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Feliciano opened the door to his new high school. Outside was a huge campus, but the campus grounds were empty. The school itself was tremendous in size, but even bigger inside. The hallways were empty too. Feliciano was kinda late, but only because he's not good at waking up in the mornings. As he walked through the seemingly lifeless hallway, Feliciano stopped, and slipped the brochure he had gotten during his orientation (the day before), out of his pocket.

"United Nations High… ve~ it's enormous!" Feliciano whispered to himself. He started walking again, looking for the office. At the orientation, Feliciano was told that rather than use his own name, he would be assigned one. He thought this was silly, Feliciano liked his name, and he'd rather learn everyone's real name instead of a fake one.

He hummed happily at the thought of meeting new people and the cute girls at the school. Maybe they loved pasta as much as he did! After what seemed like hours of endless flights of stairs, hallways with twists and turns, and no sign of the office, Feliciano slid onto the floor in defeat.

"This place is too big!" Feliciano yelled to the air. His voice echoed through the empty hallway. "Where is everybody?" Feliciano thought. Around the corner came loud footsteps, like someone was coming closer. Feliciano became frightened, and hid behind the nearest wall.

The quick steps neared, and out emerged a tall boy carrying a manila portfolio, with blond hair that was slicked back and blue eyes. Feliciano was captivated by his eye color, icy-blue. But the tall boy had a serious (and intimidating) look on his face. The boy was looking around for the voice he had heard. He scanned the hallways a bit before fishing a picture out of the portfolio.

He studied the picture a bit, then placed it back into the portfolio. He looked up, and spotted Feliciano peeking at him."Yeep!" Felicano shrieked, he shrank back behind the wall.

The boy's eyes widened a bit with surprise, but quickly snapped back to their position. He spoke slowly," Are you Feliciano Vargas?" His voice was pretty low, and scary, Feliciano observed as he nodded his head.

Feliciano tried to avoid eye contact, "I hope everyone isn't as scary as him…." Italy thought to himself.

"Ah, so that's why you're up here." The blonde concluded.

"Ve? What do you mean?" Italy said in confusion. "This is the top floor, restricted area to students."

"Oh-no, that means I'm in trouble!" Feliciano thought nervously.

"But since you're a new student, you're not in any trouble." The boy said, and smiled reassuringly. Feliciano decided that he really liked his smile, it was nice. The boy opened the portfolio once again and started flipping through it.

"Um… What's your name?" Feliciano asked, growing more and more comfortable. He'd stepped out from behind the wall already, and stood in front of the boy.

"It's Germany." He answered, still flipping.

"That's the name of a country! How weird." Feliciano thought. Then he remembered that they were being assigned names at this school! "So we'll all be named after countries, got it." Feliciano said, thinking out loud.

"Ve~ then what's mine? " Feliciano asked, becoming excited, he thought being named after a country was kind of cool. Germany slipped a blue index card out of the portfolio, and gave it to Feliciano. On the piece of paper, a single word was printed. Feliciano stared at it for a while before it registered in his mind. "Italy?" Feliciano questioned. Germany nodded.

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