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Chapter 10

It wasn't yet morning; the bedroom was still bathed in darkness except for the faint yellow flickering of a candle Jake had lit on his dresser after Bella had fallen asleep. He now sat on a chair across from the bed, silently watching her and thinking. He felt the explosion of new emotions in his chest, the energy of which kept him awake. He felt jittery and nervous as he felt suddenly so sure of what he wanted next.

Surer than he'd ever been of anything in his entire life.

She stirred in her sleep, absentmindedly reaching for him. Her eyes opened and searched the room through tiny slits when she realized he wasn't there.

She found him by sitting up and letting the sheet fall to her lap, revealing her still naked chest. Her long brown hair spilled over shoulders, covering her breasts.

Surer than anything, he thought with his elbows propped up on his knees and his chin resting on his clasped-together hands. She watched him carefully for a moment. The soft firelight flickered in his dark eyes; something in them, in the set of his jaw and features, made her nervous with anticipation.

"Jake?" Bella's soft voice whispered into the silent dim room, and he immediately responded, moving from the chair to her side in an instant. His hand smoothed along her neck, cupping her cheek, his fingertips tangling in her hair. He leaned forward, kissing her easily, and his lips parted and asked hers to do the same. She kissed him back, that easy natural rhythm they used to have seemingly finding its way back.

"I, uh, wanted to ask you something," he stuttered, the nervousness peeking through his normal cocky, confident facade. Bella frowned, watching his Adam's apple bob as he looked down. He took her hand in his. "Will you—"

His question was cut off by furious pounding at his front door. He swore under his breath when the insistent banging wouldn't stop, looking at Bella with apologetic eyes before leaving the room to answer the door.

"What the fuck?" he nearly shouted when he opened the door to see Lily, her green eyes looking exceptionally wicked and her red hair tousled.

"Jake," she practically purred, one red fingernail poking him straight in the chest as she forced herself inside. Jake barely moved, his hand gripping the door with white knuckles.

"What the fuck do you want, Lily?" he asked angrily, slapping her hand away. She smiled mischievously, raising her eyebrows.

"Why, Jake? Do you have someone else here?" she cooed playfully. She stalked closer, pushing herself up against Jake's chest.

"You better get the fuck off him before I rip that pretty red hair out of your head," Bella said evenly, her dark brown eyes glowering at the girl and her arms crossed over her t-shirt-covered chest.

Jake's head shot to her, and for a minute, he forgot Lily was even in the room as he saw Bella had pulled his t-shirt on, her toned, pale legs sticking out of the bottom. Fuck, he thought, I want her to wear my clothes every day. And I want to wrap those legs around me again.

Lily's hellish cackle broke him from his mesmerized stare, turning his attention back to her. He gripped the top of her arms and pushed her away from him.

"Fucking take a hint and leave, Lily, damn," Jake sighed heavily. "Can't you see I'm with Bella now?"

"Oh, I see that all right. Doesn't explain why she was out with someone else last night, though." She flipped her hair behind her, looking smug as her eyes narrowed at Bella and dared her to deny it.

Bella rolled her eyes. "You're delusional, Lily. I was having coffee, by myself, and happened to run into Jake's friend Emmett."

"Well, y'all sure looked pretty goddamn cozy to me," she spat, mimicking Bella's stance. The two girls stared at each other in a silent, angry standoff.

Is it wrong to want to see Bella kick her ass? That would be so fucking hot, Jake thought.

He quickly reined his thoughts and the smirk that was twitching on his lips (Bella would slap that off him if she saw... although that could also be really fucking hot...)

Jake shook his head. "Get out, Lily."


"No, get out. I love Bella. I trust Bella. You've always been a lying, skanky bitch. Get the fuck out," he ordered angrily, although Bella thought she detected some amusement in his voice. He slammed the door behind her as she haughtily stormed off.

He turned to Bella. Anger faded from his dark eyes and was replaced by that same intense determination and clear, unwavering emotion she'd seen in the bedroom. A small smile played on his full lips as he sauntered over to her, his hands immediately framing her face, and he kissed her deeply.

"Now, where—"

"Just like that?" she asked. She thought Jake might get jealous, fly off the handle, but she didn't expect him to be so calm, so mature and trusting. Wow, he really has changed, she thought.

"Yeah. Just like that. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have come here and made love to me if you'd really been on a date with Emmett." He kissed her again before adding, "Besides, I'm pretty sure Emmett is playing for the other team."

Jake grinned widely. His hands left her face, smoothing up her bare, velvety thighs, up under his too-big t-shirt she was wearing, wrapping around her hips, and pulling her flush against him.

His grin only stretched wider, and his eyes darkened dangerously when he realized she hadn't put on any panties—Oh, wait, I ripped them, he recalled.

"Jake?" Bella's soft question was muffled between their lips. Jake pulled back, looking at her with an anxious expression. She cleared her throat a little uncomfortably. "What, uh, were you..."

"Move in with me." He cut her off, his smile still big, but she could detect the nervousness flickering in his dark eyes.

Bella swallowed hard, her eyes locked on his.

"Please, baby," he whispered, his lips hovering above hers, warm, minty breath on her face. "I can't stand to be apart from you anymore. I need you. Here. I'll do whatever it takes. Whatever you need, I'll give you... just, please, come home to me every night."

Bella felt the tears prick her eyes. Her heart swelled in her chest, the feeling, the emotion exploding inside her like a thousand tiny little fireworks. She couldn't see the fantastic colors, but she could feel them. She inaudibly whispered, "Yes," before his lips were on hers again, melding together with hers so profoundly.

Jake scooped Bella up in his arms, never breaking their intense kiss, and walked back into his bedroom—their bedroom—laying her down gently on the tangled sheets. Before he could do anything, Bella sat up, pushing at his shoulders and scooting to the end of the bed.

Jake stood a little awkwardly, confused at first. Bella smirked, that shamefully sexy smirk that caused his dick to twitch, and hooked her fingers in his boxers, yanking them down. His erection sprung loose, and she immediately gripped it in her tiny hand, stroking lightly. The texture was like velvet against her skin.

She deliberately lowered her head with her eyes still on his and wrapped her mouth around just the tip as she flicked her tongue against it.

"You don't, uh, have to—" he tried to say weakly. His strained voice and the guttural groan that escaped when she lowered her mouth, taking all of his massive cock in, betrayed him though. She moved her lips up and down his shaft, her tongue applying pressure to the smooth hardness, lapping and sucking vigorously. His fingers wound themselves into her hair, tenderly guiding her movements.

"Oh, Christ... aww, fuck... B-Bells..." he mumbled as she sped up her pace. He was so close, so fucking close... But he wanted her, needed her, and so he gripped her shoulders and pushed them slightly. Bella removed her lips from his dick with a pop and watched up at him quizzically. He looked at her with hooded eyes, pushing her onto her back and settling himself between her legs.

He pushed into her slick heat in one hard, fast movement, his lips falling to her ear as he whispered, "I need to be inside you, baby. I-I—"

"Fuck me, Jake." She cut him off, her voice so husky he thought he might come right then. He wasted no more time, slamming into her; he pushed her knee to her chest for deeper access, and her cry of pleasure was like a shot of adrenaline rushing through him.

His thrusts were hard, his hands roughly gripping, but his warm whispers against her neck where he rested his head were romantic, sweet, and achingly beautiful. The contrast was delicious and stimulating as he reached down and rubbed and stroked her sensitive bundle with his fingers, bringing her crashing over the edge with him.

"I love you, Bells," he breathed, his voice a strained whisper, "I'm yours."

~The End~

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