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Pairing: Naruto/Kagome

Rated: T

Haruno Sakura was jealous.

'How can Naruto take to her so quickly?' She thought with slight resentment, watching with narrowed green eyes as her teammate playfully flirted with Konoha's newest female citizen, 'Then, again – Naruto was never the smart one.'

Higurashi Kagome – found mysteriously by a well all wounded and bloodied and was easily accepted into Konoha and everyone seemed to like her, as she was kind, pretty, and a very good healer.

However, it seemed to her, that Naruto completely dropped his little crush on her the moment Kagome stepped into the Leaf Village and that slightly irritated her.

She would never admit out loud that she was jealous, though she felt the bitter hold of envy as she watched Naruto cuddle up with Kagome, actually sharing his precious bowls of ramen with the miko.

What did she care?

After all, she was still waiting for Sasuke to come back...

Naru/Kag drabbles because there ain't enough of 'em! :3