Burning Like a Flame

11:05 am

He liked her. And that was a very terrifying thing, to have some one like him like you. Even if it was just in the 'You're-slightly-standable' way. She supposed it was her darkness, the sinister, cynical, sarcastic bitch that made her, her. Well, she wasn't like that in the beginning. When she first came back, she was shivering, screaming, and in pain. Not to mention human. Again with the stupid mess-ups like that. Damn magical realm with it's damnable idiotic rules or whatever.

Human, her, again! It was horrible. She could feel her guilt chewing, knawling at her insides. It made her sob and screech and cry out in agony because of all the evil things she'd done. It was her heartbeat that was killing her, really, though. -thump thump, thump thump- She was so used to feeling nothing there but a hole. An empty, rotting space there with nothing to fill it and now, now she was alive and it just hurt so much.

She still couldn't remember was her name was. Originally, in the beginning when she was a small little girl with blonde curls. They all called her 'Darla', even her Angelus. Angel, not Angelus. He's gone all 'put-thee-behind-me', remember? she thought bitterly. It was rather ironic to be named something that meant 'Dear, Loved One' when not a soul or unsouled around loved you. Snape only liked her a bit.

She'd been down in that dungeon for nearly two years and she was only now feeling a wee bit better. She new she was going to be in the dark, dank place for a long while... And she knew she deserved it for all the wrong she had done.

"Elinor Chastity Malfoy." she murmured.

Oh, the irony.

11:25 am

a/n: Elinor = "Light" Chasitity = "Pure"