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'Good work, man. Don't worry about Quinn, she's been acting weird since Finn dumped her,' Puck told him wrapping his arm around Dave's shoulder as he walked him back to the table he shared with Santana and Brittany.

'I'm not worried about Quinn. I can always sick Santana on her if there are any problems,' Dave assured him sitting down next to Santana.

'Good. I know it isn't any of my business but being your new roomie, I just want you to be happy. Anyway, I saw the look Hummel gave you and he's begging for a little linebacker love. I think you should man up and go for it dude.'

Santana nodded poking Dave in the ribs with her elbow, 'See this is what I've been telling you. The king of the gays wants to make you his queen again.'

Dave rolled his eyes, unsure, which one of them he found more annoying.

'You could sneak back into Hummel's room for a little something something leaving me and Lauren to finally get some time…alone,' Puck said nodding his head slowly.

Dave rubbed his forehead at the other jock, 'I get that Kurt likes me and honestly I like him too but I'm still trying to figure stuff out. I don't need to drag him into my problems.'

Puck leaned on the table, 'whatever dude, your loss. If you can't get your shit together than some other gay Romeo is gonna come sweep Hummel off his feet and break his ass cherry.'

Dave narrowed his eyes at the other jock as he resisted the urge to punch him.

'Hey loser, I thought you were going to sing to me to make up for being an asshat,' Lauren shouted from across the room.

Puck shrugged at Dave, 'fine Karofsky, do what you want. You always were a chicken anyway but just find somewhere else to sleep tonight, cause me and my lady want to be alone.' Puck turned to Lauren and shouted 'I'm going now babe, just trying to help Karofsky find his nut sack.'

Lauren smirked, 'he's got Hummel for that.'

'Puckerman, you….' Dave started to say but he froze when he saw Kurt walk back through the door.

'Thank me later, when we're both getting laid,' Puck whispered to him as he made his way towards the stage.


Kurt watched Dave's cheeks turn red as he walked back into the room. He had to admit the football player looked adorable when he blushed. He gave him a slight smile and mouthed 'thank you,' before sitting back down next to Tina and Mike. It had been nice of Dave to help Mercedes and Sam. Someone in Glee should end up a happy couple tonight. Maybe if Kurt played his cards right he and Dave could end up at least friends someday.

Tina leaned forward out of Mike's arms as she asked Kurt, 'is Mercedes alright?'

Kurt nodded patting her hand, 'I'm sure the new couple will be back in any second.'

'Awesome.' Tina and Mike gave each other toothy grins as they celebrated with a kiss.

Kurt quickly turned away from his friends unable to watch. His heart already was aching. He focused his attention on Puck who had taken the stage. He picked up a guitar throwing the strap over his head, 'this is for my girl, Lauren. You rock my world.'

Kurt looked down at his shoes as he wondered how a couple like Puck and Lauren could have a better relationship than him.

'You're too loud, I'm so hyper on paper we're a disaster and I'm driving you crazy. It's my little game. I push you, and you push back. Two opposites so alike that everyday's a roller coaster. I'm a bump you'll never get over,' Puck sang as he winked in Dave's direction. Kurt turned around to see where Lauren was and was shocked to see her sat on the other side of the room. Was Puck hitting on his Dave?

'This love hate relationship. You say you can't handle it but there's no way to stop this now. So shut up and kiss me,' Puck sang tapping his foot against the floor of the stage as he sent another wink this time toward Kurt. Lauren is going to be so pissed. Kurt thought locating the girl in the room.

Lucky for Puck, Lauren didn't seem to notice. She whistled at her boyfriend as she stood up clapping her hands above her head to the beat. She seemed happier then Kurt had ever seen her.

Kurt winced at the lyrics Puckerman was singing. They were hitting a bit to close to home. His eyes wandered over to Dave and locked on the older boy stumped across his table with his eyes peeking out from above his arm. Even with Puck's winks, he looked as miserable as Kurt felt right now.

'I'm so excited to sing next,' Tina told the table. 'I have something special planned to sing to my chipmunk,' Tina said running her hands through Mike's hair.

Kurt sighed loudly hoping the couple did hear him. When did this stupid karaoke night turn into the official Glee club love in? Why did he and Dave have to be the only ones that had to be alone? As if to give him a further kick in the gut, Mercedes and Sam chose that moment to return from the hallway.

Mercedes walked through the crowd as if she was walking on air. She stopped to high-five Lauren as she passed the clearly happy girl who had removed her sweater and tossed it onto the stage next to Puck.

Puck smirked at his girl as he sang, 'Go ahead now, admit it you like your world with me in it. Like a record, it's broken. Yeah, I'm a bump you'll never get over.'

Kurt couldn't tell if Puck's song was mocking him or urging him to go do something. He was half tempted to walk straight over to Dave and kiss the idiot. It might fuck things up even more or maybe it might just solve all their problems.

Mercedes and Sam made their way hands clasped back to Kurt's table and sat down next to him. With her hand still locked with Sam's she took in Kurt's expression. 'Did you go talk to him yet?'

Kurt shook his head, 'I want to but I don't know what to say.' As he looked at Dave his stomach felt like it was full of man-eating butterflies. He had to do something grand something meaningful to get Dave back.

Puck ground his hips against the air as he sang, 'This love hate relationship you say you can't handle it but there's no way to stop this now so shut up and kiss me.'

Mercedes looked from Sam to Kurt as she said, 'well, this fabulous friend of mine once told me if you like someone you have to tell them. How else is he going to know how much you clearly like him? Plus you haven't sang yet tonight.'

'Yeah, go for it Kurt,' Tina urged him on. Take my spot, you can go next.'

Kurt bit his lip trying to think of the perfect song. 'Sam, you couldn't play the guitar for me could you?'

'Of course, what did you need me to play?' Sam asked.

'Kick scream call it quits but your just so full of it cuz it's too late, to close your mouth. Shut up and kiss me. You miss my lips, my kiss, my laugh, the riffs on my guitar. The way we fight, we make up fast. Oooooh yeah... So shut up!' Puck finished off with a rock star kick towards the audience.

Kurt sighed to himself as he considered his song choice again before saying, 'Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga.'