About Giants and Angels

„Damned Nick, how many times do I have to tell you to close the door to the Wheelhouse? It can't be that difficult!" Cody griped.

At the moment, the agency was in a real calm. No new cases, not even one of these hated observation jobs during the night. They were totally off-time and this fact ticked the three detectives off.

Murray was the only one who used this time in a prolific way to write new computer programs, which he sold for good money to a reputable client.

It restocked their account and made sure their regular income.

But Cody and Nick stood each other in the way and boredom was a real inconvenient factor for a being-together in chime.

"Sorry, but I had my hands full when I came on board…do you remember? I took the mail…by the way what the hell can happen, if this stupid door is open while we are on board?" Ryder asked visibly irritated.

"You miss the point here Nick. I talk about principles. I am under the impression that you simply refuse what I am asking you…just to make me angry!" Allen answered sharply.

"Yes, you are totally right! I really do my best to make you angry….the sooner the better! It is like a kind of sports for me, you know? To be honest Cody, you are an over- grateful victim!"

Just look at yourself! You look as miserable as sin! It is really scaring…you should go out to blow the cobwebs away! Who knows, perhaps that will help and you finally stop to harass innocent people with your filthy mood!"

"I am in a filthy mood? You cannot be serious Ryder! Who is running up and down like a tiger in the cage the whole day? You'd better think before you criticize other people. Sorry, I forgot, according to Ryder's Law, it is YOU who is always right!"

"Cody, did somebody lately have the guts to tell you, how obnoxious you are? Unbearable and pedantic! I am so pissed off, you cannot imagine how much…"

"Oh, if it is the same feeling like your presence causes in me, well than I know quite good what you are talking about!"

"Hey…hey, hey…guys! Are you fighting again?" Bozinsky had just entered the salon of the Riptide.

"Are we fighting?"Allen asked. "Listen Boz, we are just discussing a little."

"Okay, but it is absolutely not necessary that the whole neighborhood has to witness how both of you are behaving!"

"I don't know what you mean Mur! Whom are you talking about?" Ryder answered.

"You want to guess Nick? I am talking about Cody and you. You are acting like in the Kindergarten…or worse! Don't you have better things to do than to go for each other's throat in a five minute rhythm? This is absolutely embarrassing, you know?"

"Oh sorry Mur…we really didn't want to hurt your feelings." Allen answered ironically.

"We are not talking about my hurt feelings here Cody Allen…we are talking about your behavior and how you treat other people. That's what I cannot accept! You should really check yourself!"

"This is great…I am the only guilty one here…as usual and both of you are singing from the same hymn sheet here! What about Nick? Do you think he doesn't make any mistakes Boz?"

"Cody, please, my brain is fried! I just wanted to ask you and of course Nick as well, to phase down your acoustic level so that I can concentrate to my work and finish this bastard program! Is it asked too much?"

"Uh, with the biggest pleasure Dr. Bozinsky…Doc of the Shrinkology! How could we dare to delay your creative work? That is unforgivable!" Allen cut Murray down.

"Cody, just give me a break here!" Ryder intervened. "Listen, Murray is right! We are acting like fools and he really needs some peace to work. Otherwise he never gets this new program done!"

"Thank you Nick, to be honest, at the moment we really need every Dollar." Boz answered.

Okay, we should all behave like civilized human beings and each of us should take regard for the others. It will be the best if Nick starts and tries to close the doors behind him…and he should clean off the chaos he has left here and in our bedroom! That would be sufficient for me guys." Allen rode on.

"Cody, you are such an idiot, you know? If you remember, it was me who cleaned the salon this morning and concerning our bedroom, there are only your ugly clothes lying around! There is absolutely nothing of my stuff! Tell me, what do you want from me? Do you want to hound me out of the boat or what? Congratulations, you are only so much away from it!" Ryder made an unmistakable gesture with his thumb and forefinger.

"Uh, a few days without you around, were really balm for my soul…PAL!" Allen barked and Murray's mouth was open, astonished and frightened together.

"But Cody…how can you say something so infringing and mean?" He asked flabbergasted.

"It's okay Murray, let it be." Ryder said.

"This was brief and to the point. I think it will be the best when we finish the conversation here and now!" Ryder went down the steps to the stateroom, he shared with Cody.

"Gee! Cody, that was so …mean! What the hell came over you?" Murray asked sadly.

But Allen only stood there…defiant, hands in his pockets.

"I simply had to say it…it has to be said. We get in each other's hair so badly and before we break each other's skull…I think it will be better when he takes a hike for a few days. By the way, the Riptide is MY boat!"

