Here is chapter two p.s. some things and words were not my idea. Those six words were followed by a scream we bent low beside the dumpster on the other side a man had taken elijah and slammed him into a wall give me your money kid i got a dog abuser waiting for some money never im aginst you and your boss he choked him harder then ill show no mercy suddenly i made the sign and yelled disperse suddenly krater grabbed his neck i went from behind and used my signature move LEAF WHIRLWIND i kicked him out from under his knees the man fell to his knees my sword at his throat and said tell me where he is no you think ill make a bunch of kids make me talk fine guys go on ahead ill be right there you think were just kids but your wrong and your going down i hit him in the side of the neck with my hand only to knock him out as a paul what took you so long oh i had to take care of something i heard something cannon flung the graphling just in time it redirected the sword that nearly hit my face but then the man grabbed the sword back suddenly we had a killer trying to get us he and cannon battled slash slash i heard a sound i touched cannon he had blood running down his sword the man was frozen and then his heart stopped cannon had severe wounds a big gash in his side we checked him for infection and bandaged him elijah and krater carried him and cannon trembled from his first kill…TO BE CONTINUED.