Feliciano opened his locker for the last time. His graduation was over, exams finished, and college applications sent out. His three years at United Nations High was fun...but his very first year was the best. True to Elizabeta's word, the club was instantly revived when the new school year started, headed by Michelle and Lilli (who Feliciano remembered meeting at the pastry shop one day!)

It was less wild and a bit more organized, but it didn't lose its charm. It became wildly popular with both guys and girls and it even escalated to a full-blown magazine (exclusively to the school, and funded by Ms. Pangea.) The years went by fast, and while most of the time things were uneventful, it was still fun.

The brunette left his locker momentarily to retrieve the large trash can out of the boys' bathroom. Feliciano rifled through the paper that accumulated in his last year of high school. Lucky for him, he kept the same locker, but only bothered to clean it on occasion. So... there was A LOT. It amazed him that he didn't notice that it was practically taking over the entire space that was his locker.

The first thing he picked up was a crumpled piece of paper with science notes scrawled on it...

Arthur's handwriting.

Alfred and Arthur graduated last year, with Alfred being the valedictorian and Arthur the salutatorian. Feliciano noted how much Arthur was blushing that day, especially since Alfred refused to do his graduation speech if him and Arthur couldn't do together at the podium.

Well, that caused a lot of pandemonium and arguments (between Alfred and Arthur) mostly because Arthur thought that Alfred was being childish about the matter.

But in the end, Alfred got his way.

Feliciano chuckled at this and tossed the piece of paper in the trash can. He felt a pang of sadness, but brushed it off.

The brunette didn't expect to find photos of him and Ludwig in costumes. Feliciano blushed at how intimate some of them looked, wondering how in the world he got dragged into the club in the first place.

"You did say that you would do anything in return right? I want you to be in my Yaoi Model Club!"

Right, that was why.


He rifled through the rest of the locker, finding the weirdest things that only made memories come flooding back to him, causing him to sniffle and smile at times. Feliciano wondered briefly if he would even be able to walk out the building without bursting into tears.

It was an odd sight, so much so that Ludwig found him and became worried at the uncharacteristic frowning.

"There you are, Feli." Ludwig said. "Are you alright?"

"Ve~ I'm fine. Just...cleaning out my locker."

Ludwig frowned when Feliciano sighed. It was depressed sigh, something that Ludwig didn't like. He slid his fingers softly through his boyfriend's hair and pulled him into a hug.

"You're not sighing about the locker are you?" Ludwig said more as a statement than a question.

"We're going to different universities." Feliciano mumbled. "In different states. Basically different worlds. We'll never see each other, or go on dates-"

"We'll stay in touch, I'll call and text you frequently, everything will be fine."

"But I don't want to keep in touch, I want to be in touch."

Ludwig tilted Feliciano's chin up with his forefinger, "You're not making any sense."

"I want to go to school with you...and nothing would have to change. Lovi is with Antonio! In Europe! It's not fair!"

"There are weekends, holidays, days when we have no classes."

A smile gave way and Feliciano bubbled over with laughter, returning to his normal cheerful self. He quickly detached himself from Ludwig and dumped everything in his locker into the trash can. After that was finished he tugged the blonde down the hallway, "Ludwig! We're going on a date.

"Ludwig! Why do we have to see a horror movie!?" Feliciano whined.

The brunette held back a shriek when someone brushed past his shoulder. But he nearly jumped out of his skin when Ludwig pressed a cold soda against his neck. "You said I could pick."

"I know...but..."

"Then we should go. Wouldn't want to miss the movie, right?"

"As long as I get to hold your hand."


Feliciano clung to Ludwig's arm, "And if I get really scared, can I jump in your lap?"

"You'd do it anyway even if I told you couldn't."

Bracing himself, Feliciano sat rigidly in the seat, his hand squeezing Ludwig's. The blonde winced a bit, Feliciano's vice grip was a powerful thing.

Ten minutes into the movie, Feliciano was looking at the movie from behind his hands.

Thirty minutes into the movie he couldn't bear to watch at all, so he clamped his eyes shut and held onto Ludwig for dear life.

An hour into the movie, he was in Ludwig's lap.

At the end of the film, Ludwig was covered in spilled popcorn and tears. He sighed when the theatre lights came up.


"Is it over?"


"Can I look?"


Feliciano looked up curiously, spotting one of the employees sweeping up debris in the front row. He cautiously unwrapped his legs from around Ludwig's waist.

"T-that movie wasn't that scary..."


"It was VERY scary. I'll have nightmares for weeks. But I don't think that'll be a bad thing, since I can just stay with Ludwig!" Feliciano smiled slyly and stole a kiss. "We can sleep in tomorrow and cuddle!"

"We can't sleep in, you have a college interview tomorrow morning. If anything, we'll have to wake up early." Ludwig reminded him as he slid into the driver's seat.

"Ve~ Don't remind me. I'm already worried..."

Feliciano nervously slid out of the passenger's seat of the car, his palms were sweaty and his heart wouldn't stop racing. He swallowed a lump with his throat and fumbled with his suit, tugging at his tie, pulling at his wrinkling sleeves, making sure that there were no scuffs on his shoes. He felt like something was going to go wrong, even though he hadn't even entered the university.

Thoughts of the date from last night relaxed him slightly, but he couldn't stop trembling. He couldn't stop worrying, even though Ludwig told him not to. Feliciano sat down in a chair outside the Dean's office, the only distraction from his nerves were the clacking of the secretary's fingsaga against computer keys.

No less than ten minutes later, a tall and slim man dressed in a dark blue suit stepped out the office door. He spoke to his secretary in a low whisper. Without looking up, she pointed to Feliciano and resumed typing.

Dark brown eyes shifted to the boy and he smiled kindly.

"Feliciano Vargas, I presume?"


"You're the one I've heard so much about! Follow me to my office! There's much to talk about."

Before Feliciano could respondly, he was pulled quickly into the large office and dropped into a chair. The Dean propped his feet onto his desk and stared at Feliciano expectantly.

"Um Mr. Dean... how do you know about me?"

"Ah... Carriedo?"

Feliciano gasped, "Antonio Carriedo?"

"Yes! I was his teacher a year ago when I was in Spain temporarily, but we're more friends than anything else. He said how you loved to draw and had great potential. I know your brother, too. He's quite the little spitfire, isn't he? I accidentally called him Lovi once...and he punched me in the face."

"Ve~ That sounds like my brother!" Feliciano giggled, instantly calming down.

"So, Feliciano. I've seen some of your paintings, you gave Antonio lot. I've gotta tell you, I was completely blown away. I want to offer a full scholarship for our Visual Arts department. What do you think?"

A few months later

Feliciano opened the door to his new university...


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