Chapter 4: invasion

I later rode my horse to met with Coldon at the river so I could talk to him about the death of my "sister". When I got to the river I saw Coldon under some shaded trees and he was sitting, looking at the river while he waited for me. Just by seeing Coldon it made me happier and I knew it was dangerous to feel this way about a non-noble birth because if I fall in love with this guy I can get kicked out of the royal family.

"Are you ok Katalina?" Coldon asked as I walked over to him after I tied my horse to branch.

"I'm fine... actually I'm not fine I was just told that girl Shiela, the one that was killed, well she was my sister." I said while a few tears rolled down my cheeks, then he got up immediately to see if I was OK and he could see that I wasn't.

"I'm so sorry that your sister is dead I wish I could bring her back for you but I cant, I cant." He said, but at the same time he looked a little guilty for a reason I do not know. I mean I know he didn't kill my sister because all of her blood was drained out of her body and a human cant do that.

"Its OK it wasn't your fault. Even though I didn't know her I still feel the pain of her death and this pain is a pain I have never felt before, well at least not since my mom died." I said and another tear rolled down my cheek.

All of a sudden Coldon was very close to me and he wiped the tear away as he looked into my eyes, and when I looked into his deep purple eyes I saw affection in them. As I looked into his eyes I noticed that our faces were getting closer and closer then finally his lips met mine, and I never wanted this kiss to end but suddenly there was a loud bell like sound and I knew it just wasn't in my head so I broke away from my new lover.

"What is that?" Coldon asked me.

"That's the alarm bell! The city is being attacked! NO! My people!" I yelled out over the sounds of the bell being rung and jumped on to my horse.

I quickly ran back to my city with Coldon on my heals in fear that many people would be killed. I ran to the temple while trying to avoid the men who were trying to take over my city. I saw one of my fathers soldiers dead and noticed that he still had 2 swords in his hands so I took them from him and started to attack the men who were invading my beautiful city. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an enemy soldier about to kill a little girl that was trying to hide behind my horse so I ran over to the little girl and slit the mans through and he silently died in pain.

All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my back and I fell to my knees with the little girl still in my arms.

"Princess! Princess! My Princess!" the little girl yelled.

"Run little one! RUN!" I yelled back at her. The little girl immediately did what I said and ran as fast as she could but was stopped in her tracks when an aro went through her stomach and she started to bleed out, But all of a sudden Coldon was biting her neck and the girl just laid there, she looked peaceful now… was she dead?

Right after Coldon bit the little girl he was by me biting my neck and I screamed in pain but the pain soon stopped and he spoke: "I am so sorry Katalina but I can not stand by and see my true love die." With that said I then blacked out.

AUTHORS NOTE: *So what do you think happened? did she die? did she not die? and if so she is alive how is she still living? PLEASE REVIEW!*