Prompt: The messing-around snapshots they take of one another at crime scenes. (by diana teo on FFN)

As they are collecting evidence, McGee trips over the edge of a carpet and falls.

"Clumsy much, Probie?" Tony asks, turning around to take a snapshot of the junior field agent.

"Put that away." McGee scowls.

"Or what?" Tony takes another picture.

"Or I'll-"

"Gotta think faster if you want to threaten me." Tony presses down on the camera button again. Ziva pushes it away and helps McGee up.

"Put that away, Tony."

"Why?" Tony pouts. "It's fun bullying McGoo."

"Because I said so."

He stares at her. "Seriously, you sound like my mum."

She chuckles and tilts her head, giving him a faint smile. "Your mum would not do more than threaten you…"

Tony puts the camera away.

"Good boy."

"It was a good shot," Tony grumbles. "I'd show you, but I don't want to."

She laughs. "Who says I want to look?"

"Trust me, you'd want to. McGoo with his limbs all tangled up? This is quality stuff here."

"Tony, don't you have anything better to do than to take snapshots of us?" McGee asks in exasperation as he goes back to work.

"At a scene with lots of blood and heart-shaped calling cards, yes. Here, with a shaggy white carpet and nothing but a body on it…well, ya kinda run out of things to photograph after you're done with the body."

"Go photograph the rest of the house."

"They're not as pretty as you."

McGee shoots the senior field agent an odd look. "You think I'm photogenic?"

Tony shrugs. "Not as much as I am."

"Do you two need a room?" Ziva interrupts.

"I need an aspirin," McGee mutters.

Ziva rubs her temples. "I think I do, too."

"Aww, cute!" Tony exclaims. "Togetherness in suffering. How 'bout a group photo? Anyone?"

Bromance! Hehe. And a teenage-acting Tony.

And that's the last chapter of this series! Thanks a million to everyone for reading! AND for giving prompts, favouriting, reviewing, and otherwise supporting :)

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