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Naruto had found Gato's mansion and bust the door down and walked in still carrying Haku he walked to the guest room area and put Haku on the bed he used his Jagan eye to stop its hynosis on Haku and she woke up staring at Naruto she was Scared until Naruto said "I am not going to hurt you but I need to mate with someone or my power will rip me and anyone and

everything in a three hundred mile radius and I know you like me otherwise we would not have fucked in the forest when we first met Haku blushed at that she did like him and they were eachothers firsts so she decided to do something she said "I am only doing this so we don't all die from your power but I expect you to treat me the way a princess should be treated" Naruto knew that she loved him as much as he loved her but decided to play along and chuckled and said "But of course I am a prince anyway when I was in my mindscape with the power rolling off me I met my Great grandfathers Yoko Kurama king of the south part of Makai or the underworld and Hei king of the west part of Makai they told me how to use the death plants and the jagan eye and dragon of the darkness flame".

Haku nodded and decided to be allitle naughty she pushed Naruto down and stood up and slowly started to strip doing several dance motions to enhance the experiance she took her kimono off and held it around her shoulders for a bit doing a little dance "You want to see my breasts Naruto-sama" Haku said Naruto in a a daze nodded his head she let the Kimono drop to the ground and showed an Ice blue see threw bra with matching see threw thong Naruto could smell her wet pussy from his spot on the bed it came with being a demon or fox demon in this case he also had darkness dragon master demon blood in him but they don't have as good a senses as a fox demon. Naruto growled at the site it was not an angry growl it was a I want you so bad right now growl.

Haku walked over to Naruto and dropped to her knees she used her left hand and did the finger motion for come here in a sexy fashion and Naruto moved to where he sat on the edge of the bed Haku took off his pants and his boxers and his erection slapped her in the face Haku stared wide eyed at his cock before undoing her bra in the back and let her C cup breasts out and

started licking his cock to get it moist she then put her tits on it and started to titty fuck him and suck his head for awhile Naruto could not take it anymore and make her take her tits off his cock and made her suck all the way down until his cock was deep in her throat and her nose was in his dick hair she gave it a sniff while Naruto held her there and then he let go and she came up for air she started to go back down and just started bobbing her head she then started to fondle his balls then started humming Naruto ejaculated in her mouth and she drank it up like a vaccum would a mess on the carpet.

Naruto put her on the bed and entered her like he did in the forest when they met they fucked like that for awhile Haku moaning like a whore then Naruto got out of her and laid on his back allowing Haku to get on him and ride him. Naruto used his demon magic to make it so Haku would not get pregnant before ejaculating in her womb Haku screamed at the feeling and

yes Haku was a screamer they had put up sound barriers threw out the place and kept fucking for several hours the next morning they had come back and Haku was Glowing with Happiness she had the mark of the fox pack on her shoulder which was a fox head with bloody teeth. Naruto walked up to zabuza and Kakashi and told them that he would be forming a

team called the fox pack and asked if they wanted in because the Fox pack would become the most feared team in the world. They both agreed and got the mark of the fox pack their tattoos were different than Hakus since they were male and joined the clan threw blood ritual not mating theirs was a fox paw print in black coloring with red blood dripping in a circle.

Team 7 Haku and Zabuza were on their way back to the leaf village after the village of wave thanked them and promised to send the full amount for the A rank mission when they got back up and running. Now they were on thee outskirts of the forest that surrounded Konoha they saw the gates in sight and the guards were the forever chunin Kotetsu and Izumo saw them and tensed seeing a man with long silver hair two fox like ears and a silver fox like tail.

"Halt what is your business in konoha" said Kotetsu

"Team Kakashi plus missing nin Zabuza and his apprentice Haku who is also now the mate of Naruto who went through a change during the mission to wave" said Kakashi the two chunin nodded and were told that it would be made public after giving the Hokage the mission report.

The group of six people headed to the Hokages office and when they got there Sarutobi the third Hokage dropped his pipe and was gaping like a fish not because an A rank missing nin was in his office oh no it is because Enma the Monkey king was not kiddding when it popped in his office three days ago and said that a descendant of Hei the dragon king and Yoko kurama the fox theif king was born and it was Naruto since he could see the seal on his stomach he said "Explain right now what is going on". so for the next four hours Kakashi and Naruto explained with everyone else in the room.

Sarutobi started rubbing his temples while muttering "I'm to old for this shit" "So your saying that you awakened your ancestors blood and are now half fox demon and half dragon demon or dragon human demon I mean and have access to two of the kings of makais techniques as well as some you came up with on the way here".

"Pretty much old man now I would like for you to call a council meeting and don't say I can't kill a few of the old shits that made my life a living hell I have rights as demon prince of two different makai realms and according to demon law I have the right to kill them and their families but I will only kill them."

Sarutobi nodded and had his anbu gather the councils and to be there in thirty minutes.

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