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Yao opened his eyes and squinted in the light that rained upon him. The world around him remained blurry for a few seconds as he tried to shake the sleep out of him. Normally, he would get up and close the curtains, or whatever the source of light was, and go back to sleep, but his body wouldn't move. All of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain shoot through his arm. He craned his neck and saw what the problem was: an IV was piercing his arm, and he had just scraped it out, causing a thin, red line of blood to flow onto the sheets.

"Where…" Yao began. His voice came out as a hoarse whisper at best, and his throat felt dry, as if he hadn't had a drink in weeks. Oh… I'm in the hospital, Yao realized after studying his surroundings. How did I… "Ivan-aru!" Yao sat up with a start, only causing more pain to his head and back. "Aiya…" He fell back into the pillows and sighed. That was stupid. And if I'm in the hospital, that means… I failed. He could feel tears welling up behind his eyes, and he closed them to make sure they didn't fall. If I'm here in this bad of a state… who knows what happened to Ivan…

"I'm a failure-aru…" The tears began to trickle down his face. If it hadn't been for my mistake he might've-

"Yao-yao…" A voice ripped him from his thoughts. He turned to the origin and saw Ivan asleep in a chair a couple feet away. Yao breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled. From what he could see, there were no new scars or bruises on his body. Somehow, Ivan must've rescued Yao from his father… without getting either of them killed. Yao rolled back over so he was facing the ceiling and shut his eyes. I shouldn't wake him, Yao thought.

"Yao?" Ivan asked. He got up and walked towards the bed. "Are you awake?"

"Yes…" Yao muttered back hesitantly.

"Thank goodness. We were all so worried, and-" Ivan wiped the tears from Yao's face and smiled. "Why are you crying, Yao-Yao?"

"Oh… I…" Yao coughed harshly, and Ivan shook his head.

"You don't have to talk if you can't. Here's some water, da." Yao shakily grasped the cup and drank the water down in an instant.

"H-how long have I been out-aru?" Yao finally asked.

"Five days." Ivan replied solemnly. "Everyone's really worried."

"Five days-aru? Do Kiku and Yong Soo know I'm here? What about-"

"They all know you're here, and they even got you gifts." Ivan smiled. "Want to see them?" Yao nodded, knowing he needed something to calm him down. "Feliciano and Lovino got you a bouquet of daisies! Then Gilbert and Ludwig wrote you a long letter… but it's in German and I can't read it… Francis gave you chocolates, Arthur a book, Antonio some tomatoes… for some reason. Alfred gave you some flowers and balloons and that one guy who's name I can't remember gave you a teddy bear."

"All of this… for me?" Yao felt overwhelmed by the amount of gifts he had received, some of which were falling off the bedside table.

"Of course, da! You're our friend!" Ivan patted his head, but Yao recoiled. "What's wrong?"

"You guys… aren't you mad about what I did? I pretended to be a girl, and…" Ivan grabbed Yao as gently as he could by the shoulders and pulled him into a soft kiss. Yao was too tired and weak to push him away this time, so he just closed his eyes and could feel his cheeks flushing. Ivan pulled away with a small smile on his face.

"Girl or boy, I…" He blushed. "I love you, Yao." Yao stared into Ivan's lavender eyes, simply having no other place to look. Those once creepy, threatening purple eyes seemed soft and comforting. Yao didn't know what to say to that; he had never been told he was loved by someone other than a family member. He suddenly felt dizzy, and he could hear from the heart monitor behind him that his heart was beating a mile a minute.

"Ivan…" At that moment, the door burst open, slamming against the wall with a loud bang.

"Be quiet, idiot!" Arthur scolded. "You don't want to wake him up!"

"I can't wake him up, dude! He's in a-" Alfred stopped when he noticed Yao sitting up in his bed. "Oh… you're awake."

"Parce que a tu!" Francis yelled.

"Sorry, dude. I don't speak gay." Alfred smirked.

"My language isn't gay!"

"Sorry, but es true." Antonio remarked.

"Well… euh… tu as une bete!"

"Ve~ How are you feeling, Yao?" Feliciano asked, ignoring the others.

"I'm… okay." Yao said quietly.

"Annniiiiikkkiiii!" Yong Soo leaped into the room and Kiku caught him moments before pouncing Yao to death.

"Please be mature. You don't want to hurt him anymore." Kiku stated emotionlessly.

"Aw! You're no fun!" Yong Soo pouted. "I just want to grope him!"

"You don't grope someone with a broken rib!" Francis shouted.

"You git, you're not supposed to grope anyone at all!" Arthur remarked.

"Wait… what do you mean, broken rib-aru?" Yao finally asked.

"Oh… do you even know what happened to you?" Ludwig questioned. Yao shook his head.

