Kagaya: We are sooo sorry for the late update!

Hungary: That's why we made this one extra-long for you guys!

Kagaya: Oh yeah. It's Question time!

Hungary: Really? Who's it for today?

Kagaya: Um~ Oh! It's for you President!

Hungary: Really? Let me hear it!

Kagaya: Okay um, it's from on of our readers named Shinigami-cat.

Hungary: Alright.

Kagaya: Shinigami-cat asks, when did you becom a yaoi fangirl? *gulps* uh-oh.

Hungary: Heehee! I think it was when I was in my second year of middle school when this boy named Kiku Honda introduced me to anime, then I accidentally found out about yaoi when I was reading and watching various things. I just couldn't keep myself away from it ever since then! But it's progressed so far that I wanted to have a club. So I made one in my first year in high school! The End!

Kagaya: I remember when you recruited me to be your assisstant, some funny stuff happened.

Hungary: I remember that!

Kagaya and Hungary: Please enjoy the sidestory!

Hungary led the rest of the boys to a shop, the sign read, Merry Moe Maid Café. They went into the empty café shop, the first thing they saw were a group of girls in maid costumes huddled over one table, looking at some sort of scrapbook. Everytime they turned to another page, they all squealed with delight. Hungary spotted a bell to the right of her, on a counter. She tapped it 4 times lightly.

The girls looked at the location of the sound, their eyes wide, they were caught! Then they took a good look at Hungary, realized it was her, and sighed heavily. A girl, that looked like she was in high school (like everyone else) strolled over to Hungary. She was tall, with jet-black hair, so black that it looked blue in the sunlight. She also had a small fang protruding from the left side of her mouth.

"Yo, Hungary! We closed up shop for ya! And I see you finally brought the rest of your club! You ready to start taking pictures?" She yelled.

Prussia got confused and piped up, "Oi Hungary! You said we were going out for smoothies! What's this about taking pictures? Are you tricking us, because if you are, that's totally not awesome."

"I don't mind taking some with Lovi." Spain interjected, looking at Prussia. He wrapped is arms around Romano for emphasis.

"I told you no to call me Lovi at school! And let me go!" Romano roared, trying to escape.

This just made Spain hold on tighter, "We're not at school, so what's the problem Lovi?" Spain replied.

"Enough with the lovers' quarrel you two, we need to get to work!" Hungary interrupted before Romano got a chance to yell at him. "Okay, pair up with your partners and sit at one of these three tables, I will give you further instructions when you do so.

The 6 boys did as they were told, and sat with their respective partners; America with England, Romano with Spain, and Austria with Prussia. Hungary stood on top of an empty table, waiting for everything to be silent, when that happened she gave instructions.

"Alright boys, we have approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes to take 24 good pictures. With the help of my dear friends from the café, we might be able to get some sundaes at day's end. So, Kyo if you will please hand out the task to the boys." Hungary gestured to the girl with the fang.

Kyo gave the papers out, they picked it up, and Hungary read its contents.

"Listen carefully, I will only say this once, anyone who refuses to take a picture, will be punished with this!" She took out one of those joy-buzzer toys.

Prussia stifled a laugh, "Something that un-awesome, won't even affect me!"

Hungary's eyes glinted, "Would you like to bet on it?"

Prussia's eyes did the same, "Of course."

They stared each other down for a while, trying to size each other up.

"Put 'er there Prussia!" Hungary commanded, sticking out her hand with the joy-buzzer attached to it.

Prussia grabbed her hand, and the moment hid did his body lit up like a Christmas tree. England and America swear that they saw the little bolts of electricity phasing in and out of his body. Prussia hit the ground with a thud, his vision black.

"That's 100 volts of electricity boys." Hungary bragged. "So I suggest that you follow absolutely everything I say unless you want to end up like Prussia here, got it?"

The guys nodded their heads in fear.

"So!" Hungary continued, now in her normal manner of speaking. "You guys will take pictures in pairs that's basically what the paper is saying. The first pair will be…hmm, America and England, you've been here the longest so I guess you guys will be first."

America and England slid back their chairs and followed Hungary to a secluded room, with a window that was covered by a black screen.

In the Room, Hungary, America, and England

"First picture is going to be of you two playing the pocky game!" Hungary pulled out a box of chocolate pocky.

America and England exchanged confused stares, "What's that?" they asked in unison.

Hungary was happy to explain, "Well I could tell you, but I'll show you instead. America, put this pocky stick in your mouth."

"Alright." He said letting her put the stick in his mouth. "What now?"

"England put the other side in your mouth!" Hungary instructed, her eyes becoming wild (her fangirl side was awakening.)

"W-w-wait a minute! I don't like the pocky game! Let's do something else!" England protested.

"My dear England, are you defying me?" Hungary inquired. "If so, we can always do something else, but you'll have to shake on it." She raised he hand to show the joy-buzzer that took down Prussia. England spotted little bolts electricity running through it again.

