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Yao smiled confidently, spreading his cards on the small glass table so that the pale-green bamboo pattern was showing. Yong Soo looked up from his own pair of cards, his emotion unfazed by Yao's smug grin.

"Your poker face is terrible." Yong Soo said. "You ready?" Yao nodded, and flipped his hand of cards over triumphantly.

"Two, three, four and five of hearts!" Yao boasted. "A straight flush-aru!" He stared expectantly at Yong Soo, waiting for him to admit failure.

"That's a pretty good hand, especially if this was your first time playing poker." Yong Soo said, bemused. "But you're going to have to do better than that to beat me." He laid his cards down face-up in a perfect arch. "Jack, Queen, King and Ace of spades; a royal flush." Yao stared at him, his eyes open wide with disbelief. He hated western card games, and this was one he just couldn't afford to lose; the stakes were much too high.

"Dammit! You cheated, didn't you-aru?" Yao shouted.

"I didn't cheat." Yong Soo said, a smirk appearing on his face. Yao threw his cards at him.

"You're lying!" Yao snapped.

"Actually, he's telling the truth… believe it or not." Kiku, Yao's other younger brother stated. He had been sitting in the corner, observing the card game with the same blank expression he always wore. "Sorry, but you lost, Yao."

"No! This was one bet I couldn't lose-aru!"

"What did you bet?" Kiku asked. "I didn't get here until after the game began."

"I felt like playing cards with him." Yong Soo explained. "But he doesn't really like western games, so I made him a bet. If I lost, I would give him 300 Euros. But if I won, he would have to go through the entire school year dressed as a girl!" Yong Soo began laughing hysterically.

"Where did you get 300 Euros?" Kiku asked, ignoring the strangest part of the proposition.

"I have my ways." Yong Soo replied. Kiku didn't bother to pry anymore; he honestly didn't want to know what his brother was doing on his free time.

"So… a girl…" Kiku stared at Yao, almost smiling. "Why did you agree to that, Yao?" Yao had laid his head on the table, and was banging his fists up and down softly.

"He wouldn't leave me alone-aru." Yao complained. "And I'm completely broke! 300 Euros would've been so useful at the new school!"

"Well let's go order our uniforms." Yong Soo said curtly. "We don't want to miss the cut-off date for registration." He got up to leave, and Yao followed behind, grumbling to himself. Kiku joined them, silently staring ahead.

This year, the three brothers decided to do something different for a change. For their entire lives, they had been basically secluded from the rest of the world. They were all home-schooled, and were honestly getting sick of one another. After their mother had found a full-time job, Kiku found some info about a fancy European school online, and decided to apply; his two brothers joining soon after. None of them had ever met any Europeans before, and all of them, even Yong Soo, were nervous. However, this new proposition was doing nothing for Yao's nerves.

Just think, my first day interacting with others, and I'm going to be a girl! Yao thought with disgust. I'm going to be a junior, and I'm letting these stupid… underclassmen push me around! I never should have taken that bet! Yao sighed. But… I can't back out on a promise. Yao was a sucker for old traditions, and he could never back out of a promise, no matter how embarrassing it was.

Finally, the day came. August was wildling away, and it was time for students to return to school, or in Yao and his brother's cases, go to school. The three brothers walked quietly, Yong Soo and Kiku out of fear and unease; Yao in shame. Yong Soo and Kiku felt uncomfortable in their brand-new uniforms with navy plaid pants, matching jackets and ties and a dark yellow sweater vest. It was very different from the kimonos they were used to. Yao couldn't believe how feminine he looked in his short, pink plaid skirt, matching tie and a yellow sweater vest to match the boys. His long hair was tied into a ponytail, and from any angle, he looked like a girl.

He shivered; it was a lot colder in Europe than it was in China, at least the part he lived in. Because he and his brothers lived so far from the school, they were given a dormitory that was filled with students from other parts of the world like America and Canada. This was partially a relief for Yao, because if he didn't go home, his parents wouldn't have to know he was cross-dressing.

