A/N: This has always been a project in the back of my mind to completely rewrite Demons of the Future. That story started off as a great idea and then devolved into what I feel ended up being a terribly written story. I've always been fascinated with the idea that Site B potentially suffered a disastrous end like Jurassic Park did, but Ludlow and then there was a cover up by InGen to conceal what happened and then Hurricane Clarissa basically destroyed all the evidence. With this story I've basically freed myself of the continuity established in all of the Demons Trilogy and can begin anew and also work on a number of ideas I had for Demons of the Future that never panned out over the course of writing it. So once again this story takes place in the days from when Jurassic Park fell to when Hurricane Clarissa destroyed Site B. Oh and I'm borrowing a number of ideas from the novels and incorporating them into the film timeline so just a disclaimer that I don't own the JP franchise.

1993, Isla Nublar: Scientists Jake Whitacre and Henry Wu were silently standing amongst a cadre of silent armed workers watching the trees beyond a small clearing from the tower beside the Raptor pen.

"Man is it cold out," Jake complained quietly as he shivered briefly.

"Then why are we here…or why am I here?" asked Henry curious. Jake glanced at him briefly.

"You know how dangerous that alpha female was, I need to know she made it safely into its pen," responded the other scientist. "It took way more tranq darts than should've been necessary to bring her down in the first place and she still nearly killed one of the workers who went in there to secure her back on Sorna. That she's awake now after all that says to me that we can't take any chances until she's locked up."

Henry nodded as a low growl filled the air and a forklift emerged carrying a large container at the top.

"I just don't know what went 'wrong' with her. The other raptors were fairly docile overall and on a good day you could feed them by hand. But this one…I'll need to run some more tests and see if we didn't make a mistake somewhere with the DNA sequencing," said Henry also shivering, though not from the cold as the crate was lowered onto the dock and was now being pushed towards the pen. Jake cradled his taser gun that had been given to him by Muldoon but Henry had chosen to go weaponless and was now beginning to regret that decision, even despite being so high up.

"This wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened. Remember the dimetrodons?" asked Jake pointedly. "Not even the Spinosaurus is that bloodthirsty."

"And the Carnotaurus that can somehow display natural invisibility," Henry continued as the crate was locked into place below and the two had to lean forward to get a glimpse of it over the gate. A lone worker was now climbing atop the crate to lift the front gate.

"What was it Ian Malcolm usually says?" asked Jake as the gate was being lifted. "Life will always find a way…"

A bone chilling roar was heard and suddenly the crate slammed backwards and the worker spilled off of it as shots were heard and chaos erupted below.

Some time later, Costa Rica: "Oh, that was ugly," said Jake as he and Henry pushed open the front doors of the courthouse where they had just been grilled on the incident at the Raptor Pit by the court to determine proper settling of the lawsuit raised by the family of the worker who had perished in the incident.

"You're telling me," said Henry miffed. "That judge was not happy about that non-disclosure agreement preventing us from saying what killed him. Only that a giant lizard was responsible was all that we could admit to. As for the proper security being followed, I had no more clue on that question than you did."

Behind them a female scientist, Carly Carlson, emerged as well and followed them.

"Hey, did you see Gennaro's face throughout that thing? He was only getting redder and redder," she added.

"No, but I'm not surprised," said Jake as he paused at the street. "You want to go get something to eat to settle your nerves? As much as a pain Nedry is, there's an outdoor place around he speaks highly of that's right on the beachfront that I'd like to try out."

"Gladly," said Carly and the three made their way down the street towards it. After a few minutes of searching they finally found the place and sat down and placed their orders and waited for it to arrive.

"I heard that raptor killed almost the entire pack inside the pen," Carly revealed as she sipped on her drink.

"Yeah and Muldoon's not happy about it either," Henry said. "Gennaro's doing everything he can to make sure he doesn't say anything out of line for tomorrow's part of the inquiry."

Silence descended on the group as each contemplated what had happened. Carly was the chief scientist who had bred the alpha raptor that had caused so many headaches and that was why she had been brought in as a potential witness but never took the stand.

"Carly, I just want you to know that you shouldn't feel responsible for what happened," Jake said, reluctantly as counseling was not his strong point. "That dino was the only one responsible for its own actions."

"Yeah, I know, it's just…I'm glad they can't breed that's all I have to say," she responded with as Henry and Jake nodded their heads. Their food was thankfully brought to them at that point to distract them from their thoughts until a new arrival changed all that.