"It was like, brutal, dude!" Alfred said rather cheerfully. "You were bleeding out the head like crazy! It's a miracle you're not retarded now!" Arthur smacked Alfred swiftly in anger.

"Don't say that, idiot!" Arthur yelled.

"Would it kill you to read the mood?" Francis asked sarcastically.

"Where can I find that book?"

"Typical American…" Arthur and Francis said in unison, face palming.

"Anyway, the doctor said it was a miracle you got out okay. And if it weren't for Ivan… you probably wouldn't be here… It was all his douche bag father's fault anyway…"

"Wait, you guys know-aru?" Yao interrupted. For a brief moment, everyone went silent. All of their expressions became more serious than usual, and it was enough to make Yao regret he had asked.

"Yeah… Ivan told us a few days ago." Matthew finally said.

"Hey, you guys…" Ivan muttered, his voice dark again. "Would you mind letting the doctors know he's awake?" The others, except Feliciano and Alfred, who couldn't sense the mood, nodded immediately and walked out. Eventually the two idiots followed along, leaving Yao and Ivan alone again.

"I thought… you didn't want them to know." Yao said.

"Not at first. But they were going to find out eventually, da."

"What happened… to your father-aru?"

"…He's not with us anymore."

"You killed him-aru?"

"No… it was Natalia and Alfred." Ivan moved his chair closer to the bed and sat down. "I let my little sister take care of everything for me… I'm a horrible brother. I was holding the gun in my hand and I could've…"

"Ivan…" Yao placed his hands on Ivan's cheeks and smiled. "You've been through so much… you need to stop blaming yourself, at least this one time-aru." Ivan didn't reply, so Yao went on. "Think about it this way: you're free now… you shouldn't have to worry about the horrible things that your father has done to you-aru. It's over now. And once people learn of what a bad person he was, they won't be surprised. He…" Yao's voiced darkened, "he deserved to die-aru."

"So… I'm not the only person who thought that, da?" Ivan sighed. "I guess I'm not too horrible."

"Of course you're not! I lo-" Yao stopped mid-sentence and blushed. "I mean… you're sweet. And kinder than people give you credit for-aru."

"Yeah. Thanks, Yao-Yao." Ivan said, a sad smile crossing his face. He got up and pulled the sheets over Yao's chest. "You should get some rest. I'll see you later, da." He quietly shut the door behind him, leaving Yao to listen to the slow rhythm of the heart monitor. He shut his eyes and pulled the covers above his head, but he couldn't sleep.

Ivan loves me? He stared at the ceiling aimlessly, trying to get his thoughts together. It must be a friend way… He slapped his forehead. Stop lying to yourself, dammit! He kissed you!

"Aiyaa…" Yao could feel his face flush. "What should I do…?"

Yao had to stay in the hospital a little longer to recover, and he still had to use a wheelchair because his injuries mad it hard to move. At school he kept getting sympathetic glances and comments everywhere he went, even though he was fine. There were still times when Ivan didn't show up to class, but Yao now knew it was to arrange everything after his father's death; not to go off and do anymore mob work. According to Alfred, he and Natalia were let off easily. Because they were both minors, they weren't tired as an adults, and the officials were lenient on them. The court ruled it as "self-defense", and the two were sentenced to only five months probation and a hundred hours of community service. It's been weeks since the event, and still neither of them know for sure who actually killed Mr. Braginski. Alfred claims it was him because he was the "hero", and Natalia says she used the power of her love for Ivan to take care of it. Either way, no one really misses him.

After weeks of disputes within his family, it was decided that the Natalia, Ivan and Katyusha would stay in the house they lived in. Katyusha was now eighteen, and she stated that she would fight to the death to protect her little siblings. Her undeniable generosity eventually won everyone else over, and she was a great mother figure to both Natalia and Ivan. The two younger siblings starting going to school regularly, and their cold exteriors began to melt away. Ivan started to get along and talk with more people; and even became close friends with Alfred, Arthur, Feliciano and the others. Natalia stopped using violence to solve all of her problems and is niw close friends with Toris, Feliks and Lili Zwingli.

Yao talked with Ivan like he usually did, but he couldn't help but feel awkward around the Russian. As much as he tried, he just couldn't get his feelings in order. Finally, when the school year was nearing its end, Yao quickly scribbled a note to Ivan and left it in his locker.

Ivan, meet me behind the cafeteria after school. -Yao.

After the school day ended, Yao headed behind the cafeteria. Even though summer was coming up, it was still cold back there. He sat down against the brick wall silently and watched the clouds overhead pass by.

"Aiyaa… what am I supposed to say-aru?" Yao questioned. "I shouldn't have done this…" A small gust of wind passed by, blowing a leaf onto Yao's face. "Aiyaa! Dammit, go away!" The moment the leaf was gone, he saw Ivan towering over him with a smile. "Ah! Oh, Ivan, it's you.. Don't scare me like that-aru!"

