Control Room, Isla Nublar: Ed James finished typing in the command and hit the enter button and was immediately thrown back by what he saw. Instead of expecting a confirmation line of code asking for the initiation of the command in question, instead a large graphical object appeared on the UNIX interface as a red button with white typeface stating: EXECUTE.

Ed groaned lightly at Nedry's use of theatrics over practicality. From where the InGen's programmer's station was located, anybody walking past it would have easily noticed it. Narrowing his eyes and wondering what else was part of the command designed to bring down InGen's security system, Ed ignored the execute button and typed in some commands into the interface and his jaw dropped when he saw a picture of a blonde woman in a zebra striped bikini appearing on the screen and then a box appeared next to it of the Visitor's Center outlining the security systems in place.

"Something wrong over there, Ed?" Tim called out from his console. James closed his jaw and shook his head with a disingenuous smirk.

"No sir. Let's just say I accidentally stumbled onto some pictures that shouldn't have been on company property," he said as if embarrassed by what he had found, which in some ways he was. A light chuckle broke out amongst the programmers who returned to their work.

"I wouldn't worry about it because we'll be purging all of these computers of their data before they're resold on the open market," Tim told him and then returned his attention to his terminal as Ed Regis was anxiously awaiting news on Samantha Brown's expedition. But Cassie Matula could tell it was something more than that. Back when she had first been brought into John Brown's small outfit, she too had similar expressions when poking around in various competitors' systems and being surprised by what she found. She had nearly blown the team's cover on a few occasions which is why John Brown had made her take lessons on how to maintain a poker face.

Knowing she had no real way of finding out what he was up to even though she was remotely linked up with Nedry's terminal-Tim would easily realize what was up-she accessed his electronic mail account and hurriedly found her sister's account and fired off a quick message from Tim's account and hoped she got it in time.

S-Priority: Check A6!-CM

Eastern Side of Nublar: The convoy moved past the destroyed road marker indicating which way the East Dock was located.

Embryonic Administration, Isla Sorna: Carly Carlson, Derek Hoyle, Abby Nakajima, and Colin Meeks were working on understanding the basics of the Lysine Contingency by poring over the copious notes Jake Whitacre, Henry Wu, and Gustavius Graves had compiled when initially developing it. Nearby, Colin's sister Katrice was feverishly playing her Game Boy since she was only loosely affiliated with the group as she wasn't a geneticist and only did odd jobs around the place. Her being on the island was a pre-requisite for Colin to work for InGen so he could watch out for her.

"Wild stuff," Carly had to admit, impressed at the work the trio of scientists had done. Between Jake's screwball nature, Henry's natural talent, and Gustavius's strict attention to detail they had managed to craft a genetic failsafe into all of the dinosaurs that would prevent them from surviving for long as without the lysine supplemental enzyme they would slip into a coma and die.

…Only something had seemingly gone wrong. The lysine contingency had caused several test subjects to turn completely feral which had been eliminated. As for the one specimen they kept alive, it too had gone crazy for a time and was now perfectly normal as the Compsognathus sat in its tiny carrying cage on the table.

"But it still doesn't tell us what went wrong," Abby pointed out as she enjoyed some yogurt from a plastic container. "Which means…"

"Dissection," said Derek shuddering at that thought. He liked working with strands of DNA but seeing them splayed out in front of him caused him to turn green.

"Ah, quit complaining ya big baby," said Abby unsympathetically as she licked her spoon.

"Then maybe we can take two options on what to do next," Carly continued as the de-facto team leader. "Colin, you and your sister can take apart one of the specimens so we can run a full DNA analysis. Abby and Derek can work on modifying the genetic codes for the lysine contingency so we can see what code would be required for what we witnessed not too long ago with the test specimens."

"And what will you be doing?" asked Colin curious since Carly hadn't included herself in the group's plans. Carly made an uncomfortable face at that.

