Part 1:

                Age swap

                Tai felt the rays of the sun warm his face. He slowly opened his eyes and yawned. "Oh man!" he told himself, rubbing his eyes,"I've got such a headache, that must have been one hell of a night last night." He smiled wickedly to himself,"I wonder how many girl's I meet last night?"

                He went to roll out of bed like he always did, but he slammed into the floor by accident. "What the?" he asked himself,"I never fell out of bed before!"

                Suddenly, the door flew open and a very familiar girl about 16 ran in. "Tai, are you okay?" she asked.

                Tai looked at the girl strangely. "Kari?"

                "Of course," she said,"Are you sure you're okay?"

                He started looking around his room, it looked exactly like it did when he was ten-years-old. He then looked at himself, and gasped at the bright orange pajamas he was wearing. He ran past the sixteen-year-old Kari into the bathroom and jumped up to look in the mirror. "I...I'm ten years old!" he shouted.

                "Of course you are," Kari said, lighting rubbing his head,"You're my twelve year old little brother!"

                "I'm your little brother?" he asked,"what's..what's going on here?"

                Kari knelt down so she could see Tai eye to eye. "What are you talking about?"

                "I...I'm older, the oldest!" he said,"I'm older than you!"

                Kari smiled sweetly,"Of course you are, dear." She stood up and grabbed a brush from the sink and started to brush her hair,"You'd better get ready, or you're going to be late for school. "

                Tai hesitated, then started to walk out of the bathroom, seconds before Kari slammed the door. "What is going on here?" he walked back into his room, then sat down on the bed. "Okay, let's see. I was just coming back from my date with Sora, then I fell asleep, but....what happened?"

                After Tai had gotten dressed, he met Kari at the front of the apartment, wearing a high school uniform. "Come on," she said, grabbing his hand and dragging him through the door.

                "Hikari," he heard his mother scowled,"Don't tease your little brother."

                "Sorry...sorry..." Kari said, closing the apartment door.

                "That sounds so weird!" Tai thought,"How did I get here?"

                Tai followed Kari down the stairs to the garage beneath the building and over to a red car. "My car!" Tai said, gasping.

                "Your car?" Kari said with a smile as she grabbed a set of keys from her purse and opened the door,"get in."

                "Kari's car?" Tai thought as he climbed in. "When did you get a car?"

                "Mom and Dad got it for me for my sixteenth birthday," Kari said, pulling out of the garage,"Don't you remember?"

                Tai hesitated, then shook his head.

                Kari stood at a traffic light, then reached over and placed her hand on Tai's head. "Are you absolutely sure you're okay?"

                Tai smiled slightly. "At least the Kari in this world still cares for everybody. Wait, I've got to pretend like nothing's wrong, or she's going to worry." "Yeah, Imouto, I'm fine."

                "What?" Kari asked.

                Tai turned beat red, then mumbled out,"I mean, Oneesan."

                Kari sighed, then started driving again. "Okay, I guess. You're almost at school."

                Tai nodded, then turned to look out the window. Having Kari drive him to school was bad enough but having to call her 'older sister' was even worse. He sighed, remembering when he was the one in the driver's seat, and Kari was the passenger. Always trying to show off to Sora, but, now he wasn't even close to her age. He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice Kari pull the car up to the elementary school.

                "Tai," Kari said,"I'm going to be late if you don't get out."

                "What?" he said, noticing where he was,"Oh, okay. Goodbye Kari."

                "Bye," she said, slamming the door and driving off.

                "Am I like that?" he mumbled.


                He turned around and saw a purple haired girl throw him into the ground. "Taichi!" she shrieked,"I'm so glad to see you!"

                "Y..Yolei?" he asked, trying to get her off of him,"What are you doing?"

                "We're boyfriend and girlfriend, right?" she asked, getting to her feet.

                "I don't believe this!" Tai thought,"Yolei and me? Oh yuck!"

                "Tai, what are you doing?" T.K. asked, helping him to his feet,"You never fall over when Yolei tackles you to the ground."

                "Uh, I must be off today," he lied.

                "Dudes, you're here!" Davis said, walking over,"Are we ready to go?"

                "Yeah," Tai sighed,"Are we.." He was cut off when Davis walked in front of him.

                "Come on troops!" Davis said,"Let's go!"

                "Wait a minute," Tai thought, following Davis into the school,"I think Kari and I have somehow switched places in time, everything is like it would be if I was the second child. I bet that my locker is the same one that Kari has."

                He was right, he even knew the combination, and, because Kari told him everything about her school day all the time, he knew what classes she had. He said goodbye to Yolei and the others, and walked into the English class. However, the book they were reading, Moby Dick, he hadn't read scine he was in junior high. He slinked down in his seat and hoped that the teacher wouldn't call on him.

                "Taichi Kamiya!" the teacher said,"Would you please pick up where we left off?"

                "Uh..." Tai said, flipping open the book,"I...ah..wasn't here yesterday....?"