"Oh great," said Jake throwing down his burger in disgust. "Gutierrez, that's just what we need after all this."

Dr. Martin 'Marty' Gutierrez was a resident of San Jose and although Jake and Henry had never conclusively been able to discover what his day job was, he seemed extremely fascinated with unusual forms of animal life. Thanks to the rumor mill as inspired by an incident at a Mestizo village a couple years back, he had become extremely fixated on the work InGen was purportedly performing on Isla's Indigo, Sorna and Nublar. However, he had never been able to conclusively prove anything.

Not that that stopped him from bothering every InGen scientist who made their way to the mainland in order to find out. Henry and Jake were his particular favorites as they ran Nublar and Sorna's research teams respectively and he knew it.

"Dr. Wu, Dr. Whitacre, it's so great to see you after such so long. What brings you out to San Jose after all this time?" he asked jovially and then pulled up a chair even though he hadn't been invited to sit down.

"Oh the same things all tourists are here for, the sand, the surf, and everything in between," said Jake putting on an exaggerated air of pleasure. Jake often chose to handle their conversations with the man since Henry wanted nothing to do with him.

"I'll bet," said Marty nodding his head amicably and then pulling out a tape recorder and setting it on the table. "But I suppose a certain trial concerning negligence back on Nublar wouldn't have anything to do with it?"

"I suppose it would if I had any idea what you were talking about," said Jake dismissively. "You want information on any trials, go to the court house."

"I would, but the Costa Rican government seems intent on blocking me access to those records just like they did on that Mestizo incident," Marty answered as a shadow crossed over Henry and Jake's faces at the mention of that but said nothing in response. "That's why I thought I'd get access to a first hand source in the form of you two."

"Aren't you ignoring our third party member?" asked Henry finally saying something as Carly's face briefly blanched out before she scowled.

"Hey, I'm just a beach babe you guys picked up. I don't know nothing bout no trial, and my services are only paid up until three so you'd better make the most of your last few minutes," she stated. Now Jake's face turned red as Henry and Carly privately chuckled at her statement.

"I'll bet it is Dr. Carlson," said Marty pointedly to which Carly leaned back in her seat and growled at him. "Well Dr. Whitacre do you have anything to say about the rumors that a dinosaur was responsible for this past incident on Nublar as well as the incident at the village a couple years back?"

"Who are you working for?" Jake responded crossing his arms. "It's not Dr. Levine is it? If it is, he's clearly not paying you enough to keep hounding us every waking moment to find the answer to a question that's too ridiculous to believe."

"Are you creating dinosaurs on Isla Nublar?" Marty repeated firmly. Jake sighed.

"Let's try a new question, why do you think that we're making dinosaurs?" asked Carly curious. Marty leaned back in his chair now and crossed his hands in front of his face.

"As I mentioned earlier, because of ruined photos salvaged from the Mestizo village showing what looks like a bipedal beast bearing an uncanny resemblance to a velociraptor for one," the man pointed out as he fished in his briefcase and pulled out the glossy photos that had reconstructed black and white images on them of what looked like a dinosaur standing amidst burning huts in the middle of the jungle. Carly looked through them as Jake and Henry glared malevolently at Marty for again bringing it up.

"You two were the scientists who found this village under mysterious circumstances. Do you deny my conclusion?" Marty continued prodding angrily.

"I don't want to talk at all about what we found at that village. But simply put, I give you my personal assurance that a velociraptor did not kill those people," said Jake assuredly before declining Carly's offers to see the photos. "Now I believe you had other proof?"

Carly slid the photos back to Marty as he nodded his head. "Let's just say I have contacts with a rival firm of yours and they're a little more willing to divulge information than you are. And they say, unofficially of course, that you're developing dinosaurs and refusing to share that information with others."

"Then that's unofficially their problem," said Jake as the waitress brought their check and he quickly paid for it. "Goodbye Marty, best of luck on your wild goose chase."

The trio got up and started walking away when Gutierrez made one last remark.

"You want to continue denying what you're doing over there, fine! But even you have to realize the consequences if they ever got loose and headed for the mainland!" he shouted at them as the other patrons stared at him for his outburst. And then he produced a second tape recorder and hit the button on it as an animal growl was heard emanating from it. Jake paused briefly at that and then waved goodbye and the trio left him behind, fuming.

