The Final Battle: Chapter 3

"Where is he?" Tai shouted, "Dark Ryo and Milleniumon are gone!"

Kari was almost shaking. "I…I…"

"What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"So much power," Kari said, "He killed the evil Sora, and took all of her power…He's so evil, so dark…."

"And now he's going to the Ultimate Reality!" Sora shouted, "And we don't have any idea where it is!"

"Actually, we do," Sara said.

"What do you mean?"

"The training that Willis made me go through made my reality powers so much stronger, and since Dark Ryo and Milleniumon merged together and stole the Queen Sora's power, I can feel him, I know where he's going."

"You can?" Takatomon asked.

"Yeah, it's like this…giant black hole, sucking all energy in…it's really hard to explain."

"We'll take your word for it," Tai said, "Just take us there, now!"

At the entrance to the Ultimate Reality…

Yamaki flicked his cigarette into the ground when he saw a massive dark mass heading towards them. "He's here."

Riley and Taily nodded in agreement. They watched as the dark mass landed before them, revealing the face of Dark Ryo. His body was covered with crystals.

"Dark Ryo?" Yamaki asked.

"I have merged with MoonMilleniumon, call me Moon Ryomon. What have you to report?"

"As you can see, we've occupied the summer camp and located the entrance."

"Excellent, show me."

He brought him over to an arc-like structure. "Here, this is the entrance."

Moon Ryomon nodded in agreement. "Yes, I can feel it! Stand back, as I open the door!"

He raised his hands, then shot them forward. He fired a blast of black energy that struck an invisible area beneath the arc. "It will take some time," he said, "But we will enter it!"

"No you won't!"

Moon Ryomon frowned. "It's them! Yamaki, stop them!"

Yamaki began to fire his special gun at the biggest digimon in sight, Female Tai's Eaglemon.. Tai had digivolved to Garudamon, Takatomon, Rikamon and Derwood bio-merged to Gallantmon, Sara had her staff ready and Sam was armed with her claws.

"Attack!" Yamaki ordered.

The Hypnos army began to fire their own special weapons. Eaglemon and Gardumon began to attack the foot soldiers, making simple work of them. Sara used her staff to attack Riley, while Sam and Taily fought. Gallantmon went straight for Yamaki.

Riley kicked Sara in the face. She countered by using her staff to smack her in the face. "You're pretty good," she said, "I recognize those moves, Nonaka's right?"

"Yup, she taught me everything," Sara said, attacking again.

Riley blocked the staff with her hand then punched her in the face. "Well, I've got bad news for you, I could always beat her!" She kicked her again.

Sara smiled. "Well, you forgot that Rika taught me how to fight, but Ryo taught me how to manipulate reality."

She held out her palm and fired a blast of electricity. Riley began to shake as she was electrocuted. Sara finished the attack by swinging her staff, which sent a wave of light into Riley, slicing her in half.

Meanwhile, Sam and Taily were fighting as well. She was trapped in the body of a ten-year-old, which made Sam thought that she could easily beat her. But Taily was surprisingly fast and agile. Every attack Sam made with her wrist-based claws didn't even touch her.

"You're pretty fast."

Taily smirked. "I'm small, that's why. You're too big and slow…and you're a little chubby around the waist."

"What?" Sam gasped. She looked at her waist. Sure, maybe her waist wasn't as skinny as other girls her age, but there was no way she was fat.

"I'm gonna kill you for that! Here something that Jeri Kato taught me" Her shoulder-length brown hair suddenly grew to her waist and started to snake around her. The hair fired a wave of sharp needles, covering Taily's body. Sam was now easily able to use her claws to slash into the girl's chest.

Gallantmon and Yamaki stared at each other. "This is the final battle for us!" Gallantmon shouted in Takatomon's voice.

Yamaki grinned and twirled his shotgun in his hand. "All right, let's do it." He quickly fired as quick as he could. Gallantmon blocked with his shield, then jabbed with lance. Yamaki jumped into the air, then landed on the lance. He ran up the weapon and jumped into the air again, pointing the reality rifle at Gallantmon's head and fired again. The mega Digimon staggered back, but was able to knock Yamaki into the ground with his shield. He slammed his foot down on Yamaki's legs.

