A/N: I managed to upload something. I have another, short little piece that I'm also writing, so don't worry about that. I just noticed that Mokona didn't have a POV yet, so I gave it one. Sorry for the short chapter.

Naja: She doesn't own us. Trust me, if she did, Kyrie and I would already be on our honeymoon.

Rhi'a POV

"Something tells me that Drache is not speaking the truth," I said quietly to my group.

"You know, I was thinking the same thing," Kyrie replied, "only…I think that the prince really thinks it's true."

"At any rate," Naja said, "I think that we should leave this place. We are clearly in the middle of something that we do not fully understand. It could be that the prince is our enemy."

"But what I want to know," Agan said, "is why you cut me off, Naja." Said feral looked away for a few minutes, and reached into his pocket. What he showed us was something that I would never forget. For in his right hand there was a single silver key, with a heart-shaped handle and a single silver crystal embedded within it. A small smile graced my lips.

Mokona POV

Everyone was sleeping, but I was the only one wide awake. In all of the excitement, I forgot to tell them about the peculiar magic that I had sensed earlier while we had dinner with the princess. I decided to tell them while we go to the Enchanted Forest, just in case something special happens!