that dog and threw him in a river yeah and the five million dollar reward. Karter yes paul i think we should pack up for a few weeks….. ok great ill go tell my parents no don't… why asked paul you don't mean run away do you! Yes i do im gonna find that man. But krater its such a big risk i know but thats a chance im willing to take plus guess what i have an armory of stuff hand crafted weapons and real ones ill show you can i have krater over sure paul why just cause okay i don't see why krater nice of you to come ready to see that weapondry here it is behind a blanket was protective gear and so many other things like….four pocket knives the fourth was as small as your pinky finger and there were torn apart sicssor handels the siscssor blades were tied together and you could shape them into a kind of graphling hook and when you released a special string they became bladed nunchuks and there was a special hand carved spear three of them and two sharp arrow heads whats that krater said pointing to two cases they both had one button one was black the other was silver inside each case contained 4 ninja stars 4 were black 4 were silver very sharp and different shaped karter gasped these are real yep bought them off the internet and finally a 2 bee bee guns with ammunition and food supplies and two small travel packs karter also had a knife we head out tonight pack up and don't arise suspicion ok we meet in the alleyway they say he's in a town hiding in the woods not far from here we must be ready and i want to show you these i found them in an antique shop now we can be like naruto there were two samurai swords here take one oh and were being joined by two others cannon and elijah alright. At midnight we all showed up wearing metal naruto headbands we all had gear me i had soccer shingaurds elbow and knee pads all under my clothes we all also had samurai swords real ones we all had travel packs i had two knives a bee bee gun and a samurai sword strapped to my back and the two packs of ninja stars and and six words started our adventure….. TONIGHT WE MOVE OUT TEAM SCOUT….. TO BE CONTINUED.