                "You were so," he said, sighing,"You didn't mark your place again, didn't you?"

                Tai hesitated for a second, then nodded. "Yes sir."

                The teacher shook his head, then marked something down in his book. "Okay, Sara, why don't you start reading."

                "Sara?" Tai thought, turning his head to a blond haired girl sitting next to him. He took notice of her, it wasn't everyday that an American name was heard in a junior high school.

                Tai tried to follow along as Sara read the section of the book, it was relatively easy. Soon the bell rang and the class started to file out.

                "Hey, Tai," Sara called.

                "Oh, uh, hi," he said. He recognized everyone else in the class as friend's of Kari, but she never mentioned a Sara before.

                "Mr. Yaguna was really harsh on you," she said, "I don't think that was really fair."

                "Yeah," Tai said, following her out the door,"I just forgot my place, that wasn't any reason to shout at me."

                "I know," Sara said,"We'll, I've got to get to my next class, I'll see you later. Bye."

                "Bye," he said, watching her leave. He shrugged and tried to remember where Kari was suppose to go next.

                The rest of the day wasn't really that hard on Tai. He had been in this school not that long ago, so he pretty much knew where everything was. After a grueling day, he meet Kari outside where she sped up in her red car. "Hi Tai!" she said, as Tai got into the car,"How was your day?"

                "It could have been better," he mumbled,"Then again it could have been a lot worse."

                Kari smiled, then drove then started driving home. "You remember that Mom and Dad are going out tonight, right?" she asked.

                "Uh..yeah," he lied.

                "Well, I was suppose to babysit you, but I've got a date with Matt tonight, so they got a babysitter today."

                "You and Matt?" he shouted out.

                "Yes, I've been going out with him for over a year," she said,"You know that."

                "R-right," Tai lied again,"Right."

                Mrs. Kamiya poked her head into the room,"Uh, Tai," she said,"We're going to be leaving soon."

                Tai looked up from where he was pretending to play with his action figures. "Okay, mommy," he said.

                     "You're going to be good for the babysitter when she arrives, right?"

                     "Yes," Tai said, looking down.

                     "Good," Mrs. Kamiya said, leaving the room. Once she was gone, Tai sighed."This feels so weird," he said.

                     The door opened, and his now older sister, Kari, walked in, wearing a red dress."What's wrong, Tai?" she asked, kneeling down in front of him.

                     Tai looked up at her and sniffiled. "Nothing?" he asked.

                     Kari smiled. "Well, I've got something that I think you'll like."

                     "What?" he asked.

                     Kari reached behind her back and pulled out an action figure. "It's one of your transformers," she said.

                     "Why did you buy this for me?" he asked.

                     "Because you're my little brother!" she said, hugging him,"I'll see you tomorrow."

                     "Okay, Tai," Mrs. Kamiya said, kissing him on the head,"Your babysitter is

here. Good night."

                     Tai followed his mother out of his room, and when he saw his babysitter, he

gasped. "Sora!"

                     "Hi, Tai!" she said, waving her hand,"We're going to have fun tonight, right?"

                     Tai couldn't say anything. He was speechless.

                     "Well, good night," Mrs. Kamiya said, walking out of the door.

                     "Well," Sora said, turning to Tai,"What should we do?"

                     "I...I don't know," he said, still in shock,"what do you think?"

                     "I don't know," Sora said, sitting down on the couch,"Why don't you....get one of your videos, and we'll watch that, okay?"

                     Tai just nodded. Sora was flipping through the channels on the t.v. Tai ran over to the VCR and grabbed a Dragonball Z tape and put it into VCR. "Again?" Sora asked, as Tai jumped onto the couch,"Well okay."

                     "This is too weird!" Tai thought, watching Sora out of the corner of his eye,"I remember when the two of us sat on this couch, watching t.v., hand in hand, but I'm too young for her.....I want to get back to my real world!"

                     He suddenly found himself starting to cry. He tried to stop, but he couldn't. "Tai?" Sora asked, jumping up and running over to him,"Are you okay?"

                     "I...I just had a bad day," he sniffled,"A really bad day."

                     "Oh," Sora said, hugging him,"That's okay. Why don't you tell me all about it?"

                     "I...I woke up today, and...and...none of this is the way it's suppose to be! This isn't fair! I'm not suppose to be ten..I'm suppose to be sixteen. Why did this happen...what's going on...?"

                     Sora sat back down on the couch, with her arms still hugging Tai. "It's okay," she said,"Don't worry, it's okay." She was trying to help, but it only made things worse for Tai, because he remembered times when he and Sora hugged, and it made him cry even more.

                     Tai started to feel his eyelids start to drop. "Tai..?" Sora asked, but Tai could only mumble. Sora nodded, then carried Tai into his room and placed him on his bed.

                     As Tai got under the sheets, Sora turned off the lights. "Good night, Tai," she said, closing the door.

                "Maybe tomorrow will be better," Tai thought as he drifted off to sleep. However, if he knew what would happen, he would have stayed awake.