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It was loud. The music was thumping-low seductive bass and a sultry guitar. The cigar smoke that filled the air was thick and musty, creating a cloud around the small table. The lights were on; several empty beer bottles and a few shot glasses littered the table, along with several various articles of clothing.

He sat there with that sexy smirk twitching at the corner of his full lips, his tan skin exposed and his hands crossed behind his head, accentuating his bulging biceps and rippling abs.

Goddamn, he was sexy.

The cards laid out on the table almost assured him of victory, and the luscious little brunette he'd been dying to see naked would finally have to remove that black lacy bra that should be illegal in most states. But her poker face was as good as any. Her perfectly plucked eyebrow quirked up, and then she let her eyes roam appreciatively over his well-built frame. He was down to just his black cotton boxers that hung low enough on his hips she could see that delicious 'v' that cut across his hips. She licked her lips and then looked back up into his dark eyes.

She was going to win this game.

She laid her cards out on the table, smiling wickedly and then taking a long swig of her beer and setting her cigar back onto the table. His smug grin quickly disappeared. He looked wide-eyed at the straight flush she'd just laid down. Then he looked back up at her, and her eyes were twinkling.

Oh, so she thinks she won, huh? Oh, fuck no. I'll show her who the alpha male is, he thought.

He looked around the room and saw that they were alone; everyone else had already either gone to bed or left. It was a garage, really. He had converted it into a game room for tonight. It still smelled of oil and grease and sweat. And that really turned her on.

His chair made a loud scrap across the cement floor, and his dark eyes locked on hers. He was suddenly a predator, stalking towards his prey. Her breath caught in her throat, her lips still touching the glass edge of her bottle of beer.

He slowly took the drink from her, set it down on the table, and then placed both his hands on either side of her chair, leaning in until they were so close she could feel the heat from his body and smell that deep, woodsy smell that was truly all male. A shiver shot down her spine as her heartbeat picked up its pace. His wicked smirk returned, and he leaned in, sucking in his lower lip as he closed the space between them.

Her eyes fluttered closed, her hands coming up to rest on his hard chest as she waited for his kiss. She'd waited long enough, right?

His lips brushed against hers, and she felt her heart almost stop; the fluttering from her stomach had moved to her throat. But just as quickly as his two wet lips were touching hers, they were gone, ghosting over the skin of her jaw, his nose nuzzling her neck and his hot breath sending delicious tingles across her heated flesh. She involuntarily tipped her head back, letting him have more of her exposed skin as he continued his sensual assault. She'd give him anything he wanted in this moment. Fuck the rest.

He kneeled down in front of her, forcefully spreading her thighs apart and settling himself in between her long legs. His fingers stroked tortuously slowly up her bare inner thighs, his lips just barely touching the skin between her perfect, perky breasts.

There was no denying he wanted her. Fuck, as hard as his dick was he needed her, but they had been playing this little game for a while now, so just as his thumbs grazed the damp edge of her panties, his mouth hovering above her pert nipple through her lacy thin bra, he stopped.

He pulled away, just enough, standing back up and leaning until his lips were next to her ear, his hands still on her silky thighs because it was so goddamn hard to stop touching her.

"What about our deal, Bella?" he whispered huskily.

"Huh?" she breathed, her mind trapped in a lust-filled haze.

"The deal, honey. Don't tell me you've forgotten?" he continued in that same, ultra-sexy, low baritone that made her panties melt and forget her own name.

Her eyes opened, half-hooded and blurry as she tried to focus on his handsome face. He was some kind of beautiful, all right. And he knew it. That thought sobered her a little, and she tried weakly to shove him away.

He let her, stepping back and crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against the table. She huffed and then rolled her eyes as she saw his signature smirk spread across his face.

She glanced down, seeing the tip of his massive hard-on peeping through the opening in his boxers. A sly little smirk quirked her lips. She sauntered forward, pressing herself up against him, reaching down between them, and sliding her hand beneath the hem of his boxers.