"With Lori leading the survey team and Jake and Henry in San Diego that means I'm in charge here for making sure we're doing our part in conserving power. Which means we're on a very tight deadline because they shut down half the Cray XMPs this Saturday and the other half next Saturday," Carly informed the group. That caused a look of dismay on the faces of the group. The Cray XMPs were powerful computers hooked up to the gene sequencers that could analyze and break down DNA strands in minutes and were essential when initially developing dinosaur DNA strands for cloning.

If they were going offline then that meant no new dinosaurs and in some ways made them extraneous as well. If InGen didn't need them then that could only mean…but the scientists each internally shook away those thoughts. They had a job to do right now and right now it seemed much more important than bringing dinosaurs back to life.

They just each hoped that when they were done they wouldn't wish they had started on this journey in the first place.

Jake Whitacre's office, InGen Operations Building, Isla Sorna: Sam Stone saw that Jake's door was opened and knowing that the scientist was still on the mainland he walked right in and saw Sheila Matula rifling through his desk. Sam watched her for a couple moments before clearing his throat to get her attention.

"If you're going to be breaking and entering you might want to be more subtle about it," he half-warned, half-joked with her.

"Not when gum is involved," Sheila declared as she kept rummaging through the desk. "They've been completely out at the General Store for weeks and I ran out of my last piece yesterday. I know Jake keeps some in here somewhere because he always uses some to annoy me whenever this happens."

Sam groaned at her single-mindedness before consulting his watch. "Look we have to be downstairs in the Control Room yesterday. Samantha and her team have already headed east by now!"

"Just cool your circuits, it'll only be another sec-aha!" said Sheila pleased as she reached for a piece of gum and then instantly recoiling her hand. "Ow! Damnit, Jake that's not funny!"

She tossed aside a pack of trick gum where when you reached for the single piece sticking out it buzzed your hand. Evidently Jake suspected Sheila might go rummaging through his desk one day when he wasn't around and decided to be prepared. Nevertheless there were plenty of other regular gum packets in the back of the drawer and Sheila crammed several into her pockets for good measure and then closed the drawer and headed for the door.

Sam closed it behind her and admonished her once more before the two went down the stairs and into the basement level where the Control Room was located.

"Hey Tim, you there?" asked Sheila into her headset after sitting down at her computer as an image of Sorna's current Head Programmer appeared on the main wall screen in front of them.

"Well it's about time," he said a little stressed about the current situation with Samantha and her team. "Where have you-."

"Cut the small talk, where are they?" said Sam cutting in as he took a seat next to Sheila and logged in to the terminal. Tim punched up a map of Isla Nublar and a line of blinking lights was seen advancing towards the East Dock.

"They're going to be inside the Dilophosaur Territory in about five minutes and after that…," Tim trailed off. Sam nodded his head. He was well aware of Samantha's plan that she had drawn up. The convoy of vehicles would enter into the middle of the perceived territory of the dinosaurs and then the attack helicopters would bombard the outer area and move inward in a tightening circle towards the convoy that would be firing outwards towards the bombardment. Once the bombardment ended, the workers would then move out towards the circle of flames around them. It was hoped the dilophosaurs would be caught with nowhere to go; but if it would really work would only be known when the operation began.

…And in Sheila's e-mail inbox, a lone message sat unread.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica: John Brown leaned against a rotted wooden dock post as the sea captain finished his checklist before letting him onboard. Which was fine with the executive as the boat was hardly the best looking one on the docks. But it would get him to Nublar with no questions asked which was what really mattered.

Or at least part of the way there, he amended, as a flatbed truck carrying an object covered in a tarp stopped nearby.

"Excellent," said John pleased as he walked up to it. The tarp was thrown off by one of the workers on the truck revealing a slick black powerboat underneath. He walked up to the driver and signed the appropriate paperwork as a crane on the back of the flatbed truck lifted the boat off the truck bed and then dumped it into the water. The driver then handed him a dossier and then got back in his truck and fired it up and took off.

