"You are hereby banished from Camelot. Returning is punishable by death."

Merlin couldn't believe his ears. After everything he and Arthur had been through he thought that he would understand. They had developed a relationship far greater than master/servant. They had become friends, best friends even, or so Merlin liked to believe. He thought he was different from his father. When Uther had died and Arthur had taken the throne Merlin thought that this was his chance to be himself. He had revealed his magic to Arthur and it had led to this, being exiled from Camelot. He should really count himself lucky he hadn't been sentenced to death. But as Merlin walks away from the castle, from his home, he feels betrayed by Arthur, and wonders if death would have been the better option after all.

Merlin had been walking for what seemed days. He wasn't even sure where he was going, and to be honest he didn't even care. Suddenly he heard the sound of a horse drawing near and before he had a chance to hide found himself staring at a familiar friend.

"Gwaine? What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you"

Merlin felt a wave of excitement begin to rise in his stomach. Had Arthur changed his mind? Had he seen how foolish he had been and had demanded his Knights look for him and bring him home?


Merlin snapped out of his thoughts and looked back at Gwaine. Noticing that he was back in his old clothes, no longer wearing the noble clothes Arthur had given all his knights. His heart sank.

"Why are you here Gwaine?" Merlin asked uncertainly

Gwaine jumped down from his horse and approached Merlin

"Because you are my friend and I am coming with you."

"You can't, you'll be exiled too..."

"You would do the same for me Merlin, and besides, Camelot isn't the same without you."

Merlin considered for a minute. Allowing Gwaine to come with him means that he'll be banished from Camelot to, but he would like the company and when Gwaine is set on an idea, arguing with him is about as useful as arguing with a brick wall.

"Fine. But being in exile doesn't mean that we get to spend all day and night in a tavern." Merlin said as he began walking again.

Gwaine took the reins of his horse and led it down the path following behind Merlin.


Back at the castle Arthur surveyed his kingdom from the window, hoping that Gwaine had found Merlin out there somewhere and he had fallen for their plan. He had to keep track of the sorcerer somehow.