"Sorry, da!" Ivan said. "I thought you noticed me." He sat down beside Yao and smiled childishly. "What are you doing, Yao-Yao?"

"Just watching the clouds-aru." Yao took a sideways glance at Ivan and frowned. "What happened to your mother's scarf?"

"Oh, that? It kind of got dirty. I don't think I should wear it in public."


"I got blood on it. It looks pretty weird…"

"W-who… what happened?"

"When father hurt you," Ivan began with a frown, "I freaked out and tried to stop the bleeding with my scarf. I hope it helped at least a little."

"Ivan… you didn't have to do that. I mean, that's your mother's scarf! Isn't it important-aru?"

"It is." Ivan nodded. He turned and stared at Yao with those piercing violet eyes. "But… you're even more important to me." Yao blushed and looked away.

"Uh, thanks."

"Yao-Yao, why did you ask me out here?" Ivan asked after a brief pause.

"No reason! I just wanted to hang out-aru! That's all!"

"Well, if that's the case…" Ivan stood up. "I'm sorry, but Katyusha expects me home soon and-"

"Dammit, Ivan!" Yao pulled him back down by his coat, using as much strength as he could. Ivan fell to the ground, and before he could say a thing, Yao kissed him roughly.

"I love you-aru!" Yao stood up and ran away as fast as he could while Ivan was still in a shock.

"Aniki!" Yong Soo glomped Yao, waking him up. "Get up, get up!"

"Aiyaa…" Yao grumbled unenthusiastically, pulling the covers over his head. "Go away…"

"Sorry, nii-san." Kiku said, pulling them off again. "You have to get up. We're going back home today."

"I know… and I don't want to get up-aru…" Yao moaned. School had ended the day before, and today he and his brothers would be going home for the summer. Yao had felt horrible ever since he had run out and Ivan, and he hadn't seen him since then. I've really messed up…

Eventually Yao packed all of his things away and gave the bags to Yong Soo, who claimed he was strong enough to carry everything. He obviously failed, so Kiku helped him carry the bags to the taxi outside. Yao sat alone in the now empty dorm, staring blankly out the window.

"This year could have been better-aru." He said to himself. "At least next year I won't have to dress up like a girl. Or end up in the hospital…" He sighed. "I really messed it up-aru…" Behind him, there was a knock on the door. "You can come in, you guys. It's not like I care-aru."

"Hello, Yao-Yao!" Ivan said cheerfully.

"Aiyaa! It's you! Uh… hi."

"Are you guys leaving today?" Ivan asked, observing the empty room.

"Yeah. We're staying with our parents for the summer-aru." Yao replied, looking away from Ivan.

"Okay. I'll be in the same place, da." Ivan said. "But Yao…" Ivan placed his hand on Yao's shoulder. "Would you like to stay with me for the summer?"

"Huh? What? Why-aru?" Yao said, taking a step back from him.

"It'd be hard to date you from so far away, da." Ivan grabbed Yao's waist and kissed him gently. Yao returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around Ivan's neck. "I love you, Yao-Yao."

"W-well… I'd like to come with you, but-"

"Hey! Get a room, you two!" Yong Soo shouted from the doorway.

"We're in a room-aru!" Yao retorted in anger and embarrassment.

"Nii-san…" Kiku said quietly, "If you want to stay with him, you can."

"What? But what about our parents-aru?"

"It's alright," Kiku replied with a smile. "You were always the least favorite child."

"That wasn't very nice!" Yao shouted.

"I'm kidding. We can just tell them you're staying with a friend. You've never had luck making friends, so they'll probably be okay with it." Kiku dropped Yao's bag in front of him. "You mean it? You would be okay if I stayed with Ivan-aru?"

"Of course." Kiku nodded. "We have a full house at home, anyways."

"It's fine, but if you lay a finger on my aniki's boobies, I'll kill you!" Yong Soo warned. "Now we have a ride to catch. See ya later, aniki!"

"Sayonara, nii-san." Kiku said with a smile. "And if you two have sex… send me pictures." Without another word, he shut the door behind him, leaving Yao with a radiating blush on his face.

"I'm sorry about them! They're always like that and…"

"It's fine, Yao." Ivan said with a smile. "Now let's go! I don't want to miss the train!" Ivan lifted Yao bridal-style and proceeded to carry him out of the building like that.

"Hey! Put me down-aru!" Yao protested.

"It's okay, you're light as a feather, da~" Yao gave up, knowing it wasn't worth it to argue with him. He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning against Ivan's chest. Beneath it, he could heart the faint sound of his heart beating. He glanced up at Ivan one more time, and saw him beaming as he walked forward. Next year is definitely going to be better. He smiled and gently nuzzled Ivan's chest as they walked towards the train, and towards their future together.

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