"What's this?" the Costa Rican captain demanded having immediately exited his vessel after hearing the loud splash.

"My transportation for getting to Nublar," John answered as he grabbed a tow cable from the front of the craft and hopping onto the back of the captain's boat and attaching it. "And before you say anything, your job is to get me close to Nublar and then I will venture to the island in this and then come back when I'd done."

The captain looked like he wanted to complain but then realized the further away from Nublar, the safer he was. So if the crazy charter wanted to go it alone to that island then that was fine by him.

"We're ready to go," the captain begrudgingly admitted. John nodded and popped open the dossier he had received which had satellite photos of Isla Nublar that had only been taken moments earlier. The ink on them was still hot and smeared when he moved his fingers across them, but he could still get the gist from them. Four attack helicopters clearly visible along with a smaller line of convoy vehicles near them.

"Then I need to be there yesterday and you'll get a good bonus if you make that happen," John declared as the captain rushed for the bridge to start up the craft. A few moments later it was vanishing into the distance as a limousine pulled up to the docks. From the back, Lewis Dodgson exited the vehicle and walked up to the edge of the dock where he watched the boat vanish from sight.

With nothing to really say, Dodgson took off the hat he was wearing, the same one Nedry had criticized just weeks earlier, and held it up as if giving a fond farewell before a malicious grin spread across his face.

"Driver, to the heliport!" he ordered happily as he got back in and the vehicle drove away.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Sarah and Jess Harding emerged from the airport and got into the shuttle for their hotel.

"That's interesting your passport said you'd been to Costa Rica," Sarah noted as she examined her younger sister's document. "That's where Ian said he was going on business before his accident."

"Did he say what that business was?" asked Jess curious. Sarah shook her head.

"Not officially because was under an NDA," Sarah responded giving her sister back her passport. "But I met him in his hospital room and he babbled some nonsense that I think was because of all the morphine in his system."

Jess mumbled an agreement as she thought about their main problem. "Does InGen own anything in Costa Rica?"

Sarah reached into her lucky pack and pulled out her binder where she had compiled all of the information she had on the bio-engineering firm.

"Looks like they've got a building there and there's also a reference to some offshore assets," she read aloud. "I wonder what that last part means."

"You got me," Jess admitted as she absently drummed her hands on her carry-on. "I just hope this amber place has some answers."

Sarah swallowed hard at that statement. "Are you sure you want to know what those answers are? The answer, whatever it was, didn't sit too well with you the first time around."

Jess nodded her head in agreement as she looked out the window of the shuttle. "Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But I have to know dad's safe and right now I'd give anything to know what's going in Costa Rica…"

Isla Nublar: "FIRE!" shouted Samantha into her radio as dilophosaur venom splattered against the convoy. From above, the sound of helicopters could be heard and then fire erupted across the jungle as incendiaries exploded all around the team. In the front and the rear of the convoy, the tanks began firing in a circular fashion as well to sweep the area as gunners on the roofs of the various vehicles also began firing their machine guns into the jungle.

"The incendiaries should be finished dropping in fifteen minutes which will give us a one-mile radius of where those remaining dilophosaurs should be," said Jeff repeating the plan into his radio while trying to be heard over the roar of the explosions and gunfire outside. "After they fall we'll exit the vehicles and spread outwards towards the flames taking out anything in our way. Once we're certain there's nothing else out there we'll return to the vehicles and punch our way out of here back to the Visitor's Center."

He got garbled acknowledgements as he hung up his radio while the whole vehicle shook from the shockwaves all around them.

"While you're doing that, I have my own task to fulfill," Samantha informed Jeff. He looked at her strangely, even though he secretly knew very well what she was going to be doing.

"Which is what exactly? We are in the middle of a warzone," he reminded her dimly.

"I have to go find something near the East Docks," the female Board Member told him. Jeff groaned at hearing her say that.

