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Dean had been on his own for a very long time, he had been hunting alone for over a year, and he liked it. There were little or no rules, and he had gotten the Impala from John. However this night Dean needed his mind occupied as he missed Sam. He walked to the first bar he could find, and got hammered. He stopped counting the tequila shots when he had hit the 20th. He had gotten drunk and he had blacked out.

When he woke up on the floor only wearing a pair of trainers. However beside his head, was not his gun, nor knives. It was a book. Dean rolled over on his stomach and grabbed the book. Oprah Winfried. It was about how women should not let men tramp on them. That they had to grow self-esteem. Dean rolled his eyes, however before he knew it, he was reading it. One page after the other.

"What are you doing with my book, on my floor wearing practically nothing?"

Dean jumped up, dropping the book as he tried to keeps his trainer from falling down.

"Umm I was..."

He did not succeed, and the girl in front of him, started to giggle. "CAROL, YOUR LOVER BOY IS HERE." She didn't say anything more, as Dean fumbled to get dressed. However he was slightly drunk still, hungover and the girl in front of him, was his dream girl. She was stunning and her giggle almost made him drop his trainers. Then he looked down at himself, and he realized it wasn't his trainers.

He smiled as he looked at the woman that came in to the room, and Dean could not help dropping his mouth, as he stared at the women he had apparently been with. By the looks of it, there was a very good and sane reason he kept dropping the pants.

"I told you he was a looker. Uhm I swear eating chocolate of his body was very sweet."

"I will take your word for it. But by God, give the man his clothes. Is he, how shall I put it. Mentally challenged or just a perv?"

Dean shook of the sight of who he had been with the night before.

"I am just fine thanks. These clothes are just a couple of numbers too big for me."

The girl who had walked in on him giggles once more. While the whale behind her looked slightly offended.

"You didn't complain last night."

Dean just nodded and felt his back. The lumbago which it had to be, could only come from one thing. He had tried to pin her to the wall. Dean just walked into the room he was pointed and grabbed his clothes and jumped out the window, as he could not face the girls. The dream girl or the nightmare girl. Dean found the Impala fast, and drove to the motel, where he got into the shower for over an hour.

He swore he would never drink again.

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