I promised myself I wouldn't do one of these BUT it is important.

I most likely will be having a sequel and another thing is I am going back through the chapters and fixing mistakes, adding information and deleting useless stuff. I will try to make the shorter chapters longer… I have already started with chapter one, I'll try to finish chapters two and three later today but I can't promise that I will get them finished!

Also thanks to all my wonderful reviewers, each time you review the closer you get to having a sequel. With the sequel, I might be having Tarrant/Alice IF you guys want them together otherwise it will be Alice/OC or something…

Sorry for putting an Authors note up, but I need you need to understand what I am doing! Please answer this for me in a review or pm: Do you want Tarrant/Alice together or just brother-sister?

- Luv, Melαnie-Rφse