A/N: Yay, a multi-chapter ZoroXRobin! Naturally, as you'll be able to tell if you've read my other stories, this takes place after Nami learns of the two's relationship in Tongue Tied... But if you haven't read the other stories, because this is mainly a ZoroXRobin fan-fiction you're not missing much, so no worries :)

Oh, the mess that these two have gotten themselves into...

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No Sense of Direction

"Nami –Nami look!" Luffy called out.

She rolled her eyes at his chopstick-up-the-nose trick, but he continued to grin and dance with Chopper and Brooke as joyful music played in the bar. Brooke looked like he longed to play the piano –knowing he could play better than the man that was playing now –but he, too, wanted to join in with Luffy's childish games along with Franky and Usopp. But the man playing the piano was doing a great job at matching the pace of our small group.

Surprisingly, his robust and loud actions didn't bother the other patrons as one would think it should. But that was Luffy's charm.

Though there was one group in the corner that did seem bothered. They glared at us across the room, but no one really seemed to notice. The group looked weak, and if they started something, it wouldn't be hard to finish it.

"He's having fun," I commented to her.

"He's always having fun," She replied, her tone hinting with sarcasm. But her eyes said that she was happy, so long as he was happy. She frowned though, when Luffy accidentally ran into one of the waiters, knocking him and the food he had to the ground. She wiped a tired hand over her face before taking a large gulp of sake, "Too much fun, apparently. Oi! Luffy! Watch your surroundings, won't you?"

"Sorry! Shishishi," He didn't look too apologetic. But nothing ruined his fun, so I wasn't surprised.

"Shall I pour you some more, Robin-chwa~an?" Sanji asked, holding up a bottle of fine wine.

I debated it, and then shook my head, smiling at our cook, "No thank you, Sanji."

"Alright," He said, placing it down on the table. "Though I must say, you are looking –Oi! Luffy! Watch where you're throwing that!"

"Sorry, Sanji!" Luffy called out.

"I'm going to head back to the ship," I told Nami, standing up.

"Going to spend some time with Zoro?" She teased.

"Perhaps," I shrugged lightly.

"Then don't let this go to waste," She tossed me a bottle of the alcohol she had been drinking. I didn't recognize the name. "Watch out, though. That there has to be one of the strongest brands out in the New World… I love it."

"Thanks," I said, bringing it down to my side. "I'll see you all back on the ship later."

"I'll herd these animals back when Luffy gets tired."

"That won't be for a while."

"Lucky for you, then," She grinned.

I didn't say anything as I walked away. Since she had found out, she was all about teasing me. Though I can't say teasing me had much affect as it did when I joked about her relationship with Luffy. I mean, the way she blushed and got flustered and angry just made me smile. She and Luffy were such an innocent couple. Awkward in the beginning stages, but slowly coming to a point where they were comfortable –like Zoro and I. Now that I thought about it, this was probably why her teasing had no affect. We were comfortable. Simple as that.

The streets were becoming less crowded as the night grew on. I liked peaceful times like this. I really did.

As I approached the docks, I noticed a drunken man asleep in the middle of the ground. I went around him, not bothering to check if he was okay. I could smell the alcohol rolling off him –it was almost as if he had bathed in it.

He spotted me. I was sure of it as I climbed aboard the ship. I contained a smile. I liked how he was eager to spend these alone moments with me. I came to the bottom of the crow's nest, and when he held his hand out, I used my power to create a chain of arms up to grasp his hand, waiting patiently as he pulled me up.

When it was my real arm that he was holding me by, he grabbed my waist and pulled me into the round room, sweeping me up in a kiss.

"I was wondering when you would be coming back," He murmured.

"That's what you get for staying behind," I told him, pushing him away gently and going to sit on the surrounding bench. He sat on the floor in front of me, his back towards me. He leaned his head back onto my lap, and I brushed his short hair back and smiled down at him.

"It's not like I had a choice. Franky and Brooke always stay behind. They deserve breaks once in a while too."

"That's what I love about you," I told him.

"So what's with the bottle?"

"Nami gave it to me. She said it was really strong and that she loved it. What do you think?"

"I think it's time to drink," He gently took the bottle from me, opening it and taking a long sip. I eyed the other bottles on the floor, not saying anything about how much he probably already had to drink. But Zoro, Nami and I could all hold our liquor, so it was really no surprise that he was willing to drink more. I watched him as he swallowed and said, "That is good."

