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I was not first, but I was nowhere near the last. Many came after me, but most did not survive the change. Those that did, those few that did hold on to each other like anchors to keep a grip on reality. I sometimes wonder if I'm even really missed? I was hated in my home country. But now that I'm gone, have the people moved on? Have forgotten me?

And what about the others? What of them? They call me their chosen leader, their protector, their mother…but am I really? Am I what they wanted? What they expected? What they needed? I certainly hope so and I will continue to do my best to fulfill my duty.

But is it worth it?

We are, every one of us, captives after all. Doomed to our imprisonment with escape's door hanging open on loose hinges but with our legs chained to the metal bars. No matter how far we run, we will always end up back here. No matter how many tears we cry, it will never be enough. No matter how hard we try, we will never truly be free. All we can do now is face the wind and live, while we can.

I will watch after my flock, my family, and protect them from the wrath of our captor for as long as possible. I will break our bonds. I will break this curse.

Even though I know I will die doing so.

You see, it's worth it, because I care about them, my friends, my family, my flock.

It's just, what I would give to have my only wish granted before I die.

I want to love and be loved. That's all. Then I can die in peace without regret. Forever grounded.

This is my one and only wish.

"I can grant that wish, for a price."

~The Butterfly Sorceress

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