"Just out of curiosity, what were those photos about?" asked Carly as the trio hailed a cab and headed for the InGen field office. Jake sighed at that and stared out the window rather than respond as Henry nodded his head at his friend's reluctance to comment on the issue.

"A couple years back when Jurassic Park was even less on its feet than it is now, there was a power failure and three deinonychosaurs escaped their pen and fled into the ocean. We thought they were goners and then they turned up at that village. It wasn't pretty," Henry answered simply. Carly nodded her head in understanding as the taxi came to a halt at the InGen Building and they got out and headed for the helipad on top and into the waiting helicopter.

"Hey Gerry," said Jake as Henry and Carly acknowledged the chief veterinarian.

"And who's this lovely young lady beside you?" asked Carly with a smile.

Gerry Harding laughed at that as he looked at the sixteen year old girl sitting beside him.

"This is my youngest daughter Jessica," the veterinarian introduced. "Jess, these are some of my coworkers; Jake, Henry and Carly."

"Hi," said Jess with a small smile on her face.

"Tell me, Jess, has your father told you very much about the place you'll be visiting?" asked Carly curious.

"Sort of, he said it's like no place on earth," she responded. The three scientists grinned at that.

"That is the understatement of the year," Henry remarked. "But he's absolutely right; you're in for quite a surprise."

The helicopter took off and soon was headed over the ocean.

"Gerry, I almost hate to ask but did Martin pay you a visit?" asked Jake reluctantly. Gerry sighed.

"Yeah, he did. Needless to say I had no idea what he was talking about since I was away when the incident occurred and I'm only just returning now," remarked Harding. Jess perked up at that.

"Incident, what incident?" she asked, concerned.

"Nothing, it was just an accident involving a worker and a backhoe, nasty stuff," remarked Jake offhand as that was the story Gennaro wanted mentioned outside of the courtroom where the documents there were to be sealed. Although for anyone working on the trio of islands, it wasn't too difficult to figure out what had happened. "I was just curious because it seems Richard is still interested in our little project and has found the perfect little toad to do all the fieldwork in finding out."

"Yeah, who is this Richard Levine?" asked Carly mystified.

"I know who he is, he's a paleontologist, he came and talked to my school," responded Jess.

"That's just half of it, he's a paleontologist and he has too much time and money on his hands," Henry told her and then turned to face Carly. "Although in some ways his findings indirectly led to our work here on Nublar and Sorna, so perhaps his attention isn't unwarranted."

"Yeah, but he has no idea about that part of it. He just somehow figured out about A-1 and while he doesn't have conclusive proof, that doesn't mean he's about to give up," Jake complained and intentionally rolled his eyes. Harding shuddered briefly at the mention of A-1, the codename for the deinonychosaur that had gotten loose along with its two companions A-2 and A-3. He also had been part of the group that had been sent to go find the things in Costa Rica along with Henry, Jake, and Robert Muldoon and his recollection of the events that transpired wasn't any more favorable than theirs.

"What's going to happen then, when the park opens in September and the truth comes out?" asked Carly. Jake shrugged noncommittally and Henry did as well. Carly sighed and the helicopter continued on its way.

Later, Sorna: "Is this our stop?" asked Jess curious. Gerry shook his head as the helicopter touched down on top of the Site B administration building. Below they could see workers bustling about throughout the worker village.

"No, this is just another place on the way to Nublar, our final destination. Although I guess stretching a little bit wouldn't hurt," Harding figured. Jess already had her seatbelt undone was rushing down the steps before pausing briefly and looking up at them with a slightly embarrassed look on her face.

"Take a left at the first hallway and it's on your right!" called Carly after her knowingly. Jess gave her a grateful smile and soon was gone from sight and the others in the helicopter disembarked and stretched.

"What was that about?" asked Gerry yawning.

"Oh, it's just a little secret between us girls," responded the female scientist as she too headed down the stairs.

"Coming with us to the Park?" asked Harding to Jake. The scientist shook his head.

"Too busy here. We're in the final stages of wiping out the final batch of DX diseased dinosaurs and I need to verify we're in the clear," he stated. "What's going on with Nublar that needs your urgent attention?"

"One of the trykes is sick," Gerry admitted. Jake groaned at that.

"Again?" he complained. "You could almost set your calendar by every time one of them comes down with something."

