Kurt stared at the roommate sign up sheet for nationals, he couldn't believe his luck. The one day this school year he'd been off sick and Mr. Schue had assigned roommates for nationals in New York. Kurt glared at Blaine's name next to Sam's. When Blaine had first transferred with him a month ago, Kurt had been sure that would have been spending the night together for the first time at nationals. That was until Kurt walked in on Blaine cheating on him with Wes. No wonder he always got all the solos, he had been blowing the upper-class men the whole time!

Kurt shook his head trying to rid his mind of the mental picture before focusing on the last two names left on the list to pair up with Quinn or Karofsky. He quickly signed his name next to Quinn's, she wouldn't mind rooming with him even if they had never really been friends, anything was better than Karofsky.

Kurt took a seat in the first row with in front of Mike and Puck and folded his hands in his lap.

Finn entered and greeted him with a grin before he could say hello Kurt scowled at him, 'Finn, why didn't you put my name down as your roommate yesterday? Now I'm stuck with Quinn.'

Finn's cheeks turned red as he sat down next to his brother, 'I was so going to honest but Puck had this great idea that we could room together and Rachel could room with Lauren and we could switch rooms.'

'So you think sex…wait not even sex…making out with Rachel is more important than us bonding as brothers,' Kurt crossed his arms over his chest, 'you're dead to me, Finn.'

Finn patted his younger brother on the shoulder, 'you don't mean that. You know I have to keep Rachel happy right now; we only just started dating again. I can't mess it up.'

'Yeah, yeah, hoes before bros. I get it,' Kurt rolled his eyes.

'So, you're rooming with Quinn huh? I didn't even know you guys were friends,' Finn shrugged his shoulders.

Kurt sighed, 'she's the lesser of two evils.'

As if on queue Karofsky walked through the door and over to the sign up sheet as he ran his finger down it searching for what Kurt assumed was his name. He saw the jock look away defeated as he lowered his head. Kurt almost felt bad as he watched the jock give a half-smile as he nodded at Finn but took a chair next to Santana, as far away as possible from him and his brother.

Kurt turned to his brother and tilted his head toward Karofsky, 'I don't even know why he's here. He only sings when Mr. Schue makes him and he never looks like he's enjoying it.'

'Yeah, he's been kind of down for the last month or so,' Finn explained. 'You should have seen him when he first decided to join, he was always asking to sing and Rachel was worried he was going to try to steal solos from her at nationals. It was like glee made him a new person.'

Kurt glared across the room at the other boy that was studying his shoes, 'doesn't look like that change lasted very long same old Karofsky to me.'

Mercedes and Tina entered the room together and took the seats next to Kurt. Without giving them a chance to speak Kurt's diva tone kicked in, 'why didn't either of you put me down as your roomie for nationals? Now I'm stuck with Quinn.'

Mercedes looked at Kurt confused, 'boy, don't you think we tried. Yesterday, Mr. Schue said Figgins had ordered no opposite sex roommates, so I don't know why he's letting you and Quinn room together.'

Kurt heart sunk to his stomach, 'but Quinn and Karofsky were the only two people left, they can't make me room with Karofsky. I had to change schools because of him.'

'Hey guys,' Mr. Schue greeted the class as he grabbed the list off the wall and set his bag down on a chair, 'is everyone excited for nationals next week?'

Most of the glee club erupted in cheers but Kurt sat there silently. He had missed New Directions when he had been at Dalton but with the additions of "cheater" Blaine and "bully" Karofsky, it didn't feel like home anymore.

'Welcome back Kurt and Dave, I hope you are both feeling better. If you didn't figure out already I put up the sign up sheet for roommates for nationals up yesterday, so let's see who will be rooming together.'

'So first off we have Mercedes and Tina, Mike and Artie, Brittany and Santana, Finn and Puck, Rachel and Lauren, Sam and Blaine and…umm… Kurt I see you have put your name down with Quinn. Yesterday I told everyone that Figgins had said that roommates must be the same sex.'

Kurt quickly glanced at the blonde, 'it's alright Mr. Schue, I'm gay remember. Plus you wouldn't mind rooming with me would you, Quinn?'

'Guess not,' the ex-cheerleader shrugged.

'I'm afraid rooming with someone of the opposite sex on a school field trip goes against school policy, Porcelain. Chapter 5, rule J of the school handbook,' boomed the voice of non-other then Sue Sylvester from the doorway.

Mr. Schue glared at the coach in the doorway, 'I've got this covered Sue.'

'I don't think you know what kind of lawsuits you are leaving the school open to, William,' Sue corrected him as she stepped forward grabbing the list from his hand. 'Let's see here, Rosemary can have threesome with the other Cheerios and that means Porcelain and Rocksteady will be bunking up.'

Dave looked up from his sneakers at Coach Sylvester until he heard Kurt protest, 'I am not sharing a room with that monster.'

'Kurt calm down,' Will said, 'no one's going to make you do anything you don't want to.'

'Don't speak so soon William. I will be chaperoning along side you at nationals. Figgins knew you would mess up the hotel arrangements, so he's put me in charge. Those two will be rooming together or not attending, it's about time they put their differences aside. I warned you before regionals Porcelain, Sue Sylvester is a powerful enemy,' she noted walking out the room.

'Mr. Schue you can't let her do this,' Kurt whined and Mercedes nodded in agreement.

Mr. Schue looked over at Dave who was picking at his nails trying to ignore Kurt's outburst. 'Kurt I think Coach Sylvester has a point. Dave has matured and left his bullying ways behind him. It might be good for you two to put your differences behind you, so what do you say guys will you give it a shot to strengthen the team?'

Finn looked at his brother, 'give him a chance, Kurt. I promise he's changed.'

Karofsky spoke first not bothering to look up, 'I'm fine with it if Kurt is.'

Kurt crossed his arms over his chest, 'sure, make me the bad guy…fine whatever but if he so much as touches…'

'I won't,' Dave shouted from across the room. 'Don't worry, Fancy we can completely ignore each other like we normally do.'

Mr. Schue clasped his hands together, 'and on that happy note, any song suggestions?'