"My legs!" he shouted, "You broke them!"

"That's not all I'm going to break," Gallantmon said. He smashed his lance into Yamaki's head. "There, Jeri, you can rest in peace."

Eaglemon, Angewomon, and Garudmon made quick work of the Hypnos soldiers, and Tai's group met up in front of Moon Ryomon.

"All your soldiers are gone," Garudamon said, "It's over, give up."

"Never!" he shouted, "The Ultimate Reality! It's mine!"

A glowing hole opened beneath the arc. "The Ultimate Reality! It's mine!" he laughed with glee. Before anyone could stop him, he jumped inside.

"No!" Gallantmon shouted.

"We've got to go after him!" Angewomon shouted.

"Yes, we need to," Sara said, "But not you, only me, Sam, Female Tai, and Gallantmon."

"What?" Kari protested.

"The rest of you belong in this reality, you're finally home, we can't risk never getting back here."

"I'm going too!" Garudamon shouted.

"Tai…" Sara said.

"If we don't get the regular Ryo out of Moon Ryomon, then I'll never get my own body back! I have to!"

She sighed. "All right."

"What about us?" Sora asked.

"Please stay here," Garudamon said, "Please."

She sighed. "All right, but you'd better come back."

They nodded and the small group jumped inside. "There they go," Angewomon said, "They'd better come back…" She looked around for the Golden Labrador. "Where's Alice?"

Inside the Ultimate Reality

Tai found himself lying on a pink bedspread. He was surprised to find he was Taimon, a Gatomon look-alike. The door opened and Kari walked inside. "Hi, Taimon," she smiled, petting his back, "Did you have fun when I was at school?"

"Kari's what's going on?"

"What are you talking about?" she asked, lifting him up, "Now come on, I thought we were going to spend the afternoon at the park."

Before he could protest, he was shoved into the basket on her bike and was trapped as she rode to the park. Once there, Tai jumped onto the ground and stood by Kari's side. "So," she asked, "Which ride do you want to do on?"

Tai blinked a few times, and he was standing in the center of a giant amusement park, with Kari standing by him. "Okay, little brother," she smiled, "Which ride to you want to go on first?"

He looked at the biggest roller coaster and pointed. "There."

"I don't know, you may be too short…but I try to sneak you on," she smiled.

After the ride, Tai and Kari were standing on line at the food stand. Kari handed Tai a giant pretzel. "Thanks Kari," he said.

She grinned. "Anything for my little brother."

"Tai!" he heard his mother shout. He turned around and was suddenly standing on a beach. He was five-years-old again. His Kari clothes were replaced by a pair of swimming trunks. He was still holding the pretzel.

"Tai, over here!"

His mother was much younger again, wearing a two piece blue swimsuit. He ran to her, but slipped and his pretzel fell into the sand. He couldn't help it, but he started crying. His mother ran over and hugged him.

"Oh, it's okay. We'll get you another one."

She held his hand and brought him over to the pretzel stand. "Excuse me, my son dropped his pretzel in the sand."

The man behind the counter smiled and handed another pretzel to Tai. "Here you go little guy."

He sniffled. "Thanks."

His mother grinned. "Well, you'd better enjoy it now, because once you get older, your cute act won't work."

They walked back to their blanket and Tai sat down and started eating. After he was done, he reached for his soda, but was shocked to find it was sitting on a table. He was in his dinning room, and he was ten-years-old again.

He looked across the table and saw a thirty-something Sora washing dishes at the sink. She was wearing clothes Tai normally saw on his own mother. What was going on?

He pounded the table, and Sora turned to him. "Tai's what's wrong?"

"I…I don't know!"

She walked over and hugged him. "Listen, I'm sorry about slapping you the other day, but it's only because I love you. And just remember, I'll always be your mother. I love you."

