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Dave awoke to find Kurt nuzzled against his left bicep. The other boy's hair fanned over his eyes half hiding the occasional twitch of his eyelashes. Dave smiled, lifting the sheet to cover Kurt's naked shoulders before padding his way to the window to let in the sunshine. Today was a new beginning, everything was different now, everything was better.

He slipped one leg at a time into a clean pair of boxers, whining under his breath as pain shot through his hip. He'd have to remind Kurt to be more gentle with him next time. He picked up the wedding topper Coach Sylvester had forced him to re-steal last night, his thumb brushed over the bride's face as he placed the item into the side pocket of Kurt's messager bag.

'You're not thinking of sneaking out, are you? I'm no one night stand, Dave Karofsky,' Kurt explained from the bed.

Dave crossed the room and flopped down next to Kurt in the bed. 'Honestly, never gonna happen, Hummel. I'm planning to brag about dating you for while.'

Kurt blushed.

'Thanks,' Dave said, touching Kurt's hand. 'For everything.'

Kurt captured his palm. 'Are you sure you're going to be happy to be on show all the time, once we're back in reality, in Lima.'

'Az and I got it covered. The plan is for me to make out with you in the halls; then me and Az will body slam anyone that questions it.'

'That's one way to get your frustration out.'

'It will teach the idiots to mind their own business. I'm done pretending for those losers. I'm going to be me, all of me.' Dave said, shaking their linked hands.

Kurt squeezed his hand. 'That's all I ever wanted for you.'


'Ready?' Kurt asked, clasping Dave's hand.

'As I'll ever be,' Dave said, swallowing the lump of salvia in his throat.

Kurt turned towards him. 'We don't have to do this today, you could wait a few days, let the Facebook rumor mill die down a little. Take back a little control and let this be your choice.'

Dave squeezed his fingers before leaning into kiss the other boy on the cheek. 'It is my choice, Fancy. I'm tired of lying anymore, plus now that it's out in the open on Facebook, it's only a matter of time before everyone in school knows. I might as well confirm that rumor.'

Kurt smiled. 'Then lead the way.'

Dave opened the front door to the school, locking eyes with his best friend who was stationed inside.

'You two need a escort?' Az asked, tilting a pair of sunglasses upwards before joining in step with the pair.

'Thanks man but I think we can handle the first wave. I've hear Hummel has a mean shin attack,' Dave said, as Kurt gave him a gentle shove. 'Just hold back for now dude, we may need you later.'

Az patted Dave's back. 'You know I've always got your back, you too Hummel. Your part of the family now.'

As Dave and Kurt left Az behind them, the whispers started. He knew it was coming but that didn't prepare him to hear the shock, anger and hate coming from the students as the pair made their way down the hallway holding hands.

'Don't listen to them,' Kurt said. 'I never do. They are just jealous, they know they couldn't get someone as hot as me if they tried.'

'Someone has a healthy ego.'

'What? You know it's the truth. I'm the hottest person in this school.'

'And so modest about it?' Dave said.

Kurt stuck his tongue out.

Finn waved at them from his locker and made his way over to them. 'Any problems, dudes?'

Dave shook his head. 'Nah, not really. Az and I have it covered but people are still talking shit. Luckily, no one's got the balls to say everything to my face.'

Finn wrapped his arm around Dave's shoulder. 'In that case, I think it's about time the two of us went over some ground rules for dating my brother.'

Kurt huffed, yanking Dave from Finn's grip. 'Finn, I've got it. I can take care of myself, it's bad enough my dad made you sign that contract. Someday they'll realize you've changed.'

'It's okay, babe. It's all part of my penance for dating you. I'm happy to pay it,' Dave told him, maneuvering around Finn.

Santana and Brittany joined them as they neared Kurt's homeroom. 'Is it me or am I suddenly more hot now that I've come out as a lesbian?'

Brittany smiled. 'Duh, I told you.'

'If anyone talks any crap about you, just point them in me and Az's direction. We'll take care of any haters,' Dave told her.

'Calm down, Hulker. I've only had lots of offers for threesomes but no gay-bashing yet. Plus I've got any haters covered, Lima Heights adjacent, remember,' Santana said.

'I forget about your ghetto street cred,' Dave said, with air quotes.

Santana punched him in the arm. 'Here's a reminder. I can care of myself and my girl.'

Dave clutched his teeth and rubbed his arm. 'Glad to hear it.'

'We should double date.' Brittany said.

Santana raised an eyebrow. 'We'll see, Brits. Later gay boys.' She waved at the pair while leading her girlfriend into the classroom.

'Let's skip that double date, okay?' Kurt told him.

'Agreed,' Dave said, kissing him on the cheek. They stared at each other as the warning bell rang and Dave glanced down the hallway. 'I know I should go to homeroom but I can't believe how hard it is to leave you.'

'It was an amazing trip together, we'll always have the memories but I'm glad to get back to the real world and still have you by my side,' Kurt explain, leaning into the football player.

Dave rubbed Kurt's back for the moment before breaking his touch. 'Can I walk you to your next class?'

'Of course, that's your job now, boyfriend.' Kurt winked at him.