England shuddered just remembering it, "Fine… come over here America so we can just get it over with."

America smiled with the stick in his mouth, and walked toward England. England in turn opened his mouth slightly, his face dusted pink, and bit onto it.

Hungary took the picture. "See. Part 1 wasn't so bad was it?" she blurted. "Now then, part 2 is to finish the pocky without breaking it!" she ordered. "You have 10 seconds, GO!"

America immediately took action, he grabbed England's upper arms and gave him a chaste kiss. Pocky problem= solved. Hungary captured the moment, just before she sighed in ecstasy and passed out.

"Just as planned." America smirked, as he looked at the fallen fangirl.

England glared daggers at America, his face a deep red, "What the heck was that for you git!" He wiped his mouth as if to remove the evidence.

America licked the excess chocolate from the side of his mouth. "What? You didn't like it?" he asked sarcastically.

England couldn't look him in the eyes, "I-it I-uh, y-you—" He gained some kind of confidence. "You should've asked me idiot!"

America got closer to England, his forehead against England's. "Can I kiss you?"

England entangled their hands, "I guess."

America gave him a soft sweet kiss. They didn't notice it, but Hungary was secretly taking pictures,

"Hehehe, just as planned huh?" she said getting up.

"Hungary, you're okay!" England exclaimed breathlessly.

"I'll let you off the hook America for planning all this, because it was pretty clever. You guys can go." Hungary smiled.

The three left the room, England was blushing, America had his usual oblivious smile, and Hungary was looking through the pictures she had just taken.

"Spain! Romano! You guys are next!" Hungary yelled from the doorway.

Romano looked up from the dessert he was eating, his face was a mess, "I'm not done eating, yet! Also, I wanna go last!" he proclaimed.

Spain sighed from across the table, "You're such a messy eater Lovi." He took napkin from off the table and wiped around his mouth.

"I could've done that myself, you jerk." Romano grumbled.

Spain ignored the nickname and grinned, "Now that you're all clean let's go!" he grabbed Romano's hand and pulled him into the closet. Hungary closed the door, and locked it. She knew Romano would be one to try and escape.

"Put on this maid outfit Romano! Right now!" Hungary ordered.

Romano looked at the dress, it was a frilly pink maid dress with a huge white ribbon in the back, the ends of the ribbon almost reached the floor. It wasn't that bad except for one thing, it was really short. He crossed his arms in to an 'X' position. "There is absolutely no way in this lifetime or any other that I would ever be caught dead or alive in a dress under no circumstances whatsoever!" Romano announced firmly.

"Why not, Lovi? You'd look so cute in it!" Spain chimed.

"Men aren't cute, stupid." Romano retorted, glowering at him.

"Romano~." Hungary sang, a dark aura hanging over her, "Come here~."

Romano paled, he was stubborn, but he certainly wasn't stupid. He hesitated for a moment then took a couple steps forward,

"Put. It. On." She demanded.

"Tch. F-fine." Romano tried to play it off like Hungary wasn't scaring the crap out if him.

He took the frilly dress and changed quickly, but only because of one reason, both Hungary and Spain's hands were getting twitchy. He observed himself, and was right about two things, one: the white ribbon around his waist did reach the floor, and two: the dress didn't even go past his knees.

"This thing is too short!" Romano yelled.

"Here, then put on these knee socks." Hungary held them out to Romano.

Romano didn't know how that would help, but he just put them on without question.

Hungary lined up a shot for the picture, "Spain, you get behind me for a second, Romano, your first task is to look as cute and as innocent as possible!"

Romano looked at her blankly, what the heck was that supposed to mean? First of all he wasn't cute, and secondly, how do you make yourself look innocent?

Spain whispered to Hungary, "I don't think he knows what you mean. But I think I can do something to help."

"Whatever it takes!" Hungary whispered back.

Spain walked behind Lovi and grabbed his wrists with one hand, then raised them over his head.

"H-hey, what the heck are you doing, jerk! Let go of me!" Romano protested, thrashing around wildly.

With his free hand, Spain twirled Romano's rebellious curl. Romano shut up quick, and stopped thrashing about. His yelling was replaced with small moans. His face was as red as the tomatoes he loved dearly.

"Stop~ you jerk…idiot…let go, you pervert." Romano murmured breathlessly. His legs gave out on him and he sank to the floor in a shojo style pose (his knees were apart, with his hands between his legs.)

Spain let go, and returned to Hungary's side. His job was done. Romano's eyes were glazed and he was in a trance, trying to recover from the incident that just befell him just a couple seconds ago. From Hungary's point of view, he honestly looked like a girl. She took a couple pictures, then lowered her camera.

