Part 2:

Age regression

                When Tai opened his eyes, the first thing he saw were rows of bars. "Oh great!" he thought,"I'm in jail this time!" He looked up and saw Kari's face staring down at him. "Great! She's still older than me, wait, she still looks like she's eight-years-old, so why is she so...oh no!"

                Kari turned her head and shouted,"Mom! The baby's awake!"

                "THE BABY?" Tai shouted inside himself. He looked and saw that he was, definitely, inside of a crib, wearing a pair of blue pajamas. As Kari ran out the door, Tai reached up with his hand and touched his waist, he felt a diaper underneath his clothes. He started crying.

                His mother walked in, wrapping a pink robe around her, she reached down and lifted Tai up. "Awe, what's the matter?" she asked, as she rocked Tai back and forth,"Are you hungry?"

                Tai tried to speak, but all he could do was cry. "It's okay," Mrs. Kamiya said, walking him over to a changing station. Tai started crying even harder as his mother changed him and placed a fresh diaper on him. She then picked him up and walked him into the kitchen. She placed him in a high chair.

                "This just gets better and better!" he whined to himself, as his mother walked over with a small can of food and a spoon.

                "Here you go," she said, spooning out some brown food, then placing it near Tai's mouth,"come on, Tai, down the hatch."

                Tai swallowed his pride and ate the baby food. "Good boy!" his mother said, talking to him like he was a dog.

                Kari walked by, dressed in her regular clothes. "Mommy," she said,"Can I go over and play with T.K. today?"

                "No, dear," her mother said,"We're going to the mall today, remember?"

                "Yeah!" Kari said, jumping into the air,"Can I get a new dress?"

                "We'll see," Mrs. Kamiya said, grabbing another spoonful and feeding it to him."We need to do some baby shopping, little Tai is getting so big!"

                "Great!" Tai thought,"Just what I needed to hear!"

                Tai was then hoisted out of his high chair and brought into his room. His mother peeled the pajamas off of him and pulled a pair of baby jeans and a sweater on him. "You look like such a big boy now!"

                "I am a big boy!" he thought, hopelessly trying to tell them, but it only came out in baby noises. His mother brought him into the family room, where his, once again, older sister Kari was sitting on the floor watching television. His mother placed him on the floor next to her. "Kari, could you watch your baby brother for a few minutes?"

                "I'll never get use to that!" he shivered.

                "Sure," Kari said. His mother nodded, then walked into her room. Once she left, Kari turned to Tai. "Do you want to play something?" she asked.

                Tai wanted to pour his heart out to her, but he couldn't, so he just started waving his hands around. "You're so cute!" Kari said, smiling broadly.

                Tai got down on his hands and started crawling around on the carpet. He figured that this must have something to do with the Digital World, because his life was normal until he went to camp, so he tried to go over to the computer, but Kari stopped him.

                "No, baby Tai," she said, picking him up as best she could and moving him back to the television,"We'll watch Barney, okay?"

                Tai now realized that he couldn't get to the computer, so he just laid on the floor next to Kari. Soon his mother came back out of her room, changed into her normal clothes. She knelt down and placed a thick coat around Tai, then pulled a wool cap over his head. She lifted him up and walked over to the door. "Are you ready, Kari?"

                "Yup!" she said, walking over, dressed in her jacket.

                "Okay," their mother said, closing the door,"We're off!"

                The ride in the car was much different then simply riding in the passenger seat. He was now strapped into a child's seat in the middle of the back of the van, with Kari sitting next to him. "She's such a good sister," he thought,"What is wrong with me?! I can't believe I just thought that!"

                 As they journeyed to the mall, Tai's mind began to wander. "Okay, yesterday I was a ten-year-old, now I'm not even two. How did this happen? Am I being punished or....wait, I became a baby after I feel asleep! Could that be it? I'll try to fall asleep now, maybe I'll wake up in my own world."

                He leaned back in his car seat and tried to fall asleep, but he couldn't. He was so angry he was about to start crying again, when the car rolled to a stop. "We're here!" Kari cheered and Mrs. Kamiya turned off the car. She walked around and slid open the side door, unbuckling Tai and placing him in her arms. "Okay, let's go!"

                The world was so scary and loud to Tai. He buried his head into his mother's chest. Everything just got louder and louder. He was seconds away from screaming, when his mother brought him and Kari into the mall. She brought them over to a shopping cart and placed him in the front seat.

                "There you go," she said, pulling Tai's hat off.

                "Mommy, mommy," Kari said, jumping up and down,"Let's go to the dress store! Let's go to the dress store."

