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An exasperated Fumino groaned once again while looking at the minuscule writing in the voluminous Oxford Dictionary in front of her. She slammed it close and threw it to the wall with all her might. The 17 year old slightly jumped when she heard a loud shriek from behind her back.

" Hadn't I told you to handle those with care" Oojiro exclaimed suddenly transformed into his sensei mode. He gently took it from the soil as if he was holding a baby bird and dusted it. Kazuma whistled a little surprised.

" I don't remember giving you those as homework" he pointed out. Effectively, he could not comprehend why she had chosen a reference book without any Japanese translation. He acknowledged Fumino's determination for personal study but she did not seem enthusiasm any more. Her head was buried in her arms and her beautiful hair strands formed a curtain preventing Oojiro to have a look at her frustrated face.

" Do you need any help?" the young man asked his wife stroking lightly her head. The long hours of work had washed away all sense of pride in her body and she eagerly accepted.

" Could you explain those words?" she said handling a piece of paper.

The first word on the list was animosity

" Easy, animosity means a great feeling of hate or towards someone" he added quickly in Shakespeare's language but realised that the lesson was not going to be easy at the sight of Fumino's slightly opened mouth.

" Well, it might be easier if I used an example right? So, I for instance have great animosity for any male standing five feet from you. Understood?" he smiled when he saw Fumino nodding her head with much eagerness happy that she assimilated a brand new word that easily. Oojiro had a quick glance at the next word and frowned. Juxtapose wasn't the most easy word in the dictionnary. He began scratching his chin.

" Juxtapose...um...verb that means placing two or more objects side by side for comparisons."

A huge cry of despair was emitted from Fumino's mouth.

" How in the world do you want me to remember all those stuffs?" she exclaimed nearly damaging her husband's eardrums who did not flinch. Sensei being a ...sensei had many tricks under his sleeve and extended his arm to help his sweetheart up. If theory was not enough, he did not mind going to practical. Fumino was a bit surprised to found herself in the bathroom and was bout to protest.

" Sen-sensei, I don't understand the meaning of this" she tried to say. They froze instantly when in front of the mirror.

" What do you see?" he asked.

Fumino began examining their reflection in search of any details but the only thing she could remark was his hand gently holding hers as if it just belong there and the crimson red blush on her cheeks. She couldn't describe THAT to sensei.

" You're not very observant today" he smirked. " I can see that your hair are longer, I' m taller and more muscular, I'm wearing a shirt and you're wearing a dress that by the way could be shorter. Fumino-san, I had just juxtaposed us" he finished by gently nudging her.

" Great, then Juxtapose means spot the difference between two objects" the 17-year old concluded but was slightly taken aback when her teacher shook his head.

" You only have half of the answer!" he pointed out.

Everything went on very quick. Fumino felt her arm being grabbed. Instinctively she closed her eyelids and within a few seconds, could feel his body warm. She snuggled into his chest a bit curious of how the lesson was turning out but she did not complain and welcomed the tight embrace.

" Fumino, open your eyes" he ordered in her ear. She eventually did so and gasped sharply as his face was only a few inches from hers. She once again examined their reflections. The two bodies merged perfectly to form only one breathing in unison. The closer they were, the more the young woman could perceive the differences.

" Juxtapose... spotting the differences between two objects close to each other"

" Good!, now let' see the other words" Kazuma said excitedly increasing the space between them to his wife disappointment. She wished she could have stayed in his arms for a little longer.

Oojiro took the paper once again to examine the list for the third time. A crooked smiled appeared on his face making Fumino immediately shiver for an unknown reason.

" I definitely like this one" he whispered then he increased his voice by some more octaves. " The word osculate". He lethargically approached Fumino to en-lace her waist tightly. The stomach full of butterflies, her breathing increased when she felt his husked breath on her neck which he delicately kiss. Then, he started leaving a trail of more forceful kisses along her neck-line. The imprisoned girl sighed with satisfaction aching her neck but could not face his powerful gaze when he lifted his head as she was too embarassed.

" Osculate means pressuring a part of the body as a gesture of affection" he smiled.

Still dazed, she could only nod.

" Th-the ne-next wo-word is de-deja vu" she stuttered.

" You want to learn French when you haven't even mastered English" he snorted jokingly.

" Heh?" was Fumino's brillant reponse.

" Never-mind that. Deja-vu is a noun that describes the sensation that something had already happened in the past".

Once again, Kazuma took advantage of the lesson. Fumino immediately understood the term deja-vu when her sensei started to kiss her neck once again. This time it was less brieve. Kazuma had troubles to stop passing his nose back and forth making her giggles.

" It-it tickles!"

It was not the reaction he has anticipated and decided to ignore.

" I'm completely smitten with you Fumino-san" he whispered softly in her ear.

" What does smitten mean?" she murmured back.

" It means I love you"

She replied the same but in Japanese. Her heart was swollen menacing to burst as she was filled with emotions towards him. She could not believe how this personal lesson turned out to be so interesting.. She wished they would be as lively as school so that she would definitely not have any trouble fighting to stay awake.

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