Title: Missing Links

Author: Hope

Rating: PG-13

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Killing your family is bad Buffy couldn't shake the thought from her head. She still couldn't beleive she had almost let that demon kill everyone. Almost everyone She groaned, pulled from her thoughts by a large male vampire. He growled, lunging at the brooding girl. She nailed him with a roundhouse kick to the head, sending him stumbling backwards. Hitting him with a few more violent punches, she staked him, not really in the mood to be slaying. Rolling her eyes, she decided to head home.

She turned onto her street, completely intent on getting home and falling into bed, when she halted. There was a vampire nearby, she could sense it. She sighed "Okay, I know you're here. Just come out so I can make you all dusty and go home!!" The slayer called into the darkness, looking around for the vampire to emerge. She was surprised at the small girl who emerged from the shadows. She was no more than sixteen, with chin length choppy black hair. Her bright blue eyes stood out from her face, surrounded by heavy black liner. She wore a fishnet top with what appeared to be a red bathing suit top underneath and a tiny black skirt. Her boots rose almost to her knees, covered in buckles rather than laces. Buffy guessed they probably added about four inches to her short stature. The long black leather coat she wore imediately made the slayer think of Spike. "They just keep turning you guys younger and younger, don't they?"

"Bugger off, Slayer. I'm not here to hurt you. I was just walking about until you decided it would be a good idea to stake me. Not my idea of 'fun' either."

"Great, a little British vamp with attitude problems, just what I need tonight." Buffy said coldly, approaching her and readying a stake. The girl held her ground as the slayer approached, an unamused look on her face. Buffy raised the stake, ready to finish her and head home, but she stopped. The girl just stared at her, her eyebrows raised. She wasn't making any attempt to run, fight back, or defend herself. She just stood there.

"Are you done now?" She asked as the slayer froze. She shook her head as she grabbed Buffy's hand, lowering it to her side. "You have a good night." She said cheesily, faining a smile as she walked past the blonde.

"....Hey, wait!!" The curious slayer scurried after the small vamp, rather amused. "Who are you?"

"Would you sod off, it doesn't matter." The girl replied, still walking.

Buffy walked in front of her, halting and forcing her to stop. "I'm Buffy."

"Well, ain't that just grand?" She rolled out sarcastically, walking around her. Giving up, Buffy watched the girl go, unsure whether or not she would regret it later.


"Buffy, you gonna dance or veg all night?" Dawn asked, walking up to the table where her sister was seated.

"I'm not in a very dancy mood, Dawn. Sorry." Dawn shrugged, walking back through the crowds of people to find Willow. The trio had decided to get out of the house for the night, and since the Bronze was the only place to hang out, here they were. Buffy watched as everyone danced, they bodies moving to the strong beats hanging in the air. Her eyes locked on a pair in the corner. It was the girl from the other night. She watched as the small vampire led the boy she was with through the back doors, obviously taking him to feed. Should've killed her the other night Buffy scolded herself, standing and following after them. Walking into the alley, she was expected to be met with the sight of the girl sinking her fangs into his neck, but instead was greeted with the sight of the pair getting rather hot and heavy.

"Oh, it's you." The girl ground out, pulling away from the boy to look at Buffy.

"But Cas, we were...." The boy began, desperate for some action. He must have been at least 19, way older thab the girl looked.

"Shut the fuck up and go." The girl snapped, pointing her finger at him. He went to protest, but halted when a snarl escaped her throat. He muttered a few obscenities before taking off down the alley, deciding he could find someone a bit more willing to shag with. "What do you want?" The girl asked, looking back at Buffy.

"Well, I came here to save him." She answered, motioning to the boy as he rounded the corner.

"He didn't need 'saving'." The girl sneered. "Now would you leave me alone?"

"What's your deal? I mean, first you don't bother to try and stop me when I try to stake you, you don't make any attempt to attack me, and then you disapear with some guy and don't bother feeding on him."

"Gee, I think I know what happened. Maybe becuase it's my life." She ground out, walking back inside. Buffy followed, determined to get answers.

"So you're what, sixteen?"

"Try upwards of one hundred, now bugger off."

"I mean when you were turned."

The girl groaned, finally stopping and facing the bickering slayer. "I was fifteen, name's Casidy, I'm not here to cause trouble, and you're bloody annoying." She shot out quickly. "Now go away."

"Rude much?"

"Yes. Rude *very* much. Now sod off already." She said coldly, turning and walking away.

Buffy shook her head, as she walked off. "Hey Buff, look who I found." Dawn pulled on her sister's shirt sleeve, motioning to the blonde vampire behind her.

"Oh, it's you." She said flatly looking at Spike. He rolled his eyes. "Dawn, stay here with Willow, I have something I need to do." She turned from the pair, heading after Casidy. Spike gave Dawn a small smile before following after the slayer, catching up with her on the street.

"Some greeting, you know a 'Hello Spike' would do." He smirked, falling into step beside her.

"Goodbye Spike." She shot out, quickening her pace. He followed suit, staying along side her.

"S'matter slayer, don't want company?"

"No, I don't want *your* company."

He shrugged, still not leaving. "So what are you looking for anyway?"

Rolling her eyes, Buffy replied. "A girl. She's a vampire, but she's...weird."

"Very descriptive, really." Spike sid, lighting a cigarette.

"She's short and British." Buffy added, looking at him.

"Aww, she make you think of me, Slayer?" He asked, smirking.

"No." He raised his eyebrows at her and she groaned, "Yes, she's like a minature female version of you. It's creepy."

"Minature me. How amusing." Spike said quirkilly. "So where'd she go?"