"Mm," I said, taking it from him and taking a taste of my own. I licked my lips and tilted my head as I looked at the bottle. "I can see why she likes it."

"Were they having fun?" He asked, taking another drink. He turned his body towards me, so that he could face me upright.

"At the bar?" I verified. He nodded. "Is there a time when Luffy doesn't make things fun?"

"No," He chuckled, "The happy idiot."

"After everything we've been through lately, I think it's fine this way."

"Yeah," he agreed. He closed his eye and sighed, "Oh, the life of a pirate."

"What would you be doing if you weren't a pirate?" I asked, lifting my hands to his hair and running my fingers through lightly.

"Still aiming to become the greatest swordsman in the world," He shrugged, "Though I think that if I wasn't on this ship I'd be a lot further behind."

"Well, yeah, with you getting lost so often," I murmured, grinning as he pulled a face that said he wasn't amused. "What if becoming the greatest swordsman in the world wasn't your dream though?"

He thought for a moment, taking another sip. I did the same as I waited. Finally, he said, "I have no idea. It's been my dream for so long –there's been no reason to think of other goals." He swirled the liquid around the bottle before looking up at me, "What about you?"

"I'm the same," I said, sliding off the bench and into his arm as he wrapped it around me. I took another sip before I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. "Learning the True History…" Gently, he rubbed my back. I smiled, and then sighed, "We haven't come across any Poneglyphs lately."

"Wey weillg." I opened my eyes and looked at Zoro, who looked as equally surprised as I was by what had just come out of his mouth. He frowned, and then started again, "We weillll. We willllll."

Suddenly he started laughing, pressing the heel of his hand to his right eye. "I muft be drrrrrrung."

"Thayt hayppennnnned faft," I burst out into giggles at my own speech. "Ohhhhhh, Nammmi ha' beeen wight. Thif 'tuff isssss 'trong."

The two of us both just sat there laughing for a while. Then I sighed happily and leaned my head on his shoulder. Suddenly he was snoring in my ear, which made me giggle again, but I curled up next to him, absorbing his warmth as I, too, slowly drifted off.

"D'you hear that?" Zoro shook me awake.

My head was pounding slightly, and I was pretty sure Zoro's words were still being slurred.

"Hear?" I repeated after him, not really bothering to move from my position beside him. But then I did hear it. A crash onboard. Suddenly, I was sober again.

I jumped to my feet and looked at the window, down to the scene below. Pirates were aboard, and throwing our stuff around and shouting at each other.

"I found me some panties~" Someone shouted. "Dang it! Why don't we have girls in our crew?"

"The women's room has a shitload of gold!"

"Let's go," I said, pulling Zoro to his feet and throwing the hatch open and leaping down. I used the power of the Devil's Fruit to swing down gently onto the lawn deck, kicking one of them to the ground. I recognized his attire as the guy that had been passed out drunk before the docks. He scrambled to his feet, his angry face giving way to a face white with fear as Zoro came down not as gratefully, but scary as all hell.

"Shit! There are two still aboard! Who the hell didn't check the crow's nest? Who the hell said that it was all clear on board?"

As I looked around, I noted the familiar unhappy faces that I had seen at the bar, glaring at us. The idiots.

"We didn't know how to get up there! This ship is already confusing as it is!"

I watched as Zoro unsheathed his katanas, placing one in his mouth and his grip tightening around the hilts of the other two.

"Shiiiiit! It's Roronoa Zoro!"

"Jump overboard! It's your only chance of surviving!"

"We'll drown!"

"It's better than being cut to pieces! Jump!"

They all rushed to the edges of the ship, diving off. What a bunch of small-fry. Without actually raising a hand, we had somehow managed to get rid of the lot of them. As Zoro put his katanas away, he grinned at me.

"I love this," He admitted, "Makes my work a lot easier on night like tonight."

"Mm," I smiled back at him. I looked out across the sea, glad that things were back to being peaceful, although the disruption hadn't been long in the first place.

Then I realized something.

We were surrounded by sea. The island, not to mention the town we had been docked at, was completely out of sight.

"I'm going to go to bed," Zoro yawned, stretching. He gave a mischievous grin. "Want to join me?"

"As much as I would love to," I began, "Look around, Zoro. Sleep is the last thing that should be on our minds."

He did look around, and then he came to recognize the situation.

"Nami's going to kill me."