"You… you look cute Yao." Kiku said. It was meant to be a compliment, but it did nothing but anger Yao more.

"Please leave me alone-aru." Yao said. "You guys have to get to your own classes now, right?" Without another word, he ditched his brothers and wandered around the ornate hallways of the school, killing time before he would have to meet his new classmates. He observed the building with awe. As much as he was wary of western ideas, their architecture was amazing. The wood of the walls were made into lace against the giants windows that lined one side of the hallway, and against the wall rested several fancy vases with classy designs. But eventually, it came time to actually head to class, and, reluctantly, Yao did so.

The class turned out to be unruly and loud, much to Yao's surprise. He looked at the loudest bunch of kids, who were grouped in the middle of the class. They were all blonde, except for one brunette. Two of them were arguing in the middle, one with pretty blue eyes and stubble, the other with vibrant green eyes and thick eyebrows. Behind them was a boy with sandier colored hair and glasses who was egging them on, and next to him was a student that looked almost identical, and was so quiet that no one seemed to notice him. Lastly, there were two boys who were laughing hysterically at the argument, one albino with snow-colored hair and the other with hair the color of milk chocolate and chestnut skin.

Figures, Yao thought, I get the class with only boys. He sat down at an empty desk in the front, and stared silently into space until he felt a tap on his shoulder. Yao turned slowly to find the blue-eyed arguing boy smiling at him.

"Bonjour, mademoiselle." He said, pulling out a rose from his pocket. "Je m'apelle Francis Bonnefoy." He thrust the rose forcefully to Yao, who hesitantly took it. He had heard the language before; it was French. His mother had taught him a little of it, but he knew much more English.

"Euh… quoi?" Yao stuttered, trying to form the right words in his mind. "Je… je n'ai pa-parle pas l… la François."

"Close enough." The boy responded. "I'm sorry, sometimes I start talking in my native tongue. My name is Francis Bonnefoy." Francis grabbed Yao's hand and kissed it. "Enchante." Yao cringed. He had never been kissed on the hand before, much less from a creepy guy. "Mademoiselle, I think you are quite-" But Francis was cut off by a swift knock on the head by the green-eyed boy he had been arguing with, who was holding a thick, worn book.

"Ignore him. He does that to any person he finds cute." The boy stuck out his hand. "I'm Arthur Kirkland, it's a pleasure. " Yao gladly shook his hand, happy to meet someone that was at least partially normal.

"I'm-" Yao stopped, unsure if his voice would tip the others off that he was a boy. He didn't want his classmates first impression of him to be that creepy kid that cross-dressed.

"What's your name?" Arthur asked. His accent… is he English? Yao wondered silently.

"Woah! There's a new kid here!" It was the glasses boy that had been fueling Francis and Arthur's argument. His voice was loud and obnoxious. Based on the stereotype, he must be an American, Yao thought.

"Wait… a new kid-aru?" Yao finally said. "Isn't it the first day?" This time it was the American's silent, almost invisible twin that answered.

"Well, yes. But most students go here their entire time in high school. It's unusual to have anyone that isn't a freshman that's new." He turned to the American. "Alfred, it's not nice to call her the "new kid". Be polite, please?"

"Ah, whatever!" Alfred sighed. "Yo kid, what's your name?"

"I'm Yao Wang." Yao said, giving the boys a slight bow. Alfred burst out laughing.

"Wang?" He laughed. "Dude, your name sounds like a penis!" Yao looked down at his desk shyly, as Arthur glared at Alfred and pulled out his book.

"Will you shut up, you bloody wanker!" Arthur shouted, swinging his book down to him Alfred. Alfred quickly moved out of the way, so the book instead nailed Francis on the head.

"Zut alors! Mind watching yourself?" Francis hollered.

"Nice to meet you, Yao." It was Alfred's twin. He was smiling awkwardly, hoping that Yao would ignore the argument, "I'm Matthew, Alfred's brother." Yao shook his hand. He liked this boy; he seemed to be one of the few calm ones, but Yao had the feeling he was going to forget his name.