"I love you too!" he said, hugging her back.

She smiled. "Now, finish up your homework and you can watch some t.v."

He finished and ran into the living room. He sat down on the floor and turned on the television. He gave a content sigh and laid down on his back. When he tried to sit up again, he found he couldn't. He wasn't lying on the floor either, it was something soft. There were baby toys surrounding him, and he was inside of a playpen. He was a baby again.

He managed to sit up and realized he wasn't wearing anything except for a diaper. A five-year-old Kari was sitting on the floor outside of the playpen, watching some kind of little girl show.

Tai ran after her, but as soon as he step through the door, he was suddenly in a baby carriage, being push by a five-year-old Kari.

"Okay, it's time to eat," he heard his mother said. Kari jumped up and ran into the kitchen. Mrs. Kamiya lifted Tai and placed him in a highchair in the kitchen. She started to feed him, and then changed his diaper. As a baby, he didn't have to even worry about using the bathroom, he could just go whenever he wanted, and someone else would be there to change and take care of him.

Mrs. Kamiya smiled. "See Tai, isn't it better to be a baby forever? So carefree, just say the word and I can make it happen."

Tai gasped.

"Come on," five-year-old Kari said, "Isn't this perfect, or do you want something else?" She suddenly grew much older, stopping at age 16. Tai was suddenly 12.

"Won't this be better?" the now 16 year old Kari asked, "You could live as the little brother forever. I would always be here to watch out for you, and spoil you. After being the oldest for 14 years, wouldn't it be nice. Or do you want something else?"

The 16 year old Kari changed to the normal Kari, and Tai changed into Taimon. "Or do you want it like this? A Digimon. You could spend every day sleeping around the house, until I came home, then we could travel to the Digital World, fight some battles and come back home. You could sleep on my lap, never have to worry about school, jobs, money, ever again."

"How about this?" his mother asked. Tai was suddenly 5 years old. His mother also became younger.

"Five-years-old, old enough to play video games and soccer, but still young enough to not have any responsibilities, and since you only have your mother, she'll spoil you senseless."

She smirked. "I know what you want." Her features changed to match Sora's perfectly. Tai grew to 10 years old. "How about this? You're still a kid, but Sora will always be with you. You can finally be with Sora forever, and she'll take care of you, isn't that what you want?"

"No, this isn't real!" Tai finally said, "None of this is real! I don't want any other world! Sure, my world's not perfect, but it's my world!"

He was suddenly alone, once again a cat. He was standing in a hall with doors on both sides. "I've got to find the others."

He ran to the first door and pushed it open. Once he walked inside, he was standing in his high school and he was dressed in a girl's school uniform.

"I'm a girl again," he sighed. He just stood in the hall for a second, looking at the other students. He gasped when he saw Sara standing by a locker, dressed in a boy's school uniform.

"Sara!" he shouted, running over to her, "Sara!"

She gave him a confused look. "Tai, why are you calling me that? My name's Matt, remember?"

"Matt? Oh know, the same thing's happening to you." He started shaking her, "Sara, listen to me!"

"Tai, what the heck's wrong with you?"

"Listen! You're not Matt…okay, maybe you are, or were…" He shook his head, "Is this what you really want? Yeah, maybe you were Matt, but you're Sara now! This isn't real! Sara!"

She blinked a few times. "Tai. I…I'm sorry. It was like, everything I ever wanted…" She stared at him. "Come on, let's get the others."

They ran back into the hall. Tai changed again to a cat. They ran into the next door, and this time Tai became his male self, five years old again, and Sara wasn't anywhere in sight.

He was in a playground when he felt someone slap him on the back. He turned and saw a five-year-old Sam giggling. "You're it!" She ran towards the jungle gym.

"I know what world I'm in, this is the one where Kari and I are twins, and since Sam is the reincarnation of Kari from the Emperor Tai world, then…" He ran after her.

"Sam, Sam!"

She giggled again. "Oh, are we planning pretend?"


