Killing me Softly Still

9:32 am

Angelus. My evil childe. Then again, who in this business doesn't start out that way? Evil, ruthless, killers. Spike was once like that, too. But, alas, now my lovelies have souls and are 'the good guys' and I am but a memory to them both. Not that that is surprising in any way. I always had a feeling Angelus would leave me. But it was fun whilst it lasted.

I remember the first time I met Liam. I was about to get some one to drink when I tripped on... something, and fell down. He'd been walking some ways behind me, most likely on his way home to his family, and he'd seen me. I'd smile as he helped me to my feet, asking if I was all right. I nodding, saying I healed quickly.

Couple of later, we met paths again and that time I bit him. He was my darling boy. So handsome with his brown hair and those lovely brown eyes. He went on to sire Dru and then Dru sired William, or Spike as must know him. I should have know our Ever After wasn't going to be a happy one.

Not that I wanted a happy one, mind you. I'd rather have it be Wicked Ever After.

You know what they say about brown eyes... People who have them are full of shit. Angelus drained that gypsy girl and everything went down hill from there. I never should have done it. I knew there was a risk, I knew. But did I care? No! It's all my fault that things ended up this way.

Maybe it was better that they did.

After all, the boy was still alive, right?

Our boy.

I'm not sure what Angel named him. Probably Connor. He always kind of liked that name. Especially after that time we shared the O'Connor girl... I'm sure he wouldn't remember that, though, him being good and all.

That's the end of my little fairytale, if you want to call it that. Sad, but true.

He's still killing me softly and he doesn't even know it.

9:52 am