Author's note: I suppose you could call this an experiment in determining just what I can squeeze into a one-sentence drabble. If you've read any of my other fics, you'll surely have noticed that I love playing with language and positively adore compound sentences, so it's more likely that these will resemble one-paragraph drabbles...

I frequently listen to music while drafting fic, and these songs often directly influence my writing- which can often be a bit annoying, because I tend to hear a lot of these particular songs over the sound system at work as well as via my iPod while I'm driving, and there's nothing worse than getting hit with plot and dialogue ideas while you're unable to grab a scrap of notebook paper and jot them down. It's also awkward explaining to your confused family and co-workers just why you get distracted or even slightly teary-eyed at certain songs that you've associated with, ah, certain angsty darkfics. At least my beta/husband knows which songs I relate to Crossfire, so he doesn't think I'm crazy when I start looking uncomfortable.

That said, these drabbles may include spoilers for my own fic series. I will attempt to denote them as such in the chapter selection pull-down so you can avoid them if desired, as those relating to Crossfire will likely contain references to mpreg and some rather dark material.

Titles and lyrics are, of course, the property of their respective creators.


Adam Lambert: Pick U Up

"We're gonna see where we can go/ This is how I live, this is what I give/ And you're the one I want to know..."


Luffy takes one look at the filthy, blood-stained and empty-handed swordsman tied to the splintered pole jutting from the center of the courtyard, and despite the Pirate Hunter's glowering stare and Coby's terrified protests, the self-proclaimed captain can barely contain his excitement because he's already determined that whatever happens here, Roronoa Zoro is coming with him when he leaves.