"I'm not Sam, I'm Supergirl! And you can be the icky poopy head that Supergirl beats!" She laughed again.

"Sam," Tai shouted, "Listen to me! I know that this is probably what you really want, a world where your brother isn't dead, but he is! Your brother became the Digimon Emperor, and he gave his life to save us! If you just pretend that this is your world, then you dishonor the memory of your real brother!"

Sam stopped running around and stared at him. "You're right. My real brother's dead, and I can't pretend that I'm still Kari too." She looked at him. "I wish you were my real brother."

Tai just said. "Come on, Sara's waiting."

"Sara," she smiled, "She's my family now."

The third door Tai went through changed him into a 10 year old girl, dressed in a simple pink dress. He was trapped inside of a cage. Derwood was standing before him. "I've caught you, you reality terrorist." He looked over his shoulder where Yamaki was standing, "See, chief, I'm the best member of the Reality Police."

Yamaki nodded. "Excellent work, Derwood. You'll be getting that promotion after all."

Suddenly the walls of the room they were in blew apart as a girl in a green jumper along with Takatomon and Rikamon came running inside. "All right!" the girl shouted, "Takatomon, Rikamon, get them!"

"You got it Jeri!" Takatomon shouted, He digivolved to Growlmon and Rikamon digivolved to Kyuubimon. They charged at Derwood and began to fight him. Tai managed to kick the cage door open and climbed out.

"Derwood!" he shouted, "Takato, Rika, stop!"

Their battle ceased and they stared at him. "You're free!" Derwood gasped.

"Listen to me!" he shouted, "This isn't real! Derwood, do you really want to be Yamaki's lackey again? He was just using you to try and open the Tamer's reality!" He looked at the two human/digimon, "And you two, is this what you really want? I know you miss Jeri, but do you really want to be her Digimon partners? Come on, this isn't real!"

The three shook their heads. "I don't believe it," Derwood said, "All this time, and I still was just looking for Yamaki's approval."

Takatomon frowned. "And I was so eager to see Jeri again, that I didn't care if I was her partner or not."

"Same here," Rikamon said.

The last door that Tai went through found him changed into a Biyomon, the for he had when he returned home. He was standing in his room, at least it looked like his room, only covered with female things. The door opened and Female Tai walked inside.

"Biyomon!" she smiled, "I didn't know you were coming, I would have baked something for you." She mentioned to the door, "Kari and Gatomon are in the living room."

Tai waddled out and saw the male Kari sitting on the couch, playing with Gatomon. "Isn't it great?" Female Tai grinned, "My brother's out of the hospital, my relationship with Matt is going great!"

"Tai, this isn't real," he said.

"What are you talking about?"

"Tai, none of this is real! It's only an illusion! Your brother's really in the hospital, and if we don't stop Moon Ryomon, he'll die!"

Female Tai's smile faded. "You're right. I can't take the easy way out. I have to save my brother!"

Finally, Tai's team was together again. "All right," Derwood said, "Where do we go now?"

Rikamon mentioned to the door at the very end of the hallway. "How about that one?"

They nodded and ran through it, ending up hovering in a complete white space, except for one massive dark mass directly in front of them, Moon Ryomon.

"So, I guess you just couldn't accept the reality I gave you, you could have just been happy."

"And let you rule everything?" Tai shouted, "No way!"

Moon Ryomon chuckled. "You know, it's hard to feel threatened by a cat! Prepare to die!"

A dark ball of energy formed over his head and he flung it forward. Tai braced for the impact, but surprisingly, it struck everyone else besides him.

"Tai!" he shouted, "Derwood, Takato, Rika, Sara, Sam!"

"We're still here," Takatomon said, weakly.

"But not for long," Moon Ryomon laughed. He was about to attack again, but stopped when he saw a Golden Labrador entered the white space.

"Ryo, stop!"

He laughed. "And what if I don't? I'm sorry Alice, but all you soon like is a mad dog barking!"

"Dark Sora changed me into this, but you didn't change me back! And you have power that rightfully mine! It was given to me when Apocalymon died!"