                "Not right now," Mrs. Kamiya said, grabbing the cart,"but, we will, I promise."

                "Okay," Kari said, sadly. As they started walking down the inside of the mall, a very familiar girl walked over to them.

                "Hi, Mrs Kamiya."

                "Oh, hi Sora," Mrs. Kamiya said,"How are you?"

                Tai looked up and saw Sora talking to his mother. She looked like she was her regular age of 16, but, if Kari was eight, Sora should have been about eleven or twelve. Then again, Tai didn't know about anything that was going on.

                "I'm doing just fine," Sora said. She knelt down and smiled broadly. "Hi, Kari! How are you?"

                "I'm fine, Ms. Sora, thank you," she said.

                Sora stood up and saw Tai in the cart seat. He knew that his body was trying to blush, but he knew that somehow his baby body wasn't. "And who is this?"

                "This is my son Taichi," Mrs. Kamiya said.

                "Oh, look how big you've grown!" Sora said, placing her hands together in front of her,"That last time I saw you, you were only about a few months old. Now you're a big boy!"

                "This is so embarrassing!" Tai thought.

                "Well," Sora said, checking her watch,"I'd better be going, Mother's expecting me back at the flower shop soon. I'll see you again later. Bye Kari. Bye bye Taichi!"

                "Can Sora babysit us again soon?" Kari asked as they started to walk away.

                "When your father and I go out again, we'll get her, I promise," Mrs. Kamiya said, smiling.

                As they continued to move through the mall, they decided to stop for lunch. While they were seated on the benches, Kari suddenly spoke up. "Mommy," she said,"Can I hold the baby?"

                "What?" Tai thought, looking around,"No, Mom, please, that's going to be too weird."

                Mrs. Kamiya thought for a second, then nodded. "Okay." She reached over and lifted up Tai, then handed him down to his big sister.

                Tai was very embarrassed sitting in his 'older' sister's lap, but he knew that he wasn't turning red. He was, however, feeling very uncomfortable, but he was fighting the urge to cry out screaming, he didn't want to hurt Kari's feelings.

                "Oh, hello, Mrs. Inoue," Mrs. Kamiya said as a woman and a girl Kari's age walked over.

                "Hello, Mrs. Kamiya," she said, bowing slightly. She lightly pushed at the girl at her side.

                "Oh, uh, Hello, Mrs. Kamiya," the girl bowed.

                "Hello, Yolie," Mrs. Kamiya said.

                While the two women started talking, Yolei walked over to Kari. "Is that Tai?" she asked.

                Kari nodded, proudly. "This is my baby brother!"

                "Can I hold him?" Yolei asked.

                Kari shook her head feircely,"No, I'm the only one who can hold him."

                "This is sort of familiar," Tai thought,"Wait, this happened when Kari was younger, between me and Sora. Oh my gosh....I can't believe this is happening!" Tai suddenly became aware of another presence looking over him. He looked up and gasped. "It''s that girl from yesterday-er, from when Kari and I switched ages. What is her name...?"

                "Hi!" Kari said, very friendly to the girl,"What's your name? My name is Kari."

                "Hi," she said, smiling broadly,"I'm Sara."

                "I'm Yolei."

                "Sara!" Tai thought,"What is she doing here?"

                The young blond girl was about to ask another question, when a girl about 17 or 18 walked over and grabbed Sara my the wrist. "What do you think you're doing?" the girl asked.

                "I just came over to meet some new friends, Amanda!" she said.

                "Well, we've got to get going. Mom's waiting," the girl said. As they left, Sara glanced down at Tai, then continued on her way.

                "Well," Mrs. Inoue said, grabbing Yolei,"I'll see you later. Bye."

                "Bye," Mrs. Kamiya said, waving at them. She looked at her watch,"Well, we'd better get going."

                "Okay," Kari said, handing Tai back to his mother, who placed him in the shopping cart seat.

                As they were leaving the mall, Tai thought he saw Sara yelling at her older sister, but like a parent would argue with a child, but his mother was walking too fast for him to see anything more.

                Once they were at home, Mrs. Kamiya walked over to the changing station. If Tai could have blushed, he would have as his mother changed his diaper. After that was done, she put him in the high chair, and started to feed him again. He was too tired to resist her.

                Ironically, after he was fed, she picked him up and placed him in his crib. "Have a niece nap, Taichi," she said, lightly rubbing his head. She walked over to the door and shut off the light, then left.

                "What an experience!" he thought, as his eye started to drop,"I hope I turn back to normal tomorrow......"

            Unfortunately for Tai, things are going to get a lot worse, before they get better.