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Chapter 1 - Return Home

It was time to return home. Alice did not want to return but she had to. She had tried everything, arguing, begging and even chaining herself to the ship. Unfortunately nothing was going to work, it was a hopeless cause. Alice normally didn't believe in hopeless causes but now she was in one. She shifted her gaze to where her mother was waiting impatiently at the carriage. Alice wished that it would just go up in flames.

"Alice please dear, we must be going," Mrs Kingsley said softly to her, but her daughter was saying goodbye to the sailors and servants from the ship.

"Alice I see you didn't escape," Alice turned to find her good friend Matthew smiling at her.

"Oh, I tried, trust me," Alice said with a playful grin, "Didn't you see me chained to the ship?"

"Yes, goodbye Alice," Matthew laughed giving Alice a hug. She smiled as she let go a whispered a farewell before moving towards her waiting mother. Matthew had a feeling he would be seeing her again, but he hoped not.

Alice stopped to look at the ship a last time, smelling the salty air and leaving the freedom of the ocean behind. This was one of the hardest goodbyes; she had a nagging feeling in her gut that said she wasn't coming back here. Her mother will have her married, she was 24 now. She would be forced to become a proper lady.

"Farewell Alice, I hope to see you again!" Called out Tommy, a young sailor friend of Alice. He was the youngest on the ship, besides Alice. Alice was snapped back into reality by his voice and she turned in the direction of his voice to see him standing on the ship, fixing some ropes.

"Yes farewell Tommy!" She called back somewhat absentmindedly. Tommy sighed, no doubt she was daydreaming again. He hoped that one day, once he had pockets full of money, he would ask for her hand in marriage. Though he wanted to find the green eyed one Alice told him about. She said she remembered him from a dream.

"Alice please hurry now!" Mrs Kingsley called out impatiently, "It's about time we headed home."

Alice smiled once more at her friends before she climbed into the carriage. Alice wasn't sure when she would see them again but she was sure of one thing. It was going to be a long journey home, where ever home was.

Yes it is still short but I have added a new character Matthew (he will be very important)