"Your world only," he grinned, "And no way, that power is mine! And I'll use it to suck all the energy from the Ultimate Reality to rule everything and every when!"

Alice simply walked in front of the fallen heroes. "What are you doing?" Tai gasped.

"I'm going to stop him," she said.

Moon Ryomon laughed. "Oh really?"

"You made me forget the love Tai and I shared," she said, "And then you made me manipulate and tease him! I'll never forgive you for that!"

Moon Ryomon continued to laugh. "Oh come on, I think I was much better then him, huh? Then again, you always were a real dog!"

Alice started shouting at him. "You're going to pay for everything!"

"Oh, I've grown tired of you, prepare to die!" He threw the black energy ball into the Golden Labrador, ripping apart her body.

"Alice!" Tai shouted, but it wasn't any use. She was gone. He did hear one last thought in his mind, of Alice saying, "I'm coming Tai."

"You monster!" Derwood shouted.

"You worse then any villain on television!" Female Tai yelled.

"We're going to stop you," Rikamon said, struggling to get to her feet, "No matter what."

Tai suddenly started laughing. "Tai?" Sara asked.

"I understand," he said, "I understand! Apocalymon's power! Apocalymon's power!"

"What are you talking about?" Moon Ryomon asked.

Tai stared at him. "You are finished! I know how to defeat you know! When Alice died, she told me, somehow, she told me exactly how to use Apocalymon's power! I know how to use it!"

"Oh really?" Moon Ryomon asked. "And, pray tell, if you know how to use it, how are you going to get it?"


Moon Ryomon suddenly felt a tug, somewhere within his body. His arm shook, and his leg twitched. Soon, his entire body was flipping around like a rag doll as a stream of black energy flowed from his body and entered Tai's small cat body.

"What is going on?"

"I'm taking Apocalymon's power," Tai said, "From now on, it's mine!" His body suddenly exploded with light. When it faded, a teenage Tai was hovering in the air, with a black cape flowing behind him, and giant claws emerging from behind his waist.

Moon Ryomon glowed a dark light, all of the crystals covering his body shattered. He know looked only like a merger of Milleniumon and Dark Ryo. "No!" he shouted, "I used all the Dark Spore energy to open the gate! Without Apocalymon's power, I de-digivolved!"

"That's right," Tai said, "And I now have more power then you!"

"Impossible!" Ryomon shouted.

"No! I have the energy of all of my friends powering me! Kari, Sora, Gatomon, Sara, Sam, Derwood, Takato, Rika and Tai! They're powering me! And you, Ryomon, have no friends!"

"No!" he shouted, "No! How could I lose? How?"

"Simple," Tai said, "You were so eager on conquering the Ultimate Reality, that you never even thought that you could get your desire if you simply wished for it, but wishes come from the purest part of the soul, and your soul is anything but pure! To take Apocalymon's power from you, all I had to do was wish for it. And now, Ryomon, die!"

He fired all of his energy through his hands, smashing into Ryomon. He screamed in pain before vanishing in a blast of white light. Tai slowly drifted back down, his body back to normal. "That's it," he grinned, "Apocalymon and Milleniumon are gone."

"You did it!" Sam shouted, jumping up and down.

"We won," Derwood grinned, "We won!"

"What about Ryo?" Takatomon asked.

Tai mentioned forward. "He's right there."

The light that had been released when Ryomon died was now pulling back together into the form of regular Ryo. He grinned at Tai. "You finally did it. It's all over."

"Well," Female Tai said, "I think it's about time we all went home."

They started to walk back towards the exit. "Still," Tai said, "I wonder how this entire reality was created. A place where wishes come true."

As they walked towards the exit, no one saw a glowing creature with long arms and a dwarfish build giggle behind them.

It was dawn by the time they finally stepped back into the summer camp. "Tai!" Sora shouted, hugging him, "You're…you're you! You're human again!"

He grinned. "That's right."

She started crying. "Oh, I'm so happy! I was afraid I'd be carrying you in a pet cage to our senior prom!"

