Summary: The police have Sam. And they've never made a mistake so big. You don't take one Winchester when the other one's still out there. Set in the 'Other Roads' world.

Author's Notes: This is set in the world of the 'Other Roads' saga. Just a short little coda set in that series. All you need to know is that Dean crawled out of hell a demon, but he's still a hunter and still very protective of Sam, just…a bit homicidal. And Sam's a little off and eerie for various reasons and he is able to use his powers to an extent. They're not evil so much as…devoted. Kind of an easter egg to those who like the series, but I hope others enjoy too.

Other Roads (Annex)

"We've already got you on aiding and abiding. And your brother on a lot more serious charges." The detective leaned forward, trying to play good cop, not that the prisoner was paying him any attention, eyes roaming about the room. Yeah, there was something seriously off about this kid. "Look, I know you want your brother to live through this, so if you tell us where he is, we can bring him in without hurting him."

There was no indication the kid heard him, eyes still drifting. He felt the two guards behind him shuffle uneasily and found comfort in the fact that they were just as uneasy as he was. There had been something in the air since they'd swooped in and picked Sam up while the brothers were separated and they all felt it.

"Sam." He called. Okay, he was starting to get annoyed and he was quickly tiring of his false good cop act. "Sam!"

He slammed his hand on the metal table. Sam didn't jump or startle. Hazel eyes met the other man's for a moment. Slowly, Sam smiled before seeming to drift again, watching his fingers draw invisible patterns onto the table, stretching the length of his cuffs.

The detective couldn't help but be a bit unnerved.

"You made a mistake." It was the first thing he'd said since being picked up. The veteran officer's spine chilled a bit when a pitying look joined the small smile on Sam's face. "Now you're going to bleed for it…All of you."

Sam laughed under his breath, pulling into himself and seeming to enjoy the little world only he could inhabit. Sam had closed his eyes, swaying slightly as if to a song.

"The wolf's coming, the wolf's coming and he's colored all in red." He stopped suddenly, a wide grin on his face as he stared straight up at the man. "Shouldn't have stolen his cub."

Some part of Sam pitied the men. They had no idea know what was coming. Sam closed his eyes as he heard the sound of a door being kicked in in the front of the station. He saw in his head what men from DC would see when they arrived in the morning, the war path his brother laid. Sam smiled as he heard his name called out and the world shone all in red.