Title Learning To Deal With Father

Author landofthekwt

Rating K

Prompt Tutorial (bonus Fatherhood) fanfic bakeoff

Word Count 300

Fandom Rinne

Warning none

Summary Rinne sends Sabato a Father's Day card

Rinne stared at the bill in his hand. Just another example of how much his father cared for him.

It was amazing how many people were willing to give his father credit when the bill was to be sent to him.

As luck would have it, he had just enough money to settle the bill. Instead, he decided to take another approach. He would be buy the bill at a discount from the creditor since the debt said clearly on its face that it was his father's

Father's Day was coming up. He had never really had a father. His father represented everything that he was against as a shinigami. As head of the Damashigami Company his father tried to steal the very souls that he was trying to send onto the wheel of reincarnation.

His father had done everything to ruin his life. Taking out debts in his name. Trying to foist the Damshigami Company on him. Siccing Kain and Agahea on him by his actions. He tried to think of one good thing that his father ever did.

The only thing he could think was just the act of being his father. Perhaps, he should thank him for that this year. Taking a copy of note he had bought and sold to Kain, he placed it in the envelope with the Father's Day card.

When Sabato opened the card, he was surprised to see that the card was from Rinne. The boy had always been so ungrateful. He had done all of this for him. When he saw the note, he could not stop laughing.

The boy was beginning to learn the ways of the world. A chip off the old block. It made him proud to be a father. He had been neglecting the boy. That needed to change.