"Break it up, idiots!" The albino shouted, pushing Arthur and Francis apart. "You haven't given Yao the chance to meet the most awesome person yet!" He pointed to himself. "I'm Gilbert Belischmidt! And this is Antonio… uh… Antonio…"

"It's Antonio Fernandez Carriedo." The brunette said. Up until now, he had been staring out into space with a mellow expression while nibbling on a tomato he had pulled from his bag. Yao was disgusted; how could he eat a tomato raw? He silently wondered.

"Whatever. You're name is hard to pronounce." Gilbert said.

At that moment, the teacher walked in and class began. It was a boring day, full of long teacher introductions and permission slips that needed to be signed. In every class, Yao had at least one of the boys he had met in first block. And in every class, there was an ominous empty seat.

"Does anyone know where Ivan is?" The science teacher in second block asked.

"Who knows?" One of the students replied. "Does he ever show up?" Asked another. Yao was curious as to who this Ivan person was, but based on the student's reactions, he was probably not the best person to hang around.

At lunch, Yao sat with the group of boys he had met during first block. They were joined by Kiku, who had made two friends his age. One was a short, very feminine Italian named Feliciano, the other a tall, intimidating German student named Ludwig, who was Gilbert's younger brother. They were complete opposites of each other, but they somehow managed to get along. Yong Soo wasn't anywhere in sight. According to Kiku, he had a different lunch. Apparently he was really popular, which was no surprise.

"Ve~" Feliciano said, biting a piece of pizza. "Kiku, are you and Yao related? You look alike."

"Hai. He-" Kiku stopped at the furious glare Yao threw at him. "I mean, she's my older sister."

"I'm jealous. You've got a cute sister." Yao glared at Feliciano, even though his eyes were shut as they always were. Yao hated being called cute. "I've got a brother, and he's kind of a dick." Feliciano said it with such a cute smile that Yao couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't call him a dick!" Antonio blurted out. "He's just… uh…"

"Who's your brother?" Kiku asked, disregarding Antonio.

"His name is Lovino! He's my older twin, and he-" Feliciano stopped as a girl walked into the cafeteria. She had long, sandy-blonde hair, and pretty, ocean-blue eyes. The only thing that detracted from her beauty was the icy glare that covered her face. She shot a dirty look in the direction of Yao's table and then went to the lunch line.

"Who was that?" Yao asked, puzzled. The other boys, except Kiku, looked at him nervously.

"That's Natalia." Francis finally said. "She's obviously one of the prettiest girls in the school. But also one of the scariest." He pulled up the sleeve of his coat to reveal a long, thin white line on his arm. "She gave me this scar about a year ago when I tried to hit on her. She pulled out some sharp scissors, broke them in half, then slashed me with the blade. She was suspended for a month." Yao gulped. Arthur laughed.

"That's what you get for hitting on every girl you see." Arthur said. Feliciano grabbed onto Ludwig's arm, getting him to blush and glare at the same time.

"Ve~ You'll protect me from Ivan and Natalia, right?" Feliciano asked cutely, nuzzling the German.

"Why are you asking me?" Ludwig asked, awkwardly pushing him away. "Just stay out of their way."

"Aww, why are you saying that?" Feliciano whined. "Are you scared?"

"I'm not scared!" Ludwig shouted. He sighed. "Fine, I'll protect them from you."

"Wait, what does Natalia have to do with Ivan-aru?" Yao asked.

"They're siblings." Alfred replied, "And freaky ones at that!" Ivan was still confused.

"This Ivan guy… what exactly is wrong with him?" Yao questioned.

"Personne ne sais pas." Francis said. "No one knows. But he and his sisters are suspected to be part of a gang."

"I heard he once beat up a kid with a water pipe he ripped from the wall!" Arthur remarked.

"I was told that he spends all day getting drunk." Arthur commented.

