World Domination

World Domination was written by Amber Kirkendoll. I do not own the characters from FFVIII. No matter how much money I offer Squaresoft, they will never accept. Same with Crayola and Wb. Sad, but they will never accept my generous offers to buy their companies.

Okay, I made some revisions on this, I am also working on the 4th chapter finally (I forgot about this story, I am so sorry!)

Chapter 1


While humming the theme song from Dawsons creek in her imaginative head, Selphie quickly dumped a bunch of Crayola crayons on Squall's dorm-room floor. She quickly grabbed the worn down,black crayon, being very careful to not mess up, she started drawing colorless bunnies on Squall's walls. Looking around the room quickly, making sure that nobody was watching, Selphie started coloring the bunnies yellow and pink, with navy tails.

Being really excited about her beautiful artwork on her freinds wall, Selphie started jumping up and down rambling to herself. "Beautiful! Squall is going to just LOVE how I decorated his walls! I better go find Zell and tell him. He will defantly want to see this." Selphie excitedly ran out of Squall's dorm, forgetting her box of crayons skattered on the floor.

Not paying attention on where she is really running, Selphie bumped into the garden's bully, Seifer. Selphie quickly fell on her butt with a loud thump. She looked up at the tall, handsome,blonde, squinting her eyes a bit to see who it was.

"Owie! Seifer, that really hurt!" Selphie yelled at Seifer angerly while still sitting on the ground. "Why don't you watch where your walking Mr. I'm the big tuff Disenaplenary Committee!"

Seifer stood there shocked for a minute then started laughing. "Selphie, you dork. You're the one that ran into me! You are such a loser at times. You should be glad you aren't on 'The List' yet." Seifer walked off still laughing.

"Jerk!" Selphie yelled as Seifer walked away from her. Selphie quickly jumped up and ran into the cafeteria knowing Zell is there yelling at the lunchroom ladies to make more hotdogs. Of course Zell was. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Such a loud boy today arn't we Zelly?" Selphie gave Zell a hug trying to calm him down. While doing so, she whispered something in his ear.

"You have to come and see my beautiful artwork Zelly. I will NOT take no for an answer."

Zell, no matter how much he loved getting hugs from Selphie, knew his girlfriend wouldn't apprieciate it. He quickly pushed her away. "Okay Selphie. I'll go and see what totally left me out of this time. Why don't you ever let me join in the fun anymore?"

Selphie was tapping her foot with her arms crossed. "Because you never have time anymore! Your always hanging out with Sara, your girlfriend. Remember Zell?"

Both teenagers walked out of the café together heading back towards Squall's room. When they got there they noticed something very strange, the door was cracked a tiny bit. Selphie and Zell quietly slipped in noticing the grouch himself was already here, and had already found Selphie's masterpiece.

Squall, not even turning around knew the two trouble makers were behind him. "... Selphie. You are SO dead!" On that remark Squall made, both Zell and Selphie started running. Squall, of course, was chasing them around the whole Garden.

Running as fast as possable, Zell managed to still talk and giggle. "Well Agent S, you sure did it this time. You have awaken the Sleeping Deamon!"

Selphie, trying to keep up with Zell, yelled her remark back to the other trouble maker. "Agent Z, you are now involved in this. It's all for one and one for us!" Selphie then yelled back towards Squall, who was gaining on her rapidly. "Squall! You told me to go get some crayons and draw on something, so I wouldn't bug you and Rinoa! REMEMBER?!?!"

Squall yelled back at her. "Ya, but not my wall!" Squall caught up with Selphie and wrapped his arms aroud her, making it impossible to escape the nuggie of death. Zell of course kept running away. Squall started wrestling Selphie to the ground. He finally had her, sat on her stomach to keep her from getting up, and started to tickle her.

"Squall!" Selphie exlaimed while laughing, "if you don't stop... I'll... annomasly take over the world and frame you for it. Getting you kicked out of the Garden, and making some people extremely mad at you!" That remark got Squall's attention. He quickly stopped tickling Selphie and bursted out with a sudden energy of laughter!

"Ok." Squall said while trying to ceatch his breath. "If you can do that, I will give you 150 GIL." Selphie pushed Squall off of her and stood up excitedly."

"Make it 150 GIL and a new box of Crayolas and you have yourself a deal!"