"It's not that thing that Regis was looking for when we first arrived that nearly got him killed is it?" he had to ask, even though he knew the truth. "Because that can wait until all of this is over. No container is worth your life."

"This one is," Samantha replied solemnly. "You ever hear the term 'Broken Arrow'?"

Jeff shook his head even though he had heard the term before.

"It's a term the military refers to in the event of a missing nuclear device," Samantha continued as Jeff gave her a skeptical look at her comparison. "The device I'm looking for is the same for our company because its loss would completely devastate our company."

"Loss to who?" asked Jeff displaying a piqued interest.

"None of your business," said Samantha with a mild smile. "I'm also not telling you who wants it so badly either."

Jeff held up his hands in mock surrender. "Just be careful that when you go and find this thing that the dinosaurs might not be the only ones coming after you," he warned.

Samantha cocked her rifle to emphasize her commitment. "I will."

Isla Sorna: "So most of the Jurassic Park terminals' data have been fully downloaded into the Site B mainframe repository," Tim explained to Sheila as Sam watched the convoy status from his computer. "Once that's done and we confirm everything we'll wipe the terminals clean for resale. I think Ludlow said the servers will then be stored somewhere off-site."

"Too bad we couldn't install the servers here," said Sheila disappointed as she clicked on various things on her screen as her eyes began to then shimmer. "That much processing power at our disposal…"

"Easy tiger before you start drooling," Tim said cutting in on her fantasy. "Don't forget how much formatting we'd have to do to get them switched over to Sorna's systems. Just because it worked here doesn't mean it would work over there."

"Spoil sport," Sheila grumbled. "And it's not like it worked there anyway, item 151 on the last glitch list said they were still having problems with the headlights running off the car batteries on the tour. I don't want to have to deal with that when-."

"WILL YOU TWO BE QUIET?!" demanded Sam cutting in on their conversation as Sheila was so startled so wasn't even paying attention to where she had clicked her mouse. "Look, I know what you're saying is important to the future of this company but right now we have the lives of 20 workers plus a Board Member on the line and I need everyone to stay sharp."

Tim and Sheila had to take a moment to collect their loose thoughts and each nodded in agreement.

"Sorry," they both apologized as they returned to their work. Sheila saw that her e-mail had been opened and was about to close it when she noticed a piece of unread mail from Tim.

"Hey Tim, why'd you send me-," she began confused until she read the message and her blood ran cold.

"Send you what?" asked Tim distractedly as he worked on trying to find a motion tracker or a camera that still worked near the dilophosaur paddock.

"Nothing, it was just an old e-mail," the female programmer covered up. "Hey you don't mind if I use your terminal for a minute do you?"

"Go nuts," said her coworker. Sheila quickly moved over to the terminal and fired it up and quickly remote accessed her way into Nublar and went straight to seeing what was on A6. What she saw nearly caused her to fall out of her chair.

"You okay?" asked Sam diverting his attention from Samantha's situation.

"F-fine," Sheila stammered as she got back into the chair. "It's just Tim doesn't know how to adjust a chair."

"Hey you don't like it then you can go sit somewhere else," Tim ordered. Sheila waved off his comment with her hand and then looked at the screen in front of her with the bikini clad woman, the overlay of the Visitor's Center security grid, and the Execute Button on the bottom right. Immediately pulling up the keystroke log for A6, she noted who was on that terminal and also the last few keystrokes that had been entered.

Quickly noting the real kicker of the commands, she wrote an e-mail and fired it off to Tim's inbox hoping he wouldn't notice it but Cassie would. She then trained her eyes on the security monitors showing the Control Room on Nublar and she watched her sister carefully as the camera image swept from side to side. After the second sweep, she saw Cassie make a sideways glance at the camera, as if knowing her sister was watching, and in that instance of connection, the two knew what they had to do.

At that instant both began digging through the lines of code of Nublar's command system looking for the white rabbit and what rabbit hole he could potentially cause them to fall into.