Romano looked very weary, he was starting to sway back and forth. His breathing was uneven, there would be long drawn-out breaths, and then short pants. Spain immediately noticed that Romano was losing consciousness, he dropped to Romano's side and scooped him in his arms, bridal style.

"Lovi? Lovino! Can you here me? It's Antonio, say something will ya?" Spain shook Romano.

"Shut up, you stupid jerk." Romano replied quietly, then he closed his eyes.

"Is he okay?" Hungary asked, her voice full of concern.

Spain gave her one of his trademark smiles, "It's nothing really, little Lovi here was just overwhelmed. He'll be fine in a little while. It's nothing really." He looked down at Romano, he was snoring lightly. "But we should change him back into his uniform."

They both worked together putting the sleeping Romano's uniform back on.

"Since, Romano's out of commission, you guys are done." Hungary sighed.

Spain pulled Romano onto his back, and returned to their table, propping Romano in his lap, rather than his chair, the shorter boy's head rested on Spain's chest, the sleeping Romano still in a somewhat deep sleep.

Hungary was still in that secluded room, in her own little corner of woe. "I'm such a pushover…" she mumbled to herself. "Austria, Prussia! You guys are up!" Hungary called from the room.

At this point, Prussia had woken up, and was holding a conversation with the aristocrat across from him. Much to Austria's annoyance. Austria was glad to end the conversation, as it was idiotic, and mostly just unintelligible babbling.

"That was not awesome, Specs." Prussia mentioned when he caught on to what Austria was trying to do.

"Hm? I have no idea what you're talking about. I was just answering Hungary's call." Austria countered, when they got through the door.

Hungary was still in her corner, chuckling and mumbling darkly to herself, looking through the 6 pictures she took today.

"Hey Hungary, we're here!" Prussia announced from the door.

She looked up at them in despair, "You two! Make out! Make out right now!" she sobbed.

"Hungary be reasonable!" Austria exclaimed.

"I am! I'm supposed to have at least 16 pictures by now and I don't even have half of that number! You guys are going to make up for it! If not so help me I will shock both of you into a coma!" Hungary whined and yelled. She stuck out her hand for emphasis.

Prussia didn't want to be to die, especially from something as un-awesome as being shocked by a novelty toy. But he didn't want to make out with the priss next to him. He was still somewhat skeptical about the relationship they were in.

Austria just stood there, his mouth agape. Prussia acted impulsively, he snatched the buzzer off her hand without shocking himself (surprisingly) then ran out the door of the room. Austria and Hungary followed him. Prussia looked around the café, everyone was gathered at one table, each of them taste-testing a sundae. Prussia tried to find somewhere to dispose of the lethal weapon he held.

When he saw that Hungary was after him, Prussia did the absolute first thing that came to mind. He stuck the buzzer in the sundae. Everything was still for a moment, but then the sundae started to electrify, and everyone around the table was electrified. The boys fell with a thud onto the floor, their brains probably fried.

Austria and Hungary exchanged looks then sighed, "That idiot." They said in unison.

"Are they dead?" Hungary whispered.

"I'll check." Austria volunteered.

He strode over to Prussia, and put two fingers on the wrist with the sundae in it. Yeah, that wasn't a smart move, the weapon crackled to life one last time, and shocked the brunette to the floor.

Hungary sighed, "Hopeless."

Back at United Nations High

Hungary swung the door of the club room open, showcasing the unconscious boys in the front door. She jumped over them, caring more about Kagaya's progress than the death-like state of her models.

"So how'd everything go?" She asked.

"Everything went fine, I have their profiles now, so I guess we can all leave for the day." Kagaya replied, also ignoring the mound of corpses in the front door. The two continued their conversation, while Italy and Germany stared at the models in shock.

"Fratello? Are you alive?" Italy questioned worriedly.

Romano mumbled a strange string of words in response. Italy got scared and hid behind Germany.

"You guys can go home now! Good work today!" Hungary broadcasted.

The color returned to those lying on the floor, and they struggled to get up. Romano was the only one that remained laying on the floor, he had fallen asleep. Everyone else stumbled out the room, for the exception of Spain, Italy, Romano, and Germany. Spain observed the sleeping Romano.

"How cute!" Spain commented, poking Romano's cheek. "Italy, don't worry about your brother, I'll drop Lovi off myself." With that, Spain hoisted Romano on his back and left the room.

"Lucky…" Italy said silently. He headed out the door when Germany stopped him.

"Uh, Italy, would you like to, walk home together?" Germany asked looking away.

"Really Germany? Sure let's go!" Italy exclaimed hugging him, his rebellious curl, bobbing as though mimicking his happiness.

Germany sighed, and they both headed out the clubroom.

Kagaya and Hungary waved to everyone.



"No more joy-buzzers okay?"

"Hn? Uh, okay president."

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Hungary: I promise you there will be a lot of confusion. For them, not you guys!

Kagaya and Hungary: We'll see you next chapter!