Jeremy finds his standard place at the table, tainted by the black energies of the teenagers around him. He sits down anyways. It is his job, after all, no matter how often he doesn't feel like it.

"So, how's everybody's day going?" The tone of his voice is cheerful, trying to counteract the aura of general despair and rage. It worked about as well as offering a belt to a "gangsta"; it was denied with such fervency by such dangerous persons that by all logic the giver should have been running in terror.

"Three." Vanessa's tone is flat, and she is scowling as she stabs at the glop on her plate, wishing it was much more solid so there was more resistance to tear apart.

Ferb holds up four fingers, giving Jeremy a wry smile as he tries to thwack Vanessa's fork away for long enough to steal her juice cup. She smacks him upside the head, leans over, reclaiming hers and taking his to boot, leaving him to pout.

Buford and Baljeet suspiciously absent, he turns to Candace now to ask, but freezes once he sees her; frazzled and wild, her hair flying in numerous directions and her eyes so wide it's scary, she somehow still manages to be beautiful, but a terrible, pitiful beauty it is. She looks up at him, whispering in a voice so soft he can't even hear, "Two."

Reluctant to take his eyes off Candace in her state, he forces himself around to the two remaining. "Isabella?"

She clutches her precious porcelain doll ever tighter, leaning back from him, shaking her head so hard her black hair whips around in spidery strands.

Jeremy decides on one last try at a sunny demeanor before he gives in and lets the black mood overtake him. "C'mon, Phineas, how's the sunshine kid today?"

The young boy looks up with his eyes half-lidded and nauseatingly empty, and Jeremy remembers with a sickening drop in his stomach; the overseeing doctor made Anatinus up the boy's dosage today.

"I don't posess- understand- the, the rest for easy- God- listen to the bugs, they won't leave me alone, I can't remember anymore..." His babbling receding to a high-pitched whine, he wraps his arms around his knees, pulling his forehead down to touch underneath the table.

Jeremy turns away, wincing. There are days... And there are days.

SOD here, yet again. Another story? Really?

Okay, okay. I know, horrible updating schedule. I am perfectly aware. *stashes semi-started draft of WAWG9* But this one is in- SURPRISE!- Drabble Prompts!


Yeah. I'm going to do this AU in drabbles. Because I can't handle linear multichapters. I'll be updating one a day, I have about ten done already, and I'm doing two a night. If you have any words you'd like to use as prompts, suggest them! I used a word randomizer for the ones I have now, but I'll be thankful for some originality.

Here's the basic plot, characterization, whatever, for the kids mentioned this time around. I'll cover more characters as they pop in and out, but this is going to be the main crew.

Jeremy: Younger doctor. New guy in town, still idealistic enough to think he can make a difference. Think JD from Scrubs.

Dr. Anatinus: Head of the Adolescents ward. If Jeremy is JD, he's Dr. Cox. I'll leave you to figure out the naaa-aame ;)

Vanessa: Bipolar, admitted at 11 for cutting.

Candace: OCD. Extreme, extreme OCD.

Ferb: A foster kid, the sadistic-bastard ex-department head had him in electroshock therapy for screaming every time he was touched- and went a little overboard, nearly killing him when he attempted to speak. Now has severe mental blocks involving speech, and plenty of reservations about being touched or getting emotionally close to people.

Isabella: Severely delusional with crippling PTSD after being molested by her father, she holds onto her doll like a life preserver because it's the only thing keeping her marginally sane.

Phineas: Schizophrenic with traces of ADHD, with just enough control over his hallucinations to believe he's a reality warper. In case you didn't know, the weird speech he does is actually a symptom of schizophrenia; it's when the word they want to say goes off through its own train of thoughts, jumping from one topic to another until what comes out ends up sounding like somebody vomited a dictionary.

... So, those are the basics. I'll see you tomorrow, everybody!