When The Man Comes Around

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A/N: I've done some editing (Although I promise there will still be mistakes. I mainly want to break up some of the big blocks of text.). Sincere apologies to those getting alerts for nothing. This story goes AU after Regionals. I enjoy all the ships but I'm a pirate at heart, so there will be some Klaine friendship, but eventual Kurtofsky romance :) Other pairings include, Brittana and Brit/Artie. There will be more pairings, but I only feel the need to disclose these, because I don't care to be flamed. If they are not to your liking, please don't read. This story will be violent and Dark. Rated M for possible fucked up things, you are warned. Anyone concerned about Triggers or anything else, feel free to PM me with your questions. I will do my best to let you know when, and what not to read :)

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts, And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was death. And Hell followed with him.

The Beginning of the end- On Friday March 26th at approximately 12:00 AM, something struck earth close to the east coast of the United States. Initial reports were that it was an Asteroid. By 12:00 PM March, 27, mass chaos was flooding out of the east coast, death and violence, the worst of possible humanity was over flowing into the surrounding states. The world had just ended... The world just didn't know it.

Shock Waves-Lima Ohio Saturday March, 27 6:00PM

Rachel is at Target with her dad Hiram. It's her turn to host Diva night. Facials, music and general gossip is in order, but also food. Healthy for her and Kurt, delicious for Mercedes. She's sniffing an apple when the first screams reach her ears. Freezing in place, eyes wide she scans her surroundings. Screaming herself as a arm wraps around her waist pulling her back and around.

"Berry come on, move."

For once in her life she is without voice. Like a deer caught in the headlights she can only stare up at the resident Bully of McKinley High, as he drags her through the store. She is unable to comprehend what's happening. The yells, and cries of her fellow shoppers. The sounds of glass breaking and boxes hitting the floor as displays are knocked over. Then the lights go out.

The Hummel-Hudson Residence

Kurt's overnight bag is packed, he's just waiting for Mercedes to pick him up. He hears his dad and Carole talking downstairs while watching the news. Carole has been glued to the TV for most of the afternoon, something about mass riots on the east coast. He hasn't paid much attention. Bringing his bag down the stairs, he sits beside his dad.

" All Packed Kiddo?"

" Yeah, I'm just waiting on Cedes to pick me up."

" Do me a favor son, keep your phone charged and with you. They really haven't said whats going on. Just riots, but there are major blackouts all over the east coast, and the local news says they've lost contact with their affiliate in New York. Somethings not right. It might be a terrorist attack and they don't want the rest of us to panic."

" I will dad,... Promise."

" Just make sure you keep that promise, were probably fine here in Lima. But I don't want to take any chances."

Kurt looks up as he hears Mercedes pull in. " I better go, Diva's don't like to be kept waiting. "

Carole gives him a hug goodbye, " Have a good time Kurt. "

Burt, " Remember what I said, I love you son."

With a smile he says goodbye and climbs into Mercedes car. They make it to Rachel's house as the lights go out.

The Puckerman Residence

Finn, Artie, Puck, Mike and Sam are having an epic Halo battle in Pucks den. His mother and sister went to Illinois visiting his aunt, so Puck decided to host the major event. All night pizza, beer and video games- Bros before Hoes night.

Finn is turned towards Puck, grabbing for a slice of pizza when a large bang- the sound of cracking plastic and twisting metal can be heard. Dropping his dinner Finn follows the rest of the gang to the front bay window. Before Puck can draw the curtains back they hear screams. No video game could have ever prepared them for what they would see through those dirty panes of glass. Then the lights go out.

Date night at Breadstix

Mr Shue and Miss Holiday are sharing an appetizer of smoked mozzarella and brushetta. Already a little buzzed off their wine, they stare into each others eyes savoring the stirrings of new love. Their table is by the window, with a clear view of the night sky. Will reaches out to refill their glasses, then Holly's gone. Her body flying through the air. The table and their food still sitting there as the horror plays out before his eyes. The space where her seat was, is now occupied by a blue Chevy Truck. Shaking himself out of his shock and stupor, he stands, barely registering the tinkling sounds of shattered glass as they fall to the floor from his clothes or the shouts and moans from his fellow patrons.

"Holly,.. Holly" his voice comes out cracked and shallow . Rounding the corner he sees her. Her body bent in an impossible contortion. Her eyes stare up at him, her smile somehow still in place. Will bends over losing all the contents of his stomach, his body turning cold and clammy. Her face was looking up at the ceiling, but the front of her body was facing the floor. Then the lights go out.


"Berry, I said move your ass." Dave looks down at Rachel. The lights on but nobodies home. Grunting he throws her over his shoulder, picking up speed as he moves through the crowd. Cattle, dumb fools their all trying to go out the front doors at the same time. His eyes scan the sea of people, mainly just one big mass shadow in the dark, looking for an opening.

His plan is the side exit, behind the pharmacy. Adrenaline flowing through his veins his only fuel to keep going. This shit ain't, happening. Your gonna wake up anytime, your really at a party somewhere, some asshole spiked your beer. Fuck. He skids to a halt, almost dropping Rachel and he sits her down behind him. One arm still around her, he raises his hammer.