"Hey," Female Tai said, "Since we beat Milleniumon, does that mean my brother is…"

Ryo nodded, grinning. "Yup, he should be fine."

Female Tai started cheering "Yes! Yes!"

Derwood had to smile as well. "Now where am I supposed to go?"

"You could come back with us," Takatomon said, "We're going to need help rebuilding our world."

"I'll be there."

"Now," Sara said, "We have to decide what to do about the damage done to this world."

"What?" Kari asked.

"I mean, we can erase memories if you want."

Kari, Tai and Sora looked at each other. "No, I don't think so. I think we'll deal with whatever happens."

"Wait a second," Female Tai said, "What about me and Agumon? I mean, Willis said he'd be my partner forever now."

Ryo nodded. "Yes, that is true, but since Tai is back to normal, he can still make Agumon digivolve. You'll always be his partner, but so will this world's Tai."

Tai grinned and patted his partner's head. "Yes!"

Ryo nodded. "All right, I think it's time we headed home."

"Are you sure?" Kari asked, "You don't have to leave so soon!"

"I think it'd be best," Ryo said, "Before we cause anymore problems."

Tai turned to Sara. "Jeeze, it feels like I've known you all my life."


"Just take care of yourself, okay?"

She nodded.

Sam and Kari were hugging each other tightly. "Promise me that you'll always be there for Tai," Sam said, "And never take him for granted."

"I never will."

Ryo snapped his fingers and another glowing hole opened behind him. "Come on, let's go."

After giving a final goodbye, the reality travelers leapt inside and the door closed.

A few weeks later…

Sora knocked on the door to the Kamiya apartment. "Hi, Mrs. Kamiya."

"Oh, hello Sora, come inside."

"Thank you, Mrs. Kamiya. Tai's here, right?"

"He'll be right out." She walked to the bedroom door. "Tai, Sora's here!"

A second later, the human boy walked out. "Hi Sora."

She grinned. "Ready to go?"

He nodded. "Yup. We just have to bring a doggy bag home for Kari."

"How is she?"

Tai shrugged and opened the door for Sora. "Not bad. She's only gone five months and two weeks left until she's not grounded anymore."

In Female Tai's world….

Female Tai walked into her younger brother's room with a basketball in her hands. "Hey bro, what's up?"

Kari glanced at her. "What?"

"Nothing, I just wondered if you wanted to play some basketball."

"But you hate basketball."

"Maybe, but I thought it would be worth it if I could spend some time with my little brother."

In the Emperor Tai and Dark Sora world…

The Kamiyas opened the door when they heard someone knocking. It was a brown haired girl. "Hi," she said, "I know you don't know me, but I just wanted to stop by and give my condolences. I knew both Tai and Kari."

Mrs. Kamiya started to cry. Her husband put his hand around her shoulder. "Thank you very much."

She nodded. "Kari and I were like best friends. I was so sad when she died."

Mrs. Kamiya smiled. "Thank you. What is your name."

"I'm Sam."

At the graveyard, Tk was standing at his brother's grave when he heard someone stepped up beside him. It was a blond haired girl. "I'm sorry," she said, "I didn't mean to disturb you."

"No, that's okay." He mentioned to the tombstone, "Did you know Matt?"

"Yes, I did. I was so sad when he died."

"He didn't die," Tk spat, "He was murdered by his supposed friend!"

Sara shook his head. "Maybe Tai wasn't completely bad."


"I mean, I'd just prefer to think of him before he became corrupted. That's how I want to remember him."

Tk nodded. "Yeah, you're right. I don't want all this hate, but I can't make it go away."

"It will," Sara said, "As long as you don't let it rule you."

He smiled. "Thank you. What is your name?"


In the Digital World of that same world, a transparent image of a young red-headed woman was walking through a grassy field. "My dark side still lives," she sighed, "I can feel it." She smiled slightly, "I guess evil can never be defeated, only contained and controlled. Every person has evil within them, it is that person's choice whether to let that evil out."