He inhaled deeply, closing his eyes and sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft one by one and then slid down the base, squeezing slightly as she stroked his cock on the way back up, ran her thumb one good time over the head, took the moisture that was leaking, and rubbed it around.

She leaned in, licking his skin from his collar bone to his ear, and stood on her tiptoes to whisper, "Oh, I remember, baby. You come get me when you think you're ready."

She slid her hand back down his thickness one more time and then withdrew her hand. He groaned. She gathered her things and walked out the door, leaving him to watch her perfect, heart-shaped ass as she walked away.

"See ya' later, Jake," she called, waving her hand behind her.

He rubbed a hand over his face and then reached down and grabbed himself. Fuck, she made him so fucking hard. He really wanted nothing more than to bend her over this table and fuck her senseless.

But he knew she wanted more than that. And Jake wasn't sure if he was ready to give up the other women in his life just yet.


"Jake," the leggy blonde giggled as she turned and walked towards the opposite counter from where Jake was attempting to fix her sink. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure, sure," he replied easily. Audrey and Jake lived in the same apartment building in Port Angeles, only an hour from where he'd grown up with Bella. Every Friday night for as long as he could remember, him and the guys still met at his makeshift garage on his Dad's property on the Rez to play a game of poker.

Last Friday night, however, Bella had shown up, along with a couple of her girlfriends, and somehow, he got roped into that damn game of strip poker that left him holding his own dick and fantasizing about his best friend.

"So, where's John?" Jake asked with his back still facing the pretty girl. John was Audrey's boyfriend. He worked in Seattle and was gone most days during the week.

"Away," she replied coyly, and Jacob smirked. "You like it black, right?"

Jacob wiped his hands on a dish towel next to the sink and turned to face Audrey. She was standing in front of the coffee maker, pouring him a cup. His eyes roamed up and down her gorgeous body. She was wearing these tiny little pajama shorts that just barely covered the plump curve of her round ass. Jacob was suddenly behind her, his lips and nose ghosting along the skin of her jaw; his hand gripped her hip, sneaking his fingers up under the hem of her cotton tee. His fingers splayed across her bare stomach, and his thumb curled around her slender waist.

"No, I believe that's the way you like it," he whispered huskily in her ear, sliding his hand down under the waistband of her shorts and stroking along the flesh just above her panties. "I like mine a little sweeter." He slowly slipped his fingers inside her panties, dipping into her soaking wet sex.

She moaned quietly, and he plunged two fingers deep inside her, curling and stroking her inner walls while his thumb rubbed sinful circles over her clit. She wantonly arched her back, pushing her ass into his growing erection.

"Oh, god, Jake. I need to come so fucking bad," she moaned as her body began to tremble and shake. Jake closed his eyes and started to push down his sweat pants when Bella's chocolate eyes and perfect lips popped into his mind.

"Fuck," he muttered under his breath as he felt Audrey's body shake from her orgasm, and her juices coated his fingers. He removed his fingers and stepped back. She turned around, smiling wickedly.

"Hmmm, how can I repay you for your service today?" she asked as she stalked towards him, backing him up into a chair at the kitchen table. She dropped to her knees, spread his legs, and pulled down his pants just enough to free his erection. She licked her lips, grabbed his dick, and wrapped her mouth around him in one swift movement.

Jake groaned, letting his head fall back and his eyes close. Once again, he saw Bella's face and imagined her sweet, pink lips wrapped around his cock, her tongue stoking the head, and her hand cupping his balls. It only took a minute for the mental image along with Audrey's expert skills to have him fisting his hands in her long, curly, blond hair and exploding into her mouth.

She smiled at him, wiped her mouth with her hand, and went back to the coffee. He sat there, momentarily stunned. What the fuck was happening to him?

He shook his head to get himself out of a daze, walked over, gave her a soft kiss on her cheek, and then took off. As he was walking back to his apartment two doors down, he couldn't help but wonder why everything had changed in the last six months.

He knew the night it started, and as he entered his apartment, plopped down onto his leather sofa, and flipped on the TV, he couldn't help but remember that night with vivid clarity.

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