Blaine sat on the hospital bed, back in the clothes Burt had given him. Tests had been run and he just waited for the results. He shifted, slightly uncomfortable. The doctor had told him that even though there had been some tearing, he was already on the mend and would be perfectly fine in a couple of weeks. He was sore, but he could deal with it, considering it a small price compared to what else he might have to deal with.

Finally the doctor walked back in, closing the door and carrying a folder in one hand. At Blaine's nervous look he smiled and got to the point. "All the tests are negative, Mr. Anderson."

Blaine let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. Nodding he looked to the door, wanting to tell Burt the good news.

The doctor continued, grabbing his attention again. "You should still come back in about six months to test for HIV."

Blaine blanched a little at hearing that. He had known he'd have to come in again, but hearing a doctor say it made it so much more real. "Do you think my risk is high?"

The doctor sighed and shrugged. "If he had AIDs, then yes, I'm afraid so. Because of the tearing and lack of protection your risk would be high." He held out a hand to stop Blaine's scared reaction before it went too much further. "But you said you met him at a club, right?"

Blaine nodded.

"Then my guess is he's clean. Considering that you didn't seem to contract anything else from him. However, I would consider pressing charges. You may have broken a few laws, but you only hurt yourself. This man raped you, Mr. Anderson, and he shouldn't be allowed to get away with it."

Blaine nodded, calming down again. "Thank you, Doctor. I'm definitely planning on doing something along those lines. Can I go home now?"

"Of course," said the doctor. He gave a little two-finger salute in farewell and walked out, leaving the door open.

Blaine stood, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself before passing all the news onto Burt. He froze when he heard a voice, higher than the older man's.

"Dad, is everyone okay?" asked Kurt. "I got your text, but you didn't say what was wrong."

"Everything's fine, Kurt," said Burt in a hushed tone, not wanting everyone to hear. "Last night, Blaine showed up at the house. He'd come across some men and came to us for help. I let him sleep the night through before bringing him here this morning. I figured he'd want a friend at this point."


Blaine saw Kurt turn and look directly at him. And for the first time since he had picked up his ID the night before, he smiled, a real, genuine, happy smile. He opened his arms, hope growing in his heart. When Kurt ran in and hugged him, Blaine hugged back, because now he knew the truth.

He really was clean, the decontamination was complete, and he would never let anyone make him dirty again.