Thoughts of My Hellmouth

2:32 pm

Buffy began to walk through the streets of London. She and Scoobies had come here to find an Active she said she'd felt here. They had made it their duty to find most of the new ones a.s.a.p. and start training them. Giles had found out some info on this girl and they were all very surprised to hear that she was a witch... sorceress... whatever. Well, except Giles. He'd always known about the wizarding community and chose not to mention it.

Buffy sighed and remembered back when she was new at all of this. Fairly easy in the beginning. Find demons, kill demons, find vampires, kill vampires... Not fall in love with them. But she had. Twice. Unbelievable. She'd fallen for two vampires, both completely different. And the one time she did find herself a nice, day-walking, Iowa boy, he went and got sucked on by a vampiress.

The blonde made a face at realizing how nasty that last statement sounded. She used to wonder about things like what if she hadn't been 'the chosen'? Or what if she was a normal teenager? What if Riley hadn't left? What if they gotten married? Her thoughts had once been made of nothing but 'what if?', but now she knew that it all happened because it was her destiny. It was what she was meant for.

Well, she wasn't the chosen anymore. She wasn't alone. She had her friends and the potentials and the actives.

Vaguely, she wondered about this new girl. They hadn't found her yet... supposedly, she looked a lot like Willow with brown eyes. Hmm. That sounded easy enough to find.

She smirked as she stared up at the house on Ottery St. Catchpole. The thing looked like it was about to fall over. I wonder how it stays up... she thought.

Buffy turned on her heel and started back towards the appartment Giles had rented, her thoughts still on the unknown active.

2:52 am