Buffy sighed, looking around. "That way." She pointed down a thin dark alley. They walked down, finding it to be a dead end.

"Glad your tracking skills are up to par, Slayer. You found us a nice brick wall." Spike said, patting the grimy wall in front of the. He chuckled as she scowled.


They both turned, seeing the silhouette of the small girl against the street lights behind her. She rose from the ground, obviously dropping from the roof top above. She cocked her head at them, apparently staring at Spike. "William?" He voice came out in a small whisper. She halted, still concealed in the shadows.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Spike asked, taking a hesitant step closer to try and get a look at her face.

She snorted, begining to giggle. "You don't remember me?" He took a small step forward, bringing her pale face into view. Spike stared at her, shocked.

"There's no bloody way. I killed you." He said, shaking his head.

"No, you fed off of me. Your prescious Dru turned me when you left. She thought I'd make a fun toy." She still had a smirk playing on her features as she watched his expression.

"You're bloody dead."

"You're a quick one, aintcha Will?" She replied, grinning. "S'matter, Dru never told you about me?" She pouted playfully, sending chills down his spine. Casidy took another step toward him, running her small hand down the side of his face. She grinned.

"Well, this is the last thing I expected to find coming to Sunnydale. William the Bloody, working with the slayer." She grinned at Buffy.

"Spike, who is this?" Buffy asked, thuroughly confused by the exchange. He didn't answer.

"So, you go by Spike now, eh?" She patted him on the shoulder, his expression remaining stonic. She turned back to Buffy, her bright eyes making her shiver. "What, Spikey here never told you he had a sister?" Buffy's eyes shot to him for an explaination.

"I killed her..." He repeated, not taking his eyes off of the girl who claimed to be his sister. "She's dead, Buffy."

"Most vampires are, Spike."

"You know what I mean." He said coldly.

"Come on Spikey, no need to be mean." The girl said happily, throwing her arm over his shoulder. "Didja miss me?" Her grin was still firmly in place, he glared.

"Look, I'd really hate to break up this family reunion, but the sun'll be up in, oh, twenty minutes." Buffy oseved, pointing to her watch.

Spike pulled away from Casidy. "Fine, I'm leaving anyway." His voice came out cold as he marched back up the alley, leaving the two girls.

"Hasn't changed a bit." Casidy beamed, turning back to Buffy. "I could get on his nerves over a hundred years ago and I can still do it now. Bloody sap. Does he still right that gawd awful poetry?"

"Not that I know of." Buffy replied, making a face. "So you really his sister?"

"Was. Don't know if you could call me that now, what with both of us being dead and all." She shrugged, walking away. "I think I'll go pester him somemore, see if I can make him cry."

"Right...." Buffy shook her head, heading back to the Bronze to get Dawn. Let them sort out their family problems on their own.


"Oh William...." The girls singsong voice floated through his crypt, making him shudder. She walked in, smirking at the blonde on the couch.

"What do you want?" He shot out coldly.

"Just to talk to my big brother." She pouted, flopping down next to him. He continued to glare."S"matter Spikey, don't want to talk to me?"

"There's nothing to talk about." He said, falling back into the cushions.

"Right, nothing at all. You've always been a goody goody vamp who helped out slayers." He raised his eyebrows at the girl. "What? I did some research on you. Rather amusing, really."

"You bloody researched me? What are you, a watcher?" He asked sarcastically.

She chuckled, her soft voice seeming to float through the air. "You killed the rest of the family, figures I might as well keep tabs on you."

"Well what about you? Buffy said you weren't feeding on humans."

"I never said I wasn't feeding on humans. I just wasn't feeding on the particular one she found me with."

"For some reason I can't picture you killing someone....." Spike said outloud, remembering the girl she had been when she was alive. She was a outgoing, caring girl. The only person she had ever shown a ounce of hatred towards had been him, only because he was so gulable to her words. She mocked him quite often, especially for his poetry. No one ever beleved that she was capable of such remarks though, she was a precious angel in society's eye.

"And I can't see you shoving a railroad spike in someone's skull, time's change." She said flatly.

"Why are you here?"

"Hellmouth. Thought it'd be fun." She shrugged, grabbing a bottle of brandy from his table and swigging from it. He snatched it away from her.

"Ey!! Give it back." She demanded, trying to grab it back from his hands.

"You're too young to drink."

"I'm five times older than the legal drinking age so cough it up you sod."

"Get your own." He demanded, drinking from the bottle himself.

"It's kinda hard when your stuck as a fifteen year old for all eternity. Least you can buy shit and drive. I can't even get smokes."

"You smoke?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. She used to protest left and right whenever their mom had company over who smoked.

"Nothing else to bloody do." She said, grabbing a pack from the table. He handed her his lighter. "Thanks." she muttered, leaning back into the couch. "So, what have you been up to for all these years?" She spoke to him as if they had been best friends for years. Standing, she started to snoop around in the boxes near his wall.

"Nosey little Bugger, aintchu?" He asked, watching as she shifted through his stuff. She pulled out a small book, giggling as she flipped through the pages, "What's that?" He asked, craning his neck to get a better look.

"You're in love with the bloody slayer?!" She broke into a fit of laughs, clutching the book to her stomach. "That's even more whack than that flakey Cicily chit." He marched over, pulling his newest poetry book frm her hands. "I can't belwive you actually kept writing. You're such a sap." The sputtered, trying to calm down.

"Sod off." He said coldly, throwing the book back into the box and marching back over to the couch. She shook her head, still smirking.

"Oh come on Spikey, I'm juat playing." She sat back down next to him. Her smirk turned to a warm smile. "I missed you, really."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

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