"No arguments here, but I'm still trying to figure out why it's happening," responded the vet as the trio moved down the stairs while the chopper was being refueled.

"You ask Sarah for any advice?" chuckled Henry. Gerry shook his head in shame at the mention of his eldest daughter who was an animal behaviorist studying in Africa. Not that he was embarrassed by her, but the amount of explanations necessary to explain living dinosaurs to her would take longer than to explain what the actual problem was with them. Not to mention Hammond wanted everyone silent on their existence until the park opened.

"I'll figure it out eventually, although probably not by the time that tour Hammond has planned rolls through," he admitted as the group emerged from the stairs into the hustle and bustle of the administration building.

"Oh yeah, who is Hammond trying to con into taking it? How one tour with a handful of people is supposed to overcome investor concerns and insurance issues is beyond me," Henry remarked.

"Last I heard, Gennaro had hired Ian Malcolm and Hammond was looking into acquiring Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler into it," Harding reported.

"Well that might work," Jake figured, although making investment decisions wasn't any more his strong point either. "I'd be careful Henry because Malcolm'll probably give you an earful complaining about that chaos theory of his."

"You ever met him?" asked Henry curious. Jake shook his head.

"Only attended one of his lectures once, colossal waste of time," he complained dryly. "At any rate, good luck."

The three stood in the lobby in front of the mural depicting Jurassic Park waiting for Jess to return.

"I think you could still come with us to Nublar, I've only got some small stuff to do there before I take the Anne B. back here in a few days or so," Henry offered. Jake shook his head.

"I love Nublar and all, but I'd rather stay here and get some work down because things are likely to get crazy once Nublar takes off and I'd rather enjoy the downtime while I can," Jake responded. "Besides, I'm not going to take the heat off of you that Malcolm's sure to bring."

"Nuts," said Henry disappointed because of that last statement. Jake grinned at that as Jess rejoined them and looked at the mural perplexed.

"What's all this?" she asked, looking at the T-Rex image. Gerry gave a look to Jake and Henry to hopefully try and keep the secret until they reached Nublar.

"Oh, you know, trying to portray these islands as being lost worlds to the unknown and all that," Jake responded trying to sound innocent. "You ever see those old B-movies from the 50s and 60s about secret islands with dinosaurs on them? That's basically what that's an homage to."

"Oh, well okay," said Jess not entirely believing him but willing to put it off before looking at the doors to the outside before her expression turned to one of confusion. "Wait, did one of those trees just move?"

"Well look at the time, you'd better get back onboard the chopper to Nublar," said Jake checking his watch. "As Ray always says 'drop what you're doing and leave now'."

"That sounds like him alright," said Gerry as he herded his daughter towards the steps. "Bye Jake, see you in a few days."

"Have fun and Jess, be sure to tell me what you thought of Nublar," said Jake with a broad grin. Jess was a little weirded out by that but nodded her head as Gerry leaded her up the steps.

"See you soon Henry," said Jake as his friend nodded as he too left and soon the sounds of the chopper were heard fading into the distance. Jake grabbed a granola bar from his office and was headed down the steps of the administration building headed for the garage when his jaw dropped at what he saw.

"Sam Stone, what the heck are you doing?" he shouted at a loss as the head of operations was riding up to him…on a galimimus.

"Isn't this great?" said the man on the dinosaur. "Some of the guys thought it up and so the last time we were on the mainland we bought some saddles. It's just like riding a horse or an ostrich and it took almost no time to break them in!"

Jake couldn't event think of a response to that as two more workers came riding up on galimimuses as well.

"We're going to go check out those old Incan ruins at the center of the island. You can come along, we've got a fourth saddle," Sam offered. Jake immediately shook his head.

"I'll take my chances with four wheels," he responded. "Have fun."

"Hee-yah!" shouted Sam as he kicked his dinosaur into action and the trio trod off out of the compound leaving a dust trail behind.

"Was that what I think it was?" asked Carly as she walked down the steps

"I don't know," confessed Jake rubbing his chin thoughtfully before walking down the road.

"You headed for Embryonics Administration?" Carly asked as Jake nodded his head. "Mind if I tag along?"

"The more the merrier," Jake stated and then held out his hand and felt raindrops and looked up to see the gray clouds above and shook his head and then ran with Carly for the parking garage as it began pouring. A few moments later they checked out one of the gas powered Jeeps with the Jurassic Park logo emblazoned on the sides and headed off through the security doors and out of the compound.

