Ok so we all know how important the whole coffee dynamic is between Castle and Beckett, but my mind went wondering during maths today (Maths = Boredom) (Boredom = Imagination) (Imagination = Fan fiction) :D and that's the only maths I can focus on and even then I'm not sure hahaha. Anyway I hope you all like it I'm trying to make this one short seeing as school is packing so much homework on us! So please read and review because that way I can get a better idea of what to improve on and get your feedback, plus it motivates me to write more. :) This is set around now-ish of season 3 to maybe the start of season 4 I haven't heard much about the cliff-hanger for this season (which I'm freaking out about cause I can never handle season endings to much drama!) so I'm going with the idea there isn't a dramatic one just for the sake of the story :P Enjoy!

Kate went to grab herself a fresh cup of coffee whilst Castle went to the bathroom. It was a slow day at the precinct; Beckett spent the day so far doing paperwork.

Thin white smoke was clouding as she pressed one of the buttons. My god, seriously, she thought as the smoke was spinning and twirling into a bigger cloud. She swatted it away and turned it off. Why does it have to stuff up when I go to use it? Not like I'm doing anything different, she moved around the large object to see what the problem was. What did Castle do to fix it last time? She pondered as she leant forward to check behind the machine.

Castle was thinking of saying something to her but decided it would be more fun to watch her stuff around and swear under her breath trying to fix the coffee machine. She was cute when she was flustered. She kept looking around the machine to find the source of her problem; she began to lean over to check the back. He tried not to make it obvious but he couldn't help but stare at the little sliver of skin she showed as her top rose. She was up on the tips of her toes now; Rick always wondered how tall she really was without the heels on.

He snapped back to reality when she moved back down. She pressed the button again and let out another white puff of smoke.

"Need a hand with that?" He asked smiling warmly at her. She felt a sense of déjà vu.

"ah..yeah, thanks." She spoke lightly, she never liked asking or excepting help when she felt it didn't seem that drastic of a situation.

Castle went over to fix it the same as he did last time but another puff of smoke rose into the air. Beckett had a smile tugging at her lips when she saw his expression of confusion, it was adorable.

He tried something else but made a horrible sound for a moment. Castle instinctively flinched. Kate had to refrain from laughing. Castle looked over in Kate's direction catching the small smile that played on her lips. She rolled her eyes at him, and went over to the beloved coffee machine.

"How did you fix it last time?" She questioned. Walking up to her he pointed out what he did last time.

"But I just did that and it made a noise." Castle cringed at the awful gurgling sound replaying in his head.

"Did you save the manual?"

"Beckett I got it over three years ago."

She let out a sigh of frustration. "Well what else could fix it?"

"hmmmm..." Castle pondered for a second. His cheeky smile appeared quickly.

Kate's eyes widened when his fist suddenly hit the top of the coffee machine. She flinched as the loud thud echoed in the small break room. Both looked at the machine that stood motionless.

"Did I fix it?" Castle asked staring at the machine carefully.

"I don't know." Beckett whispered unsure why she was speaking like that in the first place.

She gingerly pressed the go button and silence... shortly followed by a gurgling sound and shaking of the coffee maker.

Castle had seen this play out before and pulled Beckett away from the uncontrollable contraption. A loud crack erupted into the small room. Castle and Beckett knocked heads as the ducked down, causing both to groan in pain.

Esposito and Ryan charged into the room immediately.

"What happened?" Ryan asked true concern in his voice.

"Beckett killed the espresso machine!" Castle all but yelled.

"What?" Kate said exasperated "I wasn't the one who thought it was a brilliant idea to hit the damn thing with my fist."

"You touched it last."

She just rolled her eyes at how childish he sounded, but also showing some restate to smiling. The boys helped them up and then took a look at the broken machine.

"So what do you think?" Castle asked.

"Might want to get someone actually knows how to fix bro."

Castle pulled out his phone and began dialling.

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