No way this shit is really fuckin happening. Crawling towards them one leg dragging the ground only held on by a thin strip of flesh, is the pharmacist. Body width of red gore streaking the floor behind it. Jesus, shit, fuck. "Ahhh" running forward, he strikes a blow to the top of it's head. Blood splatters his Letterman Jacket, adding to the already caking, red stained sleeves. Turning back to Rachel, he moves to grab her and she starts to back away. Another shopper enters the aisle behind her as she turns to run and stops. What was once a man, staggers closer his intestines dropping to the floor, unwinding like a garden hose. The scream in her throat is cut off as Dave once again shoves her behind him and swings knocking the man to the ground.

"Move it Berry, we have to keep moving."

This time she doesn't hesitate, grabbing his hand they climb over the pharmacy counter and dart for the exit. The fresh cool airs rushes over them briefly clearing their sinuses of the scent of copper, acid, and waste. They lean over coughing and catching their breath.

Rachel tears starting to fall, croaking out between sobs " What, was that? David, what's going on?"

Dave, the part of his brain that wants to believe this is all some bad trip, can't deny whats happening any longer, Rachel's voicing of his thoughts making it real. Quiet almost a whisper, "I don't know, One minute, I was talking to my... , " stopping he looks around, " I just don't know Rachel."

Her tears dry up, " My dad is still in there."

Dave shakes his head, "We can't go back in there."

Rachel steps forward, determined, "I wont leave my father. Please... help me."

Dave's unable to ignore her pleas. "We can't go back through these doors if we wanted to, their locked from this side. Let's walk around the building and try to get a peek at the parking lot. Maybe your dad went outside looking for you."

Rachel follows close behind, walking her body pressed up against the rough stone of the building. Dave's head is cocked, hyper alert for any sound of movement close to them. Extending his hand behind him she takes it once again as they near the edge of the building.

Even though it's only 35 degrees outside, Dave feels the sweat and blood causing his clothes to stick to his body. His first peek at the lot, and his knees almost buckle. Holy shit those things are everywhere. Where the hell did they all come from? The lot looks like a war zone from some movie. Cars everywhere; a few wrecked and burning, doors ripped off, groceries busted on the ground. The bodies, his mind tries to block them out but fails. The entrance to the store looks as if someone has spilled a truckload of jelly. Cattle, fuckin cattle, they had stampeded and turned their fellow shoppers into Smuckers. He wants to throw up, but fear stops him. Not wanting to attract the attention of the... zombies, ah hell I didn't just think that, regardless of what my eyes are fuckin telling my brain, that shit ain't real. The leg less torso dragging itself across the lot begs to differ.

Dave leans back against the wall, " Rachel, what are you guys driving?"

"A silver Prius."

"What side of the lot?"

"Front row, this side, you should be able to see it." Stepping forward, her eyes only on her dads car, she takes off at a run when she sees his body is slumped over the wheel.

"Shit, Rachel get back here." pausing only a second he runs after her, getting to her just as the hoard of zombies catch their smell.

Rachel bangs on the window glass. "Dad, Dad wake up, unlock the door, Dad please hurry."

Dave takes in all the blood on the side of the car, "Rachel, we need to get moving."

Ignoring him, she pulls on the door handle, "Daddy please, wake up."

Then Hiram moves, his body twitching. Dave watches in horror, while Rachel watches in relief until He turns to face them. His eyes are gone, and scratches streak his face. His body continues to twitch as his hands come up to beat on the glass and a moan escapes him.

Rachel screams, "Daddy,...Daddy."

Dave picks the manic girl up, throwing her over his shoulder he runs through the lot dodging the creatures as they grab at them. Worn out he starts to slow down, when sees a silver glimmer in a pool of blood, Keys . He grabs them and tries the door of the truck they're next to. They work, he lays Rachel on the seat and scrambles up beside her, just as a zombie grabs the door. Kicking in what was left of it's face, he shuts the door, locking it. Starting the truck, he slams on the gas plowing through ten Zombies on his way out of the lot. Rachel cries softly curled up in a ball on the bench seat beside him.

"Rachel, where do you live?" no answer. "Rachel, can you hear me? Where do you live?"

Sitting up, she wipes the tears from her eyes and he takes off his ruined jacket, placing it on the floorboard. Quietly she gives him the directions.

Puck's Place

Looking through the window glass, it feels like they are watching a movie. They hear the gurgling screams and sound of flesh being torn apart, as the driver from the purple PT Cruiser is ripped from the car. "Help M...". Dumbstruck they watch as it unfolds before their eyes. Mike leans around the corner and regurgitates his pizza. The stench of half digested food and stomach acid, penetrates the fog of Finn, Sam, Artie and Pucks minds. Like a light bulb turning on, it dawns for all of them this is really happening.

A child screams and with renewed horror they notice the car seat in the rear of the car. Without a second thought, Puck is out the front door, racing to the car as the mess of bodies start towards the screaming child. Finn follows along with Sam,while mike is still crunched down on the floor, Artie next to him. Puck reaches the car, climbs in an unbuckles the child. A zombie blocks the way he entered the car so he scrambles over to the passenger door and stumbles out onto the side walk. He hands the toddler to Sam as he stands. Then the three boys back up to the house, but their not alone. Artie bolts the door and Mike begins screaming. The zombies start to break through the bay window.