Isla Sorna: "So how many of these bunkers do you have?" asked Thorne as the group approached one of the concrete buildings that was at low level with the ground.

"About 200 hundred I think scattered here and there," Lori answered as she took her ID badge and flashed it near the barcode scanner and the door unlocked right away. "We keep them under barcode scanning during normal operating hours but when there's an emergency or power failure, they automatically unlock."

"You ever concerned a dinosaur might make it in here if that happens?" asked Gutierrez concerned as they walked down the stairs to the bottom level.

"It's always possible but once that door is locked there's no way they're getting in because those doors are solid steel," Lori pointed out. She then walked over to one of the storage cabinets next to which was a box attached to the wall which she popped open and retrieved the keys for the cabinet.

"So who is hungry? We've got MREs, dehydrated food, all the good stuff," she said poking around the shelves. When there were no responses she just took out various food items and tossed them to the group.

"Not very appetizing," said Levine disappointed. "Couldn't we go somewhere and get good food and not worry about eating up all the supplies in here?"

"This place has enough food to last a month so I think we'll be okay taking a quick meal. Besides, I'll note what we used and it'll be restocked during the next supply check," Lori told the group. The group ate in silence when Gutierrez spoke up again.

"Have you run drills on getting everyone to shelters in case of total power failure?" Thorne asked as he got a cup of water from the faucet.

"We did when we first built the place but we sort of got away from it. As the days get closer, I'm sure we'll be doing them again," Lori figured. "But in response to your unanswered question, no matter how many drills we run we'll still never be able to guarantee there won't be any casualties during the initial outbreak."

Eastern Side of Nublar: The aerial bombardment ended and the workers poured out of the vehicles in full protective gear as they spread out, each group being led by a member of Sorna's DRT team. They all fired into the jungle as globs of venom continued to spew from the trees and bushes…although at a considerably fewer rate than in previous journeys into the area.

"You all have your assignments so stick to them," Samantha ordered to Jeff, Lorne, Chip, Howard, and the rest of the leaders through her open window. She was sitting in the driver's seat of a Humvee that was getting the occasional smack of dilophosaur venom.

"You sure I can't get you to reconsider?" asked Jeff hopeful. Samantha shook her head one last time and then hit the accelerator as she drove around the tank at the front of the convoy and then continued on down the road and out of sight. Jeff and the group watched her go.

"Move out," Jeff ordered simply as the individuals dispersed out to their teams. The team members slowly moved out as Jeff, Lorne, and Chip used their radios to communicate with each other.

"Alright Lorne, this is it. Regardless of what happens to Chip and me, you have to make sure Cassie and Serena avoid any and all suspicion and make sure they get off the island," Jeff told his fellow Pacific Pharmaceuticals worker.

"You got it," Lorne confirmed. "But I still think this is way too big of a risk. You don't know how much the boss has been keeping tabs on us and you're willing to risk getting off this island by…"

"Look if we don't grab that canister now then we're never getting our hands on it again," said Jeff curtly. "I've made my decision, there's no going back now."

"Fine," said Lorne throwing up his hands in defeat before narrowly ducking away from a piece of stray dilo venom as he neared the workers currently pushing back the remaining dinosaurs. "Good luck," the second in command commented.

"You too," said Jeff solemnly and then he and Chip ran off into the dense underbrush. Nearby, Howard King watched them go and then he ran off after them.

Grey storm clouds drifted overhead as lightning could be heard in the distance.

Mano De Dios Amber Mine, Dominican Republic: Sarah brought her rented jeep to a halt near InGen's amber mine and she and Jess peered out over the location.

"You sure this is right?" asked Sarah doubtful. Jess was holding the map in the passenger's seat and nodded her head.

"That's what it says," the younger Harding sister confirmed before handing the map over to her. Sarah looked at the map and looked at their surroundings before reluctantly nodding her head. The two got out and made their way down some steep stairs on a small cliff face and walked out amongst a quarry.

