Hey guys its Scorpionking12 here with a new story about Naruto being the descendant of Yoko kurama and Hei on different sides of his family Minato is the great grandson of Hei and Kushina is the great Granddaughter of Yoko Kurama anyway on with the show

A long time ago it was prophesized that two out of four of the kings of Makai would have a descendant that would far surpass them and the other two kings in strength and skill its been almost four hundred years since the prophecy and today it comes true.

On a bridge in the country of water in a village called Nami no kuni a mist was seen on the bridge but it had gotten thicker than before the reason for this is a young teen with spiky blonde hair that was lengthening and turning a light silver color and straightening out his name is Naruto Uzumaki but the reason for him changing is he whitnessed his so called best friend be killed by the fake hunter nin in front of him he started growing a tail and 2 ears both the same silvery white as his hair his eyes turned a yellowish gold color and he lost all baby fat on his body he also grew a third eye in the middle of his forehead he gained compact muscle like that of an athletic runner and his top was blown off by the shockwave of power he was emitting.

Sasuke who had been thought dead woke up by the sudden power outburst and about crapped and pissed himself.

on the other side of the bridge Zabuza and Kakashi had stopped their fight and Zabuza said "What the hell is that boy Kakashi that feels like what my parents described as the legendary fox demon Yoko Kurama who was said to come to the world in search of his descendants every fifty generations this feels exactly like how they described it."

"I don't know Zabuza but whatever it is will most likely be bitched about by our civilian council in Konoha they already hate the boy and don't want him gaining power which he just has"

across back to where Naruto was Haku was extremely scared and excited by power rolling of of Naruto in spades she was just about to fall on her knees and submit to him when he said in a more mature smooth voice

"Yoko has returned they cry"

that made everyone freeze it was the phrase that the Yoko family said when they transformed into their true forms and it almost always meant a blood bath was about to begin.

the next thing he said would scare the everlasting shit out of them for it was an attack that was passed on threw the Jagan eye family "Dragon of the Darkness flame" all of a sudden a dragon made of black fire came from Naruto's arm and was sent sailing passed Zabuza and Kakashi and into the mist when they thought it was just a misfire they heard several cries of pain then stopped the mist cleared and showed that the only thing left of some of the men was a little soot left from the body being burnt at an extreme heat that it disentigrated at a fast rate.

at the back a fat ugly and short business man looked at his losses and laughed and said "Well zabuza since you did not kill the ninja I don't have to pay you I was not going to anyway once you finished the job I was going to kill you and keep your daughter as payment for letting you work for me and I was going to make her my personal whore it would of been an Honor to let me fuck h- before he could finish he felt a very concentrated yoki enhanced Killer intent coming from the foxish looking boy and even he had heard the rumors of the Yokos he started backing away in fear when he saw Naruto put his hand in his hair and pull out a seed and held it in his hand it started glowing and then started to grow a reddish bark that grew into a tree that had mouths on all its branches with what looked like spit coming out of its mouths and when the spit hit the ground it started eating away at it with steam rising.

"This is called the yoko death plant and its saliva is very accidic I would start giving me all your real bank accounts and safe numbers before it gets to hungry and starts eating and don't bother lying I know when you are."

Gatou nodded furiously and started writing down he handed Naruto all of the stuff he asked for and said "Ok now you will let me go" Naruto looked at him and said "I never said that" and with that the tree started eating the last of the bandits and Gatou some had managed to get off the bridge but Naruto threw some sapping seeds on the boats and they grew and started eating all the life force in the bandits.

When Naruto turned around everyone was looking at him in fear , excitment (Haku) and hate (Sasuke, Sakura)

"Dobe give me that power I am an uchiha I deserve it not a lowly orphan like you" Naruto pulled a Kakashi and said "Hmm you say something Prick" Kakashi eye smiled that someone was finally following in his footsteps sort of.

Naruto walked up to Haku looked her in the eyes and his Jagan shined for a moment before she fell asleep and he picked her up bridal style he looked at everyone and said "I will be back soon I have to take a mate soon or my power will Get so strong that it will rip me apart" Zabuza was about to protest but then thought would I rather die or live he chose live but he said "treat her right and we won't have a problem" even though he knew he would not be able to win against someone related to two of the four kings of makai.

Chapter one end tell me what you think next chap starts out with a lemon and will have Naruto talking to the hokage