The Prologue


I have no-one. My so called friends, my grandfather-like headmaster. They were never on my side. The man I considered to be a parent, Sirius Black. Dead. What do I do now...


I do not own Harry Potter. This is a work of fiction. That means that I will write my characters any damn way I want. If you don't like then don't read this story.

This story is co-written with the wonderful Lord Kieran.


I really hope that you all enjoy the new and better Countdown. We put a lot of work into making a good story into a great story. Keep in mind that this is only the prologue and it is going to be short.


Harry's POV

Some say that death is just the next great adventure. I disagree. I say that death is the only way I can finally be free. Free from the torment of this life that I have lived. Free from the expectations and the disappointments that have plagued my every step.

My name is Harry James Potter and I am ready for the freedom that has been denied to me all of my short sixteen years of life. The freedom of death. I know you are asking yourself how could a child be so unhappy that he would want death? They took my choices from me. Left me with muggle relatives, who did not want me, who neglected and abused me.

When I turned eleven I thought everything was going to change for the better. I found out I was wrong. Things got worse. The Wizarding World and The School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a wonder in itself till I found out that a man named Lord Voldemort was waging war on the Wizarding World and out to kill me. Right then I knew I was in for it.

Finding out that Albus Dumbledore was hiding things from me was no big shock. He was always a man of riddles and mysteries, keeping important facts from me. But finding out that he really didn't care for me as he proclaimed was another thing. It made my world tilt and my heart clench even more so when added with the pain and loss of my godfather Sirius Black.

Overhearing them in his office made me want to run in there and kill them all. You heard right THEM. Ron and Hermione. Now I know everything in the past five years was nothing more than a LIE! It hurts to imagine all the adventures that we had together meant so little to them. That my friendship was a burden.

Those fools will find out I'm not one to take this lying down nor will I allow myself to be dangled from strings for them to play with. We'll see who will be sorry for what they've done. They were the ones I thought I could trust but it just shows how much you can really trust someone. Let's see how they handle this war without me. I will have my freedom and Voldemort can have the wizarding world all he wants. If death is the only way I can be free of the lies and illusions they have fooled me with, then death shall be my salvation. The old fool won't know what hit him and the Wizarding World will suffer for their stupidity. I will make them pay, and pay dearly.