"See, there's some equipment there and there so they must have been mining amber here," Jess pointed out at various places. Sarah again nodded her head in agreement as she took one more look closely at her map and then folded it up and put it in her pack.

They'd find the right place…there was only one problem.

"So if this is the place then where the hell is everybody?" the animal behaviorist said, asking the obvious question.

The amber mine was completely deserted.

Isla Nublar: Samantha Brown could hear the sounds of gunfire and explosions along with the occasional dilophosaur hoot as she stood next to Nedry's destroyed jeep. If it weren't for the air filter attached to her outfit, she had little doubt she'd be retching all over the ground. The female Board Member felt grateful she wasn't doing that anyway given the appearance of Nedry's desiccated corpse which looked even worse than Ed Regis's description of him.

"Where the hell is that can?" Samantha wondered aloud. She's searched the whole inside and outside of the vehicle and even, to her disgust, Nedry's yellow rain slicker but come up empty.

There was the possibility that someone had already beaten her here and taken the can. But given the fierce resistance from the dilophosaurs she doubted anyone could've made it here and lived, either during the Jurassic Park Incident or the Jurassic Park Demolition Project.


Samantha's attention was torn away from her particular predicament as rain drops fell down from above. She looked up at the sky briefly and then looked at her gloved hands which were now beginning to get wet before ultimately looking down at the ground and seeing the water streak down the hill where the jeep had gotten stuck.

Her brain working quickly, the truth of what had happened that fateful night hit her. Not bothering to go back to her Hummer atop the hill, she quickly went over the ledge and worked her way down to the road below. Looking at the nearest side of the road, she judged where she thought the can would approximately have rolled to since she doubted it would have made its way over the lip of the asphalt road and went across it. She then hunched down on her hands and knees then carefully examined the area.

After several minutes of searching, she noticed an oddly shaped pile of dirt. Her eyes widening despite themselves, Samantha immediately got on the ground and began tearing away at the clumps before something white and blue caught her attention.

"YES!" she exclaimed as she pulled out a Barbasol can and cradled it in her hands. She tapped the can and could hear that it was partially hollow before examining it and by an educated guess tried to unscrew the bottom of it. The bottom popped open with a slight hiss revealing a holder for fifteen embryos which were all still there; although what their viability was, Samantha had no idea. She quickly screwed the bottom back into the device and found herself smiling despite herself as she clutched the canister close to herself.


She was halfway up the embankment again when a dilophosaurs appeared atop her standing next to the jeep. It roared angrily at her as she fumbled for her sidearm and its frill immediately extended outwards. Even with protective gear, if that glob hit her goggles, she'd be unable to see through them which would make her easy prey for that thing. In her haste she dropped the embryo canister and it fell with a clunk next to her briefly distracting the dilophosaur before it returned its attention to her.


An instant later the dilophosaur fell to the ground with blood spurting from its neck. It twitched on the ground briefly before becoming still as Samantha looked up and saw Jeff Thomas with his smoking rifle still held in his hands.

The Board Member breathed a sigh of relief as she knelt down to recollect the canister. "Thank you, Jeff. If these were any other circumstances and you disobeyed my direct orders I'd be showing you the doo. But even I can be wrong sometimes," she admitted as she picked up the can.


The sound of that same rifle now being reloaded in close proximity to her head caused Samantha to give pause in what she was saying. She turned and saw what her ears had confirmed, that Jeff Thomas was now aiming his rifle at her.

"What are you doing?" she asked completely surprised. Jeff looked at her coldly past his protective goggles.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you keep that canister," he informed her bluntly. "Either hand it over or face the consequences."

Howard King heard the sounds of conversation as he took up a position up the hill from where the voices were coming from. He looked down at Jeff Thomas holding Samantha Brown at gunpoint and smiled to himself at neither having noticed his approach. Checking his rifle to make sure it was still loaded, he aimed it down at them, pulled back the trigger, and fired.