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Pairing: Het: Tyr/Regina

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Another shore leave, another raunchy dive of a bar. Tyr shook his head, wondering what exactly prompted him to go along. Granted, it was entertaining to see Harper get shot down, but that paled long before the night ended. So did watching Beka pick up any complete waste of genetic material that struck her fancy for a night of sex. He really did not understand that, or why it was such a human preoccupation in general. Tyr had asked Beka, Harper, and Dylan on separate occasions, only to get even more confusing answers.

He shifted on his bar stool, watching the crowd out of habit. Long experience had taught him that they could find just as much trouble on the Drifts as they could in the middle of one of Dylan's diplomatic missions. His gaze encompassed the entire area, double checking all entrances and exits before moving back to the dance floor. Beka, Trance, and Harper were doing a bump and grind in time with the music in the middle of the central tier of the dance floor. Dylan was moving more conservatively with a woman on the edge.

"Looks like everyone is having fun but you," a husky alto voice said from his left.

Tyr turned toward the sound, faintly surprised at her audacity. Most people left him strictly alone, even in a place as rough as this. "My fun comes in the morning, when they are hung over and I get to make a large amount of noise."

"I can understand that. Usually I take holos of my shipmates and post them. After telling the captain which holding facility they're in, of course." She chuckled softly.

She had a nice laugh, Tyr found himself noting. The woman was as attractive as she was bold. Wondering where that thought came from, he asked, "Did you approach me just to compare notes, or did you have some purpose in mind?"

She was wearing a dark blue jumpsuit that accentuated her lushly curved figure, and when she shrugged it did interesting things with her exposed cleavage. Tyr almost forgot what his question had been as he stared. "Actually, I came to see if you wanted to dance."

"I do not dance. In fact, I was just sitting here wondering why I come. It is always the same." Tyr growled and brought his drink up to his lips.

"Most people come to relax, get drunk, and get laid, not for the ambiance. Think of it as a pressure valve releasing, functional and necessary, but not necessarily pretty." She said with a grin, and then she looked more closely at the forearm he had exposed to hold his cup. "Sorry, my bad. You're Nietzchian, and I had better be going."

"Why do you say that?" Tyr asked, as he had been enjoying her company.

"My captain is Callisto Varrus, an infertile Nietzschian female from the Jaguar Pride. I've heard all the breeding propaganda before, especially when we make runs for her family. So I already know how you Alphas feel about mating outside the prides. I thank all the gods that we have the loan on the ship paid off finally, so we don't have much interaction with them these days. It makes no sense to me. Caal is the best captain I've ever served under, but her family treats her like dirt. It really pisses me off. At least Caal is doing something with her life, instead of sitting around getting fat yearly." Regina unclenched her fists slowly, knowing she was getting worked up again over something she couldn't change.

Tyr saw the body language, but couldn't let that comment stand. "Having children is the most important thing a woman can do. Humans place too little value on it. It is one of the things I will never understand about your species."

"You shouldn't have children until you are ready for them. And really, someone can be an unmitigated ass and still have good genes, so you end up stuck with a man you can't stand." She just shook her head. "It's really too bad. I think you're incredibly attractive, and I think it's a waste that you'll spend the night alone."

"I have to argue that point with you. Why do humans approach mating with such a lack of respect? It is a sacred thing, bringing another life into the world. You are propagating the only immortality there truly is." Tyr started to lecture, and then the rest of her comment sank in. "You were going to ask me to mate with you?'

"That's an awfully presumptuous question. I don't even know your name yet." She flushed, having been caught on the spot.

There were some definite marks against so pale a complexion Tyr noted, "My name is Tyr Anasazi, and you?" he looked at her expectantly.

"Regina Peccavi is my name, but I will thank you to call me Regina. Last names are for duty and being in trouble with one's parents. Now that we have exchanged pleasantries, I need to go. We've been out so long even your scrawny crewmate is looking good." Regina nodded toward the three heading for their table.

"Harper looks good? I do apologize for delaying you." Tyr said, surprise evident in his voice.

"I wish you weren't Nietzchian." Regina said and looked him over one last time. "Although, I must hand it to your Pride, you have excellent genes."

"Thank you." Tyr said, preening just a little under her praise.

Regina strode off into the crowd, leaving Tyr to face his crewmates.

"What are you doing, letting a hot babe like that get away?" Harper asked with his usual lack of diplomacy.

"Regina did not realize I was Nietzchian until she approached me. She understands about our race's views on casual sex, so she continued on. It was refreshing actually. I tend to be approached by human women who have this fantasy about Nietzchian males, and that is the only reason they come over. They are very persistent and rude."

"Regina? She told you her name?" Beka ignored the rest of his comments and went straight for the one that intrigued her. She knew all to well about Nietzchian inspired fantasies, and wasn't about to touch that subject.

"Yes, and she crews for Callisto Varrus." Tyr added.

"Well, that would mean her ship's the Boadicca. It's an all female crew, from what I've been hearing, and they've been without leave for months." Harper bobbed his eyebrows meaningfully.

"Yes, even you should be able to get laid tonight Harper." Beka chuckled at his anticipatory expression.

"I hope Regina finds someone worthy of her." Tyr mused as he went back to watching the crowd. He was surprised by the twinge of jealousy that the thought brought him.

The night progressed as it usually did; the others wandered back to the table periodically for drinks. Tyr continued to scan the crowd, although he watched for one more person than normal. He didn't know if he should be relieved when she left the dance floor with a tall, well-muscled male and headed to the back bar or not. While he was spared seeing them together, he also could not see her. It was odd how he felt concern for someone he had just met, even if she did seem more intelligent than most humans. The crew of the Andromeda was having a negative affect on him, he supposed. Although he had to admit she had excellent genes as well. The thought made him grin momentarily.

Harper came back about ten minutes after Regina had vanished from his view, practically racing to Tyr. "The hot babe you let get away is in the middle of a brawl in the back room."

Tyr gave a low growl and came out of his seat before he realized what he was doing. Harper followed closely in the opening that only an angry Nietzchian could make in a packed bar. It was interesting to see people get out of Tyr's way. They made it to the back of the club in less time than it had taken Harper to tell Tyr what was going on.

They both paused at the edge of the fight. Regina was in the thick of it, her scarlet hair easy to spot. She had a evil little grin on her face, and the beginnings of a black eye. She was giving a good accounting of herself until someone threw a bottle from behind. It shattered on the back of her head and she went down.

Tyr gave a snarl of rage and waded in to the fight. He made short work of anyone between him and Regina. When he got there he was hardly surprised to find that Harper had not followed him through the melee. It would have been easier to get her out of the fight if he didn't have to carry her. He stood over her, preventing her from taking more damage while he considered his options.

He didn't have to consider long. An ill-tempered roar cut through the noise of the fight, and a blonde Nietzchian female carved her way to him with Harper behind her. "Captain Varrus, I presume?" Tyr asked when she got in range.

"Save the intros, let's get my First to our medic." Varrus grunted as she punched another drunk who came to close to them.

Tyr knelt and picked up Regina, careful to support her neck, so her head did not move. He knew he'd better carry her in his arms instead of slung over his shoulder. People with severe concussions tended to vomit if treated in such a fashion, and she had a large knot on the back of her head, which was bleeding profusely.