"So Jake, what was that rival firm Gutierrez was talking about back at San Jose?" asked Carly to pass the time during the ride out.

"He was probably referring to Biosyn, a genetics firm similar to us and put simply they're bad news," the male scientist responded. "They have a habit for skirting the law and more importantly for cutting corners to try and make maximum profits for minimum amounts of work. They also have a habit of conveniently finding someone else to blame for their own mistakes, something one of their execs by the name of Lewis Dodgson is famous for accomplishing."

"But why are they interested in us?" asked Carly. Jake shrugged.

"Well if they caught wind of the Dinosaur Revivification Project, they probably figure Hammond plans on creating ways to sell dinosaurs to the general public in one form or the other and thereby corner the market," Jake figured as he pulled out a toothpick and began chewing on it to concentrate on the road and the deluge of water making visibility limited. "Not that Hammond has any plans for that, he intends on turning the name Jurassic Park into its own brand and sell mugs, t-shirts, etc., but they don't know that."

"And even if Biosyn wanted to get in on the dinosaur market, they couldn't because everything on these three islands is so isolated that it also prevents corporate espionage," Carly determined.

"Not that they haven't tried, but John pays us well and we're doing stuff no one has ever done before. The only person who might be swayed by Biosyn's efforts would be someone thinking they're underpaid and have an axe to grind against Hammond to try and risk getting away with it," Jake pointed out as he merged onto a new road as a truck rumbled past the other way with a series of cages containing assorted smaller dinosaurs.

"Can you think of anyone would might?" asked Carly, curious. Jake eyed her briefly before returning his attention to the road.

"Not very many and none of them could pull it off because of all the security measures in place. Well except Nedry, but…maybe I'm just thinking he might because he's managed to annoy almost the entire staff of all three islands at one point or another, and not because he even has any ideas to do so," Jake admitted. "Honestly, he's so egotistical I think he and Dodgson would butt heads too much to even get along to the point of undermining us. So just forget I said all of that. Jurassic Park will take off and InGen will be pulling in profits like you wouldn't believe from now unto eternity, I promise. All that matters now is that tour Hammond has planned going off without a hitch."

"I hear that," said Carly with a big smile as she looked out the window at a fence and saw a group of Stegosauruses on the other side illuminated by the occasional flash of lightning. And then Jake hit the brakes and the car slowed down.

"What's going-?" began Carly when she was what was on the road ahead of them and began laughing as Jake rolled down his window.

"Hey Sam, forget to bring an umbrella?" he shouted at the trio of drenched workers who were hunkered down under the ferns with their spooked rides tied to a nearby signpost.

"Shut up!"

Days later: "Hoo, she is a beauty all right," Jake admitted looking up at the ancient pyramid. "Okay, boys, put the sensor equipment directly on top."

The workers began dragging their supplies up the steps as Sam gave Jake an annoyed look.

"Don't you have any respect for the past?" Sam demanded.

"Not really," confessed Jake and then upon hearing a brachiosaur bellow. "On second thought…"

Sam shook his head in shame before looking at the workers who were struggling to the top.

"So what's this stuff supposed to do?" asked Jake, curious as he headed for the top as well.

"Several different things, from better Doppler service, to better motion tracking, better communications, you name it," Sam responded. "Plus once it's set up, with a little bit of work we should be able to directly interface with the computer systems on Nublar and Indigo."

"How exciting," said Jake dryly as after a few minutes of walking they reached the top. "Nice view, though. It looks like a real lost world out there."

Sam nodded his head in agreement, also a little breathless at the sight. Looking out at the jungle around them, they could catch a view of a good portion of the island and the occasional dinosaur as well. And then Jake produced a cardboard tube that he had carried all the way up the pyramid and opened the top and took out the banner inside and unfurled it before placing it over the top entrance to the pyramid.


And then he unraveled a second and hung it beneath it, which read:


"I'm telling you, Sam, with Sorna on its feet and ready for full production plus the fact that we eliminated the last of the DX dinosaurs, it's nothing but smooth sailing from here," declared Jake happily. And then a gust overcame them as shadows crossed overhead and Sam, Jake and the maintenance crew looked up to see a group of free roaming pteranodons soar by before one landed on top of the upper entrance to the temple and roared loudly as dinosaurs across the island followed suit with their calls.

That night on Isla Nublar, the fences failed.