"But it is our home! Did you forget that? What about me? Should I pack my things as well and look for another place to stay, until you have calmed down?"

"No…no Boz! It is a totally different thing with you. You are quiet and normal…to be honest, I barely see you. But Nick, he is always in my way and that makes me furious!"

"Cody, you really don't know what you are babbling! I have no idea what's wrong with you but I can tell you one thing for sure: That is not the way to treat friends!" Bozinsky went downstairs, shaking his head.

"Nick, what are you doing?"

"How does it look like Murray?"

"Well, you are packing…sorry you are stuffing. Where do you go?"

"Uh, I thought, I'll take the Mimi and take a little time-out until Cody has calmed down."

"Listen Nick, I think he didn't mean what he said…you know…"

"Probably you are right Mur but we are sitting here together like chickens on the stick and as you have learned, that's not good. Okay, we have no case to solve and I could need a little distraction as well."

"Nick, running away isn't a solution."

"But I don't run away Murray. I only take a tiny hiatus, that's all, I swear." Ryder answered and patted Murrays shoulder.

"So you are not angry with him?"

"Oh my, Boz! How do you come to think that? We have gone through worse…that's…that's just a kind of cabin fever, nothing more and not worth to mention it! What do you think, how about packing a few things and coming with me? It would do you really good. By the way, it wouldn't be bad for this old crank if he has to sit around here all alone – believe me, he would certainly move heaven and earth at least after twenty-four hours, to get us back! Well Murray, what do you say? This is your last chance."

"Believe me Nick, there is nothing at the moment, I would like more…but I have a contract to fulfill. I am sorry. I'd like to come with you. Honestly, I am really scared when Cody behaves like that."

"Never mind Boz, this is only one of Cody's famous mood swings. I'm sure he already regrets his emotional outburst. But perhaps you could ask your contractors for postponement."

"No, that's not such a good idea Nick. You know me, I am very careful with contracts and I promised to deliver the program as soon as possible. But if you are not angry with Cody, you could stay at home as well!"

"Theoretically, you are right Boz, but you know me as well…once something is on my mind, I have to do it! By the way, Cody needs a proper thinking-off. Listen, stay out of his way and never forget to close all the doors! But don't slam them! That is one of the things he doesn't like as well!" Ryder said with a grin.

"You are a lucky guy Nick! You take the Mimi and fly away…I have to stay here on board and have to consider each single word I want to say very careful…not to mention every step I make!" Murray said with a sigh.

"Keep smiling Murray. I am sure, I won't be that bad and probably I am back sooner as you imagine! No matter how stupid he may act, remember that he is our friend – among friends you are allowed to lose control, from time to time" Ryder took the bag, he had packed in a hurry and went upstairs, where Allen sat and browsed sullenly through a magazine.

"This is typical Nick Ryder! As soon as things get difficult, you take a powder!"Allen grumbled.

"First of all, others than you, I don't see any difficulties here and secondly, I don't do a runner at all!"

"And what do you call it?" Allen asked and pointed at Nick's bag.

"Uh, I take a little time-out and give you the chance to recover from me and my inadequacies! There is nothing wrong with it!"

"You run away…that's a matter of fact! You are simply not able to deal with conflicts! You never were!"

"Okay Cody. Listen, I go away because I don't want us saying things we could regret later, things we cannot take back. I don't want it to happen – is it really so hard to understand? Call like you want but I think a little distance will be good for each of us."

"But I don't want you to go! Stay and we solve our problems!" Allen insisted.

"Cody, there are no problems we have to solve. The only problem for Cody Allen in fact is Cody Allen! And you are the only one who can solve it…and to make it easier for you, I take a little time-out. It's simple, isn't it?"

"You are extremely generous Nick! Another brilliant Ryder-move…you have my respect! But it only shows me, that you always draw back as soon as things get thorny!"

"That's enough Cody! You are as contentious as a fury…we are not married! I'll take the Mimi and fly away…Basta! I don't give a damn if you like it or not! Just do me the favor and get drunk in a bar…pick up a wicked blonde or provoke a brawl…but please come down from this trip! And before I forget it…Murray is taboo! Don't you dare to take your bad mood out on him…or I swear…"

"What? Do you want? You really want to threaten me Nick?"

"Threaten you? Not at all Cody, I just hold out the prospect for a proper beating for you, in case you don't keep away from him! You got it PAL?"

"Uh…I'm trembling with fear!"