"Someone told me gets high behind the school." Ludwig added.

"I heard he killed a guy." Feliciano shivered.

"Regardless of the rumors…" Matthew said, "Just try to stay away from them, okay, Kiku and Yao?"

"Hai, I understand." Kiku said. Yao simply nodded.

"You can talk to Ivan's older sister though." Gilbert said. "She's nice. Kind of weird, though."

"Says you." Antonio remarked.

"Shut up!" Gilbert snapped.

"What's her name-aru?" Yao asked.

"Shit, I can't remember! It was long!" Gilbert said. "But you can't miss her. She has the biggest boobs!" Arthur smacked him.

"Control yourself." He muttered. This in turn led to another argument, which Yao watched with great amusement., almost forgetting all about Ivan and Natalia.

Yao plopped down in seventh block English class, exhausted. It had been a long day with all of the new friends he had made and the culture to get used to. Not to mention getting accustomed to being a girl. He was ripped from his thoughts when he felt a gentle tap on the shoulder. He turned to find another student he had not seen before staring back at him. He was very tall, at least six feet, with gray hair, glowing purple eyes and a big nose. He was wearing a faded pink scarf that draped around his shoulders and covered his neck. He smiled at Yao, but his presence made Yao nervous.

"Do… do you need something-aru?" Yao asked politely.

"Da. I came unprepared today." He responded. "Do you have a pencil I could borrow?" He had a thick Russian accent.

"Sure." Yao replied, pulling a pencil out for him. "Here you go." He handed him the pencil, but the Russian did not stop staring at Yao.

"I don't remember you from last year. You must be new." He asked. "What's your name?"

"Yeah, I'm new." Yao mumbled. "I'm Yao Wang."

"I'm Ivan Braginski."

Yao stared at him and his blood ran cold. Thoughts began swirling in his head, going a mile a minute: This was the person that was in a gang.

This was the person that beat a kid with a pipe.

This was the person that got drunk and high.

This was the person that killed a guy.

Yao shivered, trying to keep his face calm.

"Nice to meet you-aru." Yao finally said, feigning a smile.

"Alright everyone, sit down!" The teacher said. He began to call out names, and everyone said "here" as their name was called. "Was there anyone I missed?" He asked when he was finished. Ivan raised his hand. "Okay, who are you?"

"I'm Ivan Braginski." Ivan said. The class hushed, and stared fearfully at him.

"Oh, so you're Katyusha;s little brother, huh? Quite the delinquent, I've heard. This is the only class you've shown up to all day!"

"It's a long drive from my house." Ivan replied, smiling calmly.

"Yao is from China and he came here on time!" The teacher pointed out. Yao looked down at his desk. Why did you have to bring me up? He silently screamed. "Also, it's against the rules to add accessories to your uniform! Take the scarf off!"

"It's cold where I'm from." Ivan replied. His expression was unchanged, but his stare almost seemed icy, and the teacher took a nervous step back.

"…Whatever. It's the first day, I'll give you a break." He stuttered. "I don't have time to deal with this right now. Let's get class started."

Yao paid very little attention the rest of class; not that it mattered. It was the same as any other class with the tedious introductions and rules. Ivan didn't say a word after that, but his presence was still unsettling. Maybe it was just because of his reputation.

After school was over, Yao headed to the dormitories with little conversations with his new friends. He was tired, and desperate to get out of the atrocious mini-skirt he was in. Kiku and Yong Soo soon joined him, both eager to talk about their days. Yao listened half-heartedly, too busy thinking about what went on for him.

Though the situation was less that favorable, Yao was happy. When he first heard about the new school, he was incredibly nervous; but now that he had made these new friends, it wasn't so bad. Maybe Ivan isn't bad either. Yao thought. If I jump to conclusions on everything, then I'll never be happy. Rumors might just be rumors. He looked at his brothers, who were both beaming as they told each other their various experiences of the day. I haven't seen them this happy in awhile. And, for the first time in a long while, Yao felt pride as an older brother.

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