Not that I Mind At All

11:11 am

Blaise Zabini lay upon the couch in front of the fire, transfiguration book lay in front of him, trying his with all his tolerance to concentrate on studying. Which was rather had, seeing as that damned Summers Muggle that stayed in Davis' dorm was listening to something that could only be classified as music, and that was just barely.

Not that Blaise knew a whole lot about music or anything. The only music he'd ever even vaguely heard was 'the Weird Sisters' and 'Which Witch?'. And they would have been more properly classified under 'Like when Pansy set her hair on fire with that curling spell' than anything that even sounded a bit like music.

So, here he sat, annoyed as Snape when Ginevra Weasley set those ginger pixies loose in his chambers. All because one little Muggleborn witch had bad taste in music. And Draco Malfoy was loving it. Sadistic bastard. he thought moodily.

Oh God, now she was singing along, screaming about how perfection was her direction. Blaise stood and snapped his book shut. He was not about to sit there and listen it the brunette, quote unquote, "sing". He threw the text upon the table and stormed up the girl's staircase, little first year girls terrified as they saw his mood. Blaise's temper was one of the things that made him know throughout the school. The other was the fact that Dawn Summers was the only one that didn't give a rat's ass about it. He pounded on the oak door with '6th Years' carved on it and waited. After a moment he realized she most likely couldn't hear him over the blasted muggle 'CD'.

He opened the door and stepped inside. What he saw was amazing him. Millicent, Pansy, Dawn, and Tracey stood there in their bras and knickers, dancing and singing to the music. Summers and Davis were the only ones looking half-way decent. He spotted the stereo to his left and pressed the stop button.

"Not that I mind at all, but could you please shut up?"

11:31 am