"I can imagine that very well, because you know my left hook! But now you have to excuse me, I am really late. If I don't get Mimi up in the air very soon, we will not make it very far today."

"Do you give us a call? It's not as if I were interested where you are…it's just Murray…you know he always worries."

"Sure, it is Murray…listen I will call for Murray's sake, as soon as I have found a nice place to land the Mimi. Is that okay for you?"

"I really don't care…but do you have an idea where to go at all?"

"Uh, Las Vegas would be great. I wasn't there for years and it is only about two hundred miles away."

"Sounds like a plan. But do me the favor and leave your credit cards at home!"

"Come on Cody, you know my attitude toward gambling, drugs and prostitution…calm down. I will look for a nice hotel and sleep as long as possible…perhaps a whole day! In the evening I'll do a pub tour…no one-armed bandit, no roulette or any other of these hustler games…you have my word of honor!"

"Okay then…take care, Nick."

Nick was deep in the thought about the route to Las Vegas. He would fly over the San Gabriel Mountains and he looked forward to see the wonderful woods behind the mountains…it was an incredible sight.

Ryder loved flying and the anticipation for his trip made him speed up his pace.

On board of the Mimi he made a fast check procedure of the instruments and as soon as he got the permission to take off via radio, there was nothing that could keep him on the ground.

In case of good weather and wind conditions, he would be able to reach Las Vegas shortly before sundown.

Ryder enjoyed the view of the snow-covered mountain peaks and the trees that were stretched beyond. They were shining in wonderful colors late in the afternoon.

Nick let out a pleasant sigh…he had every reason to feel happy!

Ryder had nearly crossed the mountain chain when the sky suddenly darkened and a queasy feeling came over the experienced pilot.

It looked as if a thunderstorm was brewing up…a real serious danger in the mountains.

But far and wide, there was no chance to land the Mimi - that was for sure.

Ryder sent a quick prayer to heaven. Only a few more miles and we are out of danger, he thought to himself. But he wasn't able to suppress the uneasy feeling that started spreading in his stomach.

Suddenly, Mimi was hit by a heavy squall and went into a dangerous tailspin sideways.

Time to make an emergency call, Ryder thought. But before he was able to put his plan into action, a huge flash crashed down on Mimi and within a few seconds, all the displays on the helicopters manual were gone.

At the same time on board of the Riptide, Murray tried to explain his blond partner the advantages of his new computer program.

"Cody, look…I just printed it out…here, well it is as if…"

Suddenly Allen jerked and pushed down his still half filled bottle of beer and it's contains poured over Murray's documents.

"Oh! No…Cody! Look at this mess…what's wrong with you?"

"Look, the flash! Didn't you see this gigantic flash, Murray? Allen asked in sheer aghast.

"What flash are you talking about Cody? Probably you mean the signal of the lighthouse at the end of the bay, Buddy."

"Murray…this, this was an incredibly lightning! You must have seen it…I saw it!"

Bozinsky went over to the windows and thrust aside one of the sun-blinds.

"Listen Cody, we have a star-bright heaven. You must have made a mistake!"

"Murray, I know what I have seen…believe me!"

"Listen Cody, a lightning is a kind of an electric unloading…a huge electric unloading and it needs a lot of thunderclouds, you know. Look, you need at least two different…"

"Murray, just spare me with your scientific ramblings! I know what I have seen…or felt…okay?"Allen shook his head.

"As a matter of fact, I have a very bad feeling here! Shouldn't Nick have called, yet?"

"Cody Allen, that is typical for you! First you can't get rid of him as soon as possible and then you start behaving like a mother goose!" Murray chuckled.

Damned, Ryder cursed and pushed a few switches…but nothing happened."Okay, we have to bring you down as smooth as possible now", Nick said aloud…"don't leave me in the lurch now Baby!" He bagged. "We can make it!"

Ryder somehow managed to leave the mountains save but Mimi started to spin around towards earth.

"Come on, a few feet…damn…there must be a clearing in this damn forest!"

The thunderstorm raged over the mountains and that was a big luck. But if he couldn't find a place to land the Mimi…it would be over!

Mimi started to trundle and sway back and forth and the pilot tried with all his forth to keep her in check. A hopeless endeavor when the earth gravitation was on top of things!

Damned…Ryder couldn't avert that Mimi streaked the first treetops and slumped earth ways, belling loudly!

All along to earth! Accelerating! The young pilot didn't know what to do…I am so sorry Mimi, he thought…I never wanted it to end like that, were his last thoughts before the helicopter hit the earth with a roaring noise and Ryder lost consciousness because of shock and pain.