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She was standing in a empty room without any windows and entrance and it took time for Fumino to become aware that the location had suddenly changed. She was now on a rocky cliff whose callused stones were hurting her bare feet. The waves were dangerously crashing on the coast which was hundreds of feet below. The foaming water was dark and unwelcoming but the scariest thing is that the young girl felt a presence. Her hand was suddenly being gently held. She turned to face her companion who smiled whole-heartedly. His body was not in solid state and resembled more a semi-transparent cloud gifted with arms and legs but he was still enveloped with a reassuring aura so she had no problem following his lead till the very end of the cliff. The soul smiled a last time at her and released the hand that he was previously clutching. Without using much power, he pushed her and within some seconds, Fumino's body greeted the icy cold water. She opened her mouth but no sound could be escaped and soon hands grabbed every part of her body and pulled her to the mysterious depths of the sea...

She slightly jumped off her futon and began to breathe raspily holding her chest. For the past few days, not a single night passed without her having a nightmare. They were everytime different and at the same time equally terrifying ...so terrifying that the young woman preferred lacking sleep than facing them. She was feeling like a child now who suddenly became aware of her surrounding and absolutely needed comfort. Fumino needed to grow up and face her own distressed. Long gone were the days where she could go to her mother's side whenever she was mentally scalped. She was the mother now. Fumino did not need to show her weak side to anyone. She repeated this sentence in her head trying to convince herself. A few tears dropped on her pillow. Why were she making those strange dreams. She tried to muffle her cries not wanting to wake up Teppei or Sensei.

" Fumino, are you okay?"

" Shit" she whispered realising her stupid whining had awaken Kazuma. " Ye-yeah" her voice broke at the lie. She felt his body warm as he snuzzled beside her. Putting his muscular hands around her waist, Kazuma pulled her closer to him.

" Did you have a nightmare?"

" No" she replied trying to push him away.

He passed his fingers around the corner of her eyes.

" So why were you crying?"

" I wasn't" she snapped.

It was obvious for both of them that she was in denial. Kazuma, with only one hand, pressed her head to his chest. She could hear the loud palpitations of his heart.

Thud Thud Thud Thud

" I got alarmed when I heard you cry" he confessed making her cheeks burn. She was quiet relived that it was too dark for him to notice that small insignificant detail.

" Its nothing to be bashful for. Having nightmares...its normal. I have some often"

" Really? What were them about?" she interrogated slowly.

" I was giving a class...and suddenly I found myself naked in front of everyone! Scary!" he shivered at the horrible thought and chuckled when she pushed him out of frustration maybe because her nightmares weren't as suggestive as his.

" STOP FOOLING ME!" she whispered yelled.

He excused himself still slightly amused by her reaction then regained his composure. He began searching for the wisest words he could. Oojiro quiet had a talent for that.

" I have dreams and I have nightmares. I overcame my nightmares because of my dreams" he said more seriously this time cupping her soft cheek which was damped with tears.

" I dreamt of you last night" she whispered as her cheeks once again coloured themselves and Oojiro had to use all his will-power to refrain for making any suggestive joke and instead let her carried on without any interruption that could owe him a good punch in the stomach.

" You were beside me walking on the beach then you left abruptly telling me you were going to come back...you never did"

He enclosed their embrace as a gesture of comfort that realising that maybe she did not entrust her completely.

" I'm going to stay by your side as long as you want me to" he murmured.

" Sensei, don't tell me you keep reading young adult vampire romance novels behind my back again" her tone was a little scolding and it was much in contrast with her smiling face. She tried to hide it but the words he used some moments ago had healed her insecurity. Her husband kept talking to her for some quiet time now trying his best to cheer her up until he decided that the it was time for her to go to sleep.

" No" she replied like a sulky child which was not her usual demeanour.

" Fumino-san, tomorrow's school"

" What if I have them again" she said referring to her chimaera.

" You won't, and if you really do, then I shall wake you up"

She was so tired, she accepted that lame coax without much protestation. She yawned uncontrollably then fell in the arms of Morpheus.

Kazuma stared at her body for what he thought was a long time. Her breathing was regular and her chest went up and down in a normal tempo. It seemed stupid but her innocent face made his stomach fluster. He carefully removed some strands of hair off her eyes. His fingers lingered at her cheek delicately tracing circles with his thumb. His consciousness was shouting at him to let her off, telling that he was too near of her sleeping student but he remained at her side as he could not detached his eyes from Fumino's beautiful face slightly illuminated by the street light emitted from the window. Teppei too was sleeping peacefully. His family.

" Sleep well my darling. Dream a little about me" he